Matrix Glitches, Sci-Fi Time Travel and John Keel – Dibs on Alternate Realities

“Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.” – Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless


  • Ghost photobombed Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn. (Audition?) Mirror.
  • Gold nugget from 1959. Declassified CIA document claims Carl Jung accused the U.S. Air Force of a UFO coverup. One can easily get lost, distracted and or diverted here. The Black Vault.
  • UFO motherlode 👽 – Thank you, Isaac Koi
  • Swiss startup OrphAnalytics said it had used its algorithm-based machine-learning text analysis software, developed to detect plagiarism, to help crack the mystery behind QAnonFrance24.
  • “A bee is always considering the welfare of her hive. She is wired that way. But humans are wired for choice. So we must choose to see how connected all our problems are.” Muralist on a mission to paint 50 thousand bees. New York Post
  • Venus Fly Traps produce magnetic fields when they eat. Live Science.
  • You’ve got mail. Sender: Spinach. For real? Yes. Why? Science. The Guardian.
  • Can talking to plants help us talk to Aliens? “Plant pathologist and agriculturalist Saskia von Diest says she has personally spoken with plant life on more than one occasion and that the ability to talk to plants, animals, and all entities of Earth is innate within us all. She calls this ability ecofluency.” Mysterious Universe.
  • Flashback. Radio instruction in the 1937 polio epidemic. The Conversation.
  • On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey. Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is live 2.4.21. Bloody Disgusting. And you can follow that trail here. Smalltown Monsters
  • In A Glitch in the Matrix, film-maker Rodney Ascher: Simulation theory is a creation myth. As useful and profound as some of them are, they don’t necessarily affect your day-to-day life that much. The Guardian.

One Minute Time Machine … and the fine print…

Directed by Devon Avery. IMDb

Interview with Brent Raynes – Publisher, editor of Alternate Perceptions Magazine. Featured articles and interviews cover a wide range of topics including Fortean, Paranormal and Metaphysics. Wendy’s Coffeehouse [link]

“Belief is the enemy.” – John Keel

Brent Raynes
, Publisher and Editor of Alternate Perceptions magazine was 14 when he started researching paranormal phenomena. Of the three people he cites as role models or influencers, John Keel became more of a mentor.

Brent interviewed his first contactee in August 1971, in Toronto, Canada. He’s compiled a huge archive of Fortean, Paranormal, UFO and Unexplained cases since then. The image on this page is the newspaper article that references his contactee interview.

He has authored two books on Fortean topics, On the Edge of Reality: Dreamweavers and Visitors from Hidden Realms

In this most recent book, John Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries, he wanted to share insight from others who had been influenced by Keel and some of his own findings from interviewing experiencers. 

Amazon Review“Keel was an intellectual challenge to the UFO community of the 1960s and 70s with his brilliant criticism of the then dominant ET theory. Finally we have an in-depth biography of this legendary pioneer. As longtime researcher, author and editor of Alternate Perceptions magazine Brent Raynes is eminently qualified for this task. 

John A. Keel: The Man, Myths and Mysteries is more than an ordinary biography as the author present a treasure trove of new data, experiences and interviews all relating to Keel and his ideas. This work is an important contribution to the genre and will surely become a classic in the annals of UFO history. – Håkan Blomqvist, Librarian and co-founder of AFU

A fascinating part of our conversation concerns Peruvian whistles.
Brent has a collection. The interesting thing he shares is what has happened to some people when listening to them. (Mind altering.) It seems they can be a paranormal trigger. All I can say is it certainly made me a lot more curious.

Brent with his Peruvian whistles.

This display (YouTube) features several styles and the sounds are unique.
The artist is Jose Vitancio Umeres. His channel offers several videos with demonstrations of the different instruments. Link. 

Clearly, each represents a special energy and character.

I asked Brent if he could provide any background that might be helpful relating to the topics we covered. 

His reply: “Here’s a link to a Reality Checking column I wrote in the November 2015 Alternate Perceptions, soon after returning from the Mothman Festival [which is where it starts out] but ends with details of the Peruvian whistling vessels and Bret Oldham‘s video testimony I mentioned, along with the artwork Betty Andreasson Luca did of her vision that I mentioned as well.” Link.

There is also a kicker and incentive to post an additional segment. Brent has some John Keel EVPs. There is one sample in the show and it clearly says “John Keel” but Brent also shared a few others for me to post. I have added those in this second segment with Brent. Link.

Brent’s interview with Clas Svahn, Swedish journalist and UFO researcher includes the Little Elf Man sighting. Feb 2021

One more testimonial for Brent’s book: “John Keel was a rich and complex character and Brent captures him perfectly. What a gift for all John Keel fans and for those who will be introduced to him by this book.” – Sandra Martin, Keel’s former literary agent.
Deep dive bonus: Since 2009.

The dream 2/5/21 – I am staring at the sky outside and listening to weather reports talking about the storm. I see sections of blue but the clouds are very active and beautiful. We seem to be on the edge and won’t get hit with the full measure of the storm.

The clouds keep billowing, writhing and rolling in the strong winds up above but now I see fog approaching and wafting toward me. I watch in curiosity as it separates into individual clouds that then morph into five identical Elephants.

They are standing there, motionless for a brief moment. I want to take a picture but don’t have time to do anything but watch. As I do, they turn in unison and walk off, single file into the mist. I am astounded. It was intentional. I have been given a gift. What is the insight?

And that was it. Even in the dream I wanted to remember it so I could write it down and work with the symbolism. A new present to unpack.

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