Vulnerability and Resilience. Another Acorn. Dreams, Visions, Insight.

“If I knew where the good songs came from, I’d go there more often. It’s a mysterious condition. It’s much like the life of a Catholic nun. You’re married to a mystery.” – Leonard Cohen

Much attention is given to the beautiful influence. And that is what we tap into when we reflect the positive and the light. However, we are highly suggestible creatures. Without discernment and vigilance, it is just as easy for a negative influence to access that same open door.

This is the backstory to a recent event.

March 7, 2020

Still in bed. Not quite awake and not asleep, I felt a sharp tap on the very top of my head. It could compare to being hit with an acorn falling from a tree, hitting you on the head and then bouncing off. (In reality that would have been an impossible angle.)

At that very same instant, I heard a spoken word and saw a quick, flashed image of bold, block (black) letters across a yellow background with jagged edges. Think cartoon captions from the Batman TV series.

The word I heard as the lettered image flashed: 


Gotcha! The first local case of Covid-19 was reported.

It has been almost a year and now that cartoon element has again surfaced.
I have often referred to my guides as a bunch of jokers so it might be that this is their code for connecting – knowing – it has a good chance of cutting through all of the other mental flotsam.

January 6, 2021

Still in bed. Not quite awake and not asleep. Quick vision. See a guy dressed in a white and black striped suit (like Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice) standing on the steps of a courthouse or public building.

There is a blonde haired female standing beside him (on his left side). It seems one is the Joker and then I am given the name Court Jester. He has an accomplice in the female who is beside him. The image is so fleeting, I don’t have a fix on any attributes for her.

The guides say this is “over the top” – like a cartoon or comic book scene. A circus. It suggests a play on the world stage and influence from a higher level.

[Something has been set in motion.]

The guides give me the phrase. “Why so serious?” [Their way of telling me to check my apprehension.] There is a point and a subtle clue.

To be perfectly clear on what is being referenced and what I had no idea was coming later in the day, this is the 1/6/21 NBC Nightly News YouTube.

It would seem “they” knew what was coming. And from what I have seen, we are more than a few years from recovery on this. Knowing that at the outset allows one to appreciate the enormity of the wound and the tremendous amount of work required, so that we might move forward while adjusting our expectations accordingly.

In perfect synchronicity – the following meme appeared. The characters already have their script.

The interpretation from my vision echoes this image: 2020 opened the door to an entirely new level of chaos.

Google Make a Meme (link)

January 10, 2021

So, back to the acorn thump on the head and the vision. This isn’t my insight nor my premonition. It is a suggestion, a prompt and a nudge from an unknown influence. Something else is in play here.

When Experiencer John Foster remembered being tasked by the ETs/Aliens with constructing buildings for the orphaned immigrant children from South America (ongoing contact during 1937 – 1986), he was part of a large group of experiencers (Some he met at a later date.) who were involved in a project orchestrated on a higher level that would seem to be in play even now.

What is happening is beyond anything we can imagine on this plane – because we are taught to believe it doesn’t exist and those who have experienced it and try to talk about it are shunned and ignored.

While their stories may share some common elements, each is uniquely tailored to the Contactee/Experiencer in a way that provides seamless context to their individual consciousness. No consistent and uniform information is provided about the greater purpose for Humanity, suggesting the contact at this level is perpetrated from multiple sources outside our timeline.

They see us – we don’t see them.

Ignore away. Something from outside our timeline and our physical reality is calling the shots in a manner that can remain hidden in plain view.

I continue to talk to experiencers, asking questions and pondering potentials. And even more so now, I am curious what content is planned for the next “cartoon“.

True to form, the events from January 6, 2021 were “over the top”.

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