And so we learn, we grow, we evolve… and we learn again. Page 27.

Individuals’ souls have an existence of their own, and thus liberation is their responsibility. Taken from the Hindu concept of Resurrection.

– Page 27, Resurrecting the Mysterious, Ingo Swann’s Great Lost Work, Presented by Nick Cook

It was a telepathic nudge. “Open the book to page 27.” However, at first glance, the specified page did not include a number so I had to double check to make sure I had the right page.

I turned the pages to find one with a number and it was indeed the right page. Even more interesting, page 27 is significant in the fact it contains nothing more than a definition. The definition relates to the title of the book and, apparently, my current exercise. It is also a number 9 in Numerology. Fascinating.

Page 27, Resurrecting the Mysterious, Ingo Swann.

Each time I have asked Ingo for an assist (yes, I am referring to that Ingo), he has offered a suggestion and sometimes more. The fact he is deceased by our definition is no deterrent. In spirit or non-corporeal form he is free to engage in whatever aspect he desires with one who is available and open to the idea and the opportunity.

The question that elicited a response in regard to this book: “What is it you [Ingo] would like me to consider?”

Previous answers to questions have included images (him sitting in a chair holding a cigar and then getting the book with that specific image, a file cabinet with papers and art designs/notes), colors, symbols and other page numbers for previous books.

The unanticipated bonus of this encounter is a bit of paranormal activity to go along with it. With a previous book, I had a card pulled out of my hand and tossed on the floor as I was thinking about him. And today, as I am writing this blog post, a kitchen egg timer jumped off the shelf. It took me a minute to locate the item that made the noise but it wasn’t hard.

Square in the middle of the floor. That timer sits far enough back on a shelf so as not to easily plummet to the floor. Ever. No harm done. Just a quick attention redirect and a hint: “It’s about time.”

Fair call. And so many ways to go with that topic. For now I will accept it to mean there is no doubt I am a challenging student; easily distracted and prone to straying wildly from any set course when I find something fascinating to contemplate and simply because this isn’t my first go round with paranormal and unexplained.

December will mark the 23rd year for my ongoing experience with the nightlight energy. And that blinky, flickery, on and off light show and the accompanying contact continues to fascinate me – even though I know it is not the visual that matters – it is the reassurance that we are more than our physical body and there are others among us who would like us to upgrade that knowing sooner than later.

That relationship counts as a prior commitment, accompanied by anomalous bells, whistles and metaphysical quirks that other encounters have yet to equal.

So – here I am, playing amongst my projects, listening to Ingo and wondering at the point of all of this pondering. Is it worth it, what I have to present? Is it relevant? And then, the part of me that loves to wonder responds. Why worry about where it all goes? I learn with every effort. And I discover some amazing treasures.

This much I know, wonderful things happen – even when the physical world turns upside down, when chaos and upheaval hijack the scene. All who are present in this moment – in material and non-physical form are part of the play.

Each encounter offers lessons to grow from. Life is the exercise. My struggle with focus is simply that. I chose to elevate and raise attention to the stories that celebrate curiosities, the unexplained, mystery and wonder because those are my experiences and I collect them.

I live and dream my passion. I write what I can. I have chosen to focus on subject matter that – for me – highlights a part of our reality that eliminates all hope of rock solid definition or explanation at this time. This is who we are, consciousness evolving to merge with the unknown. What an incredible role we have undertaken.

It would seem Ingo nudged me with a writer’s prompt of sorts. Rather than a plan, he tossed out page 27 as a direction: Resurrection.

That term is in perfect sync with the process at this moment. Time to defrag the hard drive. I continue to engage and interact with non-corporeal and anomalous intelligent others who would like us to understand that there is a much larger game afoot. There are obstacles but the path is clear. To go forward is to evolve. That which no longer serves is drying up, decaying, withering on the vine as the newly acclimated arrivals take root.

Resurrection: from the Greek a-na’ sta-sis, “raising up” or “standing up again” – Page 27.

One who is proficient in telepathy has the ability to engage a higher awareness to better understand how to navigate the next level of being and identify and join with those who already inhabit that space – managing the smokescreen, pushing corporeal buttons, stepping between walls, walking through invisible doors and eliminating barriers.

Goal: Same as it has always been: Know thyself.

The planet is aging. Space is calling. Maybe the stakes are higher now. There is much yet to discover about the world we live in and the reality we inhabit. As of this moment, there is no definitive answer regarding the source of *consciousness. The challenge is to learn.

*Harvard Scientists might have a clue. Science Alert. Or not.

Per aspera ad astra: Through hardships to the stars. Wiki.

Reality – we and all that we encounter and engage are so much more than that which can be seen at the superficial level. All is in constant motion, fluid and evolving. And so we grow – Upward, onward, inward.


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