Surfing the Matrix – Consciousness, Magic Tricks, OBEs and Sci-Fi Short Film: ‘Bear With Me’

“Don’t look for miracles. You yourself are the miracle.”

Henry Miller, American writer and artist.

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Conscious Living – “Your consciousness is creating your life experience. Your consciousness is controlling your genes. Genes don’t cause a cancer. Genes are correlated with cancer. If your life is not in harmony and you have one of these genes, you can activate a cancer. If you can control stress, you can control your health.” – Bruce Lipton, PhD – in the Anthony Chene ‘Who we are’ Documentary
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Beautiful – “People came in and they wouldn’t necessarily be churchgoers, but they’d come in to find the cat – and I think that they found themselves very welcome. Ending up in a sacred space and spending time with a cat was good for people.”Memorial for a Cathedral Cat CNN
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Heros – Science continues to affirm Dogs (Pets) have a magical effect on Human Health. “New pet therapy trials are reporting dramatic effects.” – 3/17/2020, The Guardian
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Sci-Fi-Short Film:Bear With Me’. Old school. No CGI. Imagination fills the blanks. Storyline: A rusty nursing robot must decide between dragging his former patient back to the hospital or letting him catch a glimpse of the horizon in the wilderness.

‘Bear With Me’ by Carlos Cortes
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Let there be Magic“When he told us to open the package, we were all unmuted at the same time, and my headphones filled with the sounds of nearly 60 people screaming in wonderment: We had all, somehow, bent a small brass key. White told us we were able to do it because we didn’t know what was inside — if you don’t know your own limitations, sometimes you can surpass them altogether.” – Buzzfeed News

Picture yourself basking in the afterglow of a Zoom Magic Show? Book a date with the performer inducing the aforementioned screams: The Magician Online. Keep reading. I’ve noted his Jimmy Fallon appearance as a preview.
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Graham Nicholls had his first out of body experience (OBE) when he was 12 and decided he wanted to focus on initiated self-OBEs. He’s become so very good at it that others call him an expert. He writes, he teaches and he coaches.

“Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, stands out as one of the best books on the subject”
Thomas Campbell, NASA physicist and author of My Big TOE

An interview with Graham at Pscience Quest: “2. Can you tell us about some of your more striking or stand out OBE’s? Well the ones that have stood out the most for me have been the ones that have challenged my understandings about the world or contained something veridical. So my shared death experience or my Soho precognitive OBE in 1999, or more recently my OBE to the arctic ocean. All of these experiences left a lasting impression on me and I feel are quite striking examples.”

I interviewed Graham a while back regarding his book, Navigating the Out of Body Experience: Wendy’s Coffeehouse Archives: Audioboom
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Heal Thy Self“We are all time travelers, a few know it and the rest wander…” – Edd Edwards

Edd demonstrates his mind-bogglingly efficient energy technique: YouTube Scientifically validated in this report from the Rhine Research Center:

  • Results: The following series of Mind Mirror displays and summary data windows clearly show that the gamma/delta/alpha/theta frequencies transmitted by Edd—and his unusually high brainwave coherence
    in all categories—mirrored the transmission of energy which healed Judith’s chronic and long-standing low back pain. Five weeks later, at the time this report was written, her low back remained pain free.
  • Bonus: Time traveling card trick. Jimmy Fallon Link
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To Infinity and beyond – “To put it simply only about one millionth of all the data and information from your senses make it into your consciousness.”

There’s A Maximum Human Bandwidth And We Have Reached It. Every Computer Technology Moving Forward Is Impacted. The next computer age will not be humans becoming more like the computer—but the computer amplifying human intelligence. Explore with us: Brian Roemmele on Twitter


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