Free State Horror Stories interview with Matt De Sarle about the ghosts of Sigma Nu on the KU Campus

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud. – address to the Society for Psychical Research in England”
C.G. Jung

In 2009, I was invited to join a Paranormal Ghost Hunting Team to investigate the reported haunting activities at the Sigma Nu house on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence, Kansas.

Here’s the introduction regarding the team investigation in the Lawrence Journal World. And the follow-up article with the presentation of the results.

Recently, Matt De Sarle asked if I would share what I remember about that investigation as part of his series featuring haunted locations in Kansas. Free State Horror Stories.

In doing this series, Matt says he learned a lot about goes on in a ghost hunting investigation. We also talk about what happened during our interview segment – not included in the video. He says – that was the last thing he expected to hear on that day.

More Kansas ‘horror’ stories are planned. Contact Matt with suggestions or to become a sponsor:

I had no prior knowledge of the Sigma Nu haunting history. During my tour of the Sigma Nu house, I had [and still have] a very clear impression of an older woman seated in a rocker on a porch. It is her space and she is quite content to stay there. We don’t exist for her.

During a channeling session, it became apparent to me – during an attempt to attain evidence registering the presence on specialized equipment provided by one of the investigators – our “science of measurement” is lacking. Ghosts are there. The house is haunted – regardless of what the instruments show.

In retrieving some of the images I took while we were on site in 2009, I have two that are curious. One is an orb near the ceiling of one of the interior rooms. Another is a patch of something that appears to be fog in a picture taken from the outside roof.

1. Orb is in the upper left corner – at the ceiling.
2. The oddity is a bit of green fog in the lower right corner section.

I was prompted by a voice to go up to the roof and take photos. I followed that suggestion and snapped the images. While there are many potential camera issues known to create orbs, I don’t always get the beautiful color featured in this image and the fog was an additional bonus. I would not have taken the opportunity without that prompt.

Interior images were taken first. The featured photo for this post is an artistic creation. Lights off, sun setting, shadows on the wall, empty room on the west side of the building.

My strongest impressions from Sigma Nu did not include Virginia. The connection was with Stella who wanted it known that she was being scapegoated. The impression from her was that she enjoyed her life in that space and the gossip about her being a murderess – is unfounded.

From her vantage point, the truth behind the rumors will never see the light of day. Too much time has passed.

She would like to have the slate cleaned. But – as the gossip is so very juicy – Stella may have to settle knowing there are some who, rather than hearsay, prefer to rely on hard evidence for a conviction. And none has been found to exist.

Several Sigma Nu residents throughout the years have logged stories about their encounters with unseen elements. The Virginia story persists due to the presence of the one ghost who is seen in the space. Watch the video for that story. Part 1. Continued in Part 2.

I love the designs and light play in this image…

Twice, I visited the Sigma Nu house. My necklace was inexplicably unfastened and fell off on both occasions. When physical engagement is initiated and repeated without request or inducement from me, I affirm that interaction as an intentional demonstration of presence.

For me, that is a compliment to which I said, Thank you for giving us a glimpse of something more to inspire us to become curious enough to learn to fathom the all-that-is beyond the physical realm.

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