A question and answer session with Wendy of Wendy’s Coffee House and John Foster — Part 2

Revisiting our conversation: Part 2 of the Q & A with John Foster. What is happening that only some can see?

If you have followed any of the recent videos George Knapp has posted with Robert Bigelow, it is clear there is a tremendous amount of interest in everything and anything concerning the afterlife, paranormal and UFO.

Robert Bigelow paraphrased: “Aliens are right under people’s noses.” Link KRON4

And John’s story indicates as much. His experience speaks to at least one hidden influence on humans and the interrelated challenges created when UFOs engage an individual timeline.

Will we ever truly discover the larger story this element is part of?

It would seem there is no perfect or singular answer to that question. Some are given an inside track and full disclosure (of some sort) from the source of their interaction while others may get hints, clues and cues in dreams, insight and visions. Whatever the agenda, the mystery is ongoing.

*Here is Part 1 of the Q & A with John Foster. Link.

Blue River UFO Blog - A very unusual authentic UFO story

For many people deeper understanding can be expanded under a format of questions and answers rather than reading simple document writing. In order that you might be a part of the on-going revealing conversation about life and UFOs, the following is Part 2 of questions concerning my so-called UFO encounters from Wendy of Wendy’s Coffee House (.com) and the answers are from me.

(Wendy’s questions are in italic bold print and mine are in normal print.)  (To see Wendy’s Coffee House website click here:      https://wendyscoffeehouse.blogspot.com/


Wow! Fantastic. I really appreciate the depth of your content and the names of those with whom you had contact. I am familiar with many.

I am still interested in how the experiences are slowly and gently shifting consciousness and the overall perspective that we might not be alone and whatever it is that is trying to engage us has some sort of agenda…

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