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Be Conscious of what you desire and what you intend. Truth and Deception are mirrored in Reflection. 

Paranormal check-in. Timeline at the moment is extra buzzy. Sensation is agitation, unsettled. Our cats and dog were on alert overnight, wandering the house and policing the doors. A lot like my full-moon routine, I woke up every 90 minutes inhabiting that half-waking zone.

No surprise then, when at 4 am I heard a woman’s voice calling out from what sounded like it was somewhere near the back door. With an uplifting lilt, she said, “You-hoo.” As if to ask if anyone is home.

(Yes – and we are trying to sleep.)

I didn’t answer. However, if a wake up call was intended, I got the message. Again. Judging from all of the NDE and Experiencer stories now coming to light, it is becoming more apparent that waking up is a team effort. 

OddsnEnds – 

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  • What’s up in Ireland? UFOs aplenty. Source.
  • On the market – alongside Area 51, Medlin Ranch. YouTube.
  • Dyatlov Pass Dejavu? Tourists missing. Newsweek.
  • Q-stain. Damage is done. Unlike Jim Jones and Heaven’s Gate cults, followers demonstrate little interest in vetting identity. CNN.
  • Body electric. You are the power source. UPI.
  • Black People Do See UFOs. Patricia shares more sightings. This one is a beautiful blue. Follow her on YouTube.
  • Train your dog to sit using AI. Engadget.
  • Sasquatch demonstrate engagement via sign language, glyphs. Brian Bland posted a recent example of a glyph. Facebook.
  • Tanzania Rock Art mystery. Beings said to have Buffalo heads. Why not Ant people? Link.
  • William Shatner on looking for Ancient Aliens Den Of Geek.

    Sci-Fi Short Film: Luvsik. For every need, a cure.

“LUVSIK” by Norman Bertolino
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Terry Lovelace turns a page, divulging memories from a lifetime of experiences with ETs. Website. And that would make a whole lot of sense given he also discovered he had an implant.

Devils Den: The Reckoning just hit #1 Bestseller status on Amazon. Foreshadowing from the first book includes a key piece of information regarding why so many experiencers seem to have completely “forgotten” or are unaware of their encounter (Until a cue is given.)

Experiencer John Foster was given the option to continue with the project he had been selected for and remain unaware of his contact but he asked to stop and the memories came flooding back. Regarding those experiences, forgetting is programmed. And remembering can be a shock to the system. He had three heart attacks when his memories started returning.


There is a clue to the method from Terry’s first book, Page 211, posted on his Facebook page. Betty, the woman in black. Link. I interviewed Terry about this same time last year – as the reality of the Covid situation was becoming known.
New studios for the radio station had just been finished and offices relocated. I worked there for a total of 3 weeks before shifting to remote work where I interviewed Terry about his first book: Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview with Terry Lovelace.

Terry’s new book, The Reckoning, also “shares 30 short narratives presented as numbered “Cases” #1 through #30. These are stories distilled from 1,400+ emails submitted by readers of Incident at Devils Den in the US, South Africa and Australia. Each narrative shares a unique and poignant telling of the reader’s own encounter with the unknown. There are tales of screen memories and missing time, a stolen fetus, UFO sightings, mind control and alien abductions.”

My screen memory, although I didn’t identify it as such at the time. Without checking my calendar, I’ll slate it between 2010 and 2013. Normal day, nothing odd going on that I can think of.

I was walking through the house to retrieve something – passing from one room to the next when I glanced out to the living room for a brief moment to see my cat Chloe facing me while seated on the back of the chair. The green collar with a pink heart was so perfectly centered it caught my eye.

As I continued to walk, I thought it would be a great pose and started to get my camera to take a picture, a move that had become almost second nature because she had such great colors (a beautiful Calico) and I loved taking her picture.

That habit is the reason the dots connected. It suddenly dawned on me, as I am walking to get the camera, Chloe doesn’t have a collar. What did I just see? Taken aback, I pivot and hurry back to the living room. Everything happened so fast.

Chloe was curled up in the chair seat, napping. It would have been impossible for her to have been at the height I saw because the chair back was too thin for her to sit on. No collar and the chair was facing away from me.

Reframing what I saw, the height of the eyes would be about 4 ft, and the image on the face was a Cheshire cat with a big smile. They weren’t cat teeth. An impossible image – and yet – I accepted it as normal at that moment. The red herring collar jolted me into awareness. Chloe hated collars. I couldn’t get her to wear one.

I believe that encounter was a test. (There have been others.) Whatever inhabited that space projected an image that looked “normal” with a detail that didn’t fit – to see if I would spot the red herring. I think that happens more often than we realize – sorting those who are in auto-pilot mode from those who are present in the moment. Was it a trigger of some sort, a cue? I don’t know. I do know the encounter wasn’t an accident.

Checking in again with Experiencer John Foster.

“When I was two or three years old, another young boy and I were told that they (the mysterious intelligences) were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me (or us). It was a voice who spoke at different times as a common man, a tall lizard-like being, a small alligator being, from a certain place in the atmosphere, and from inside my head.” – John Foster

The most recent post: “While some modern UFO theorists conjecture that Ets are trying to take over the World, my encounters and some like them suggest that at least some of the so-called Ets and their unidentified flying objects and craft have been with us since the beginning of humankind and that they have played a role in our creation and progress.” Continued.

John is 83. His memories include contact from childhood and seeing UFOs while among large crowds of people.  Some saw and others were completely unaware. The intelligence interacting with us determines the level of awareness to engage. We really need to understand that better and avoid projecting a worst case scenario that doesn’t exist unless one chooses to imagine that as a possibility. – Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview with John Foster.

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi – The Mind Fool blog.


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