Sightings. Synchronicity. Unexplained. Keep Looking up…

A toast to the new year:

“One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.” George Carlin, Documentary in the works, Collider. Carlin refresher? Youtube.

Unfortunate. Rather than a kiss off, 2020 chaos has segued into 2021. The bright side is that the UFO activity uptick continues. (And that might be a clue.)

  • Posted Dec 31, 2020. Updated January 4, 2021. UFO Sighting date: December 29, 2020. Hawaii. Multiple reports track the UFO (2 of them, one blue and one white) in the water and in the air. There was even a report of a plane down. Unsubstantiated. FAA was notified. HawaiiNewsNow.
  • Monolith diversion continues. The newest entry was sighted at a Wisconsin park hiking trail. UPI. As the sightings continue, locations are added to a Wiki page. Note the global presence. Wikipedia.


  • Synchronicity

    December 27, 2020. Sunday.

Sifting and sorting through some of the books in my pile. I was reading and about halfway through the new Raymond Fowler book, UFOs: The Ultimate Abduction [Excellent], when a film popped up I hadn’t seen: Australien Skies. I decided to watch that.

Here’s the email that landed while I was watching the video.

J. Consiglio writes:

Been meaning to send you these two videos… I recorded these on my cell phone and my neighbours were with me.

Courtesy of J. Consiglio – Sighting One, white orb

Please excuse my swearing in one of them, but I was a bit taken aback at what I was seeing. Would love to know what you think. The black circular object could have been a drone but but we cannot see any propellers whatsoever and it was silent.

Courtesy J. Consiglio – Sighting Two, black object – yes, muted.

Also, about a month ago all three of us were hanging out in our backyards and we witnessed a black triangular shaped object with no lights ….and was dead silent. Passed above us at about 500 ft. Each side of it was at least 30 to 40 ft in length. To this day we’re still not sure what we saw.


The timing on this was perfect as I had a response to share from the video I had just viewed.

My reply:

No worries. The language adds emphasis to your shock at what you are viewing. 

Those are both excellent images. I can’t say what they are. Definitely visible. This next bit of info might help you clarify what your images are.

There are several scenes with the exact same footage of what you saw. 

Video link:

I updated the original [removed] video – and added a similar one provided by 1091 Pictures: Australien Skies – Trailer 2.

Info provided on Damien John Nott, featured in the film, Australien Skies. Source. ~~~

J. Consiglio responds:


At the 14-minute Mark and at the 19-minute Mark, those just look incredibly similar to what I witnessed. I’ve sent it to my friends who also witnessed it with me. I do feel more validated as to what we saw. I’ve seen what a shooting star looks like and I’ve seen a meteorite and what we saw looked nothing like that.

Thanks for sending this along!

I should mention, regarding that black triangle we saw….It was actually my intuition – I sort of felt a vibration before I even noticed it. It was so camouflaged within the night sky that had I not been so focused or aware, I absolutely would have missed it. And none of my neighbours saw it until I pointed it out…. the only reflection coming off it was coming probably from the street lights. Only wished we could have filmed it but it would have turned up probably invisible on a video cell phone.

I’ll finish watching the video now, again thanks!


No predicting what direction 2021 will take. A safe bet:

Expect the unexpected.


*Contact info for the videos – J. Consiglio. Jiulio’s writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness, the mind-body-spirit connection and psychic abilities development. A recent article on accessing the quantum field: Link.

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