When the house is haunted and YOU are the Ghost – Wendy Rose Williams – Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.”
– Brian Weiss

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  • For Sale: Haunted. “Listed at a lucrative price of $130,000 and sits at a massive 3,700-square-foot, four-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom place and also features original wood floors throughout most of the home.” Known as the Whispers Estate, it is said to be one of the most haunted houses in the USA. Source.

Past Life Regression Therapist Wendy Rose Williams interview: Wendy’s Coffeehouse

Bio: Wendy trained with Dr. Brian Weiss (‘Many Lives, Many Masters’) as well as other industry leaders for past-life regression therapy, future life progression and the Between-Lives spiritual regression. She is a Certified Spiritual Teacher as well as a Reiki Master energy healer, author & speaker and a Near-Death Experiencer. Website.

When Wendy Rose Williams had her first encounter with the ghost in this story, she called a locksmith to install a lock on her bedroom door. The ghost was undeterred. This haunting had a unique purpose that required further research and education. The ghost became a catalyst for a life shift.

Albeit the shift transpired over several years because the ‘being your own ghost’ dots required time consuming research and heavy duty sleuthing to connect, but it is the way those dots connect and the resulting storyline that offers historical insight into daily life scenarios of multiple bygone eras and a past life cavalcade.

And Wendy did the math for this part: “It took me two decades to understand who my ghost was – we moved from Boston in 1993 and my friend told me ‘my’ ghost was me in 2013.”

Fortunately the story comes out in her book, The Flow I: Plimoth Plantation (the prequel)


 Why would a ghost choose to remain Earth-bound for hundreds of years? No doubt, you’ve already guessed. It’s complicated. And weaving all the threads together takes time when the loose ends span lifetimes.

Talking after the interview, Wendy told me about one instance when the communication she got from her guides got lost in translation. We weren’t recording for that part, so I asked if we could share it here and she sent me the story, as follows:

It took me several weeks of daily meditation, prayer and auto-writing to learn my name in my past life at Plimoth Plantation – I was getting really frustrated! I knew I’d come over aboard a ship with my stepmother and sisters several years after my father. He was on the original Mayflower in 1620. We came over on the Anne of London and Captain William Pierce was the ship’s master – but what was MY name?

I decided to throw some crescent rolls in the oven early one weekday for my daughters breakfast. I ran to take a shower and get dressed, knowing I didn’t have a  lot of time before I’d need to take the rolls out.

I was washing my hair hurriedly wondering what my name had been in the 1600s in Plimoth when I suddenly heard my Guides shout clear as day, “ANNE OF LONDON, CHECK THE ROLLS!”

Damn. The rolls were burning? Jumped out of the shower, threw on a robe and ran for the kitchen. There was plenty of time on the buzzer – what the heck?

Stomp back to the bathroom, feeling annoyed, and get back in the shower. I immediately hear my Guides.

Guides: “Anne of London, check the rolls!”

Me: “I just did! They’re not burning and I need to finish my shower. What the heck are you talking about? I know I came over on the Anne of London – my question is what was MY NAME?”

Guides: “The rolls – you need to check the ship’s rolls – the passenger manifests to find your name.”

Me: “What???? There are lists with names of who came over to Plimoth Plantation in the 1600s? There are records from that long ago?”

Guides: “Yes. That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you. But we couldn’t get the message through because your name is like the ship’s name. Look for an Anne with the last initial W like you have now, and find the woman with 5 daughters. That’s you and your family – your stepmother and sisters.”

OMG. When my Guides were saying “Anne of London,” I thought they kept repeating the ship’s name but they also meant ME – Anne Warren of London.
Anne of London – just like our ship’s name.

I found the names immediately, and burst into tears as I knew I’d been Anna Warren, but was always called Anne. Passenger List.

Past Life Sketches

In Feb. of 2013 a new friend invited me to go to a “Love and Light” party with him shortly after my friend told me I had a ghost I needed to deal with. We would meet with an intuitive artist who would draw something for us from a past life that needed the biggest energy release. It might be us, it might be someone we’d known in that life, or a Guide.

Laurie Regan immediately drew me as Anne Warren Little and again I burst into tears. 
What a privilege to know what I’d looked like in that life – it helped me start the soul retrieval to see her sad little face. Laurie has an unusual gift to draw people’s past lives to help with the energy release. Link to Laurie on Facebook.

I was still wrapping my head around how this could be possible when she began drawing other people from my life as Anne Warren Little when Laurie was home alone!

She wasn’t with me and I hadn’t expected her to draw more for me – I didn’t know that was possible she could draw when she wasn’t with the ‘sitter.’ Laurie posted the simple sketches on her Facebook page and I knew exactly who they were. She then sent me the sketches – evidently it’s the only series she’s ever drawn.

I showed them to multiple people without explaining they were past life sketches or where I got them. I simply texted the sketch and asked ‘Does this remind you of anyone?”

My best friend at Plimoth recognized herself and was astonished how I found a sketch of her from the 1600s.

The final sketch was of my former husband (in this life) from when he was my spurned suitor at Plimoth – there’s a strong likeness just like there is with Pierce.

Background: Ann’s best friend Abby also next-door neighbor. Operated Colony’s trading post together. Abby is one of my best friends in my current life. She recognized Anne’s ghost as me when she had to remove Anne from her home. The clue given as to the male Pilgrim’s identity was the word ‘Father.’ Meditated daily for a week to realize he was the father of my children in this life – my former husband – my spurned suitor.

Captain William Pierce

“Captain William Pierce” recognized himself as did another dozen of our friends when I asked ‘Does this remind you of anyone,’ they all named him.

Laurie and I remain great friends today and are writing partners.

Amazon Reader Review:
In The Flow I: Plimoth Plantation (The Prequel), Wendy Rose Williams breaks open the world of past lives and reincarnation through her own personal awakening. There are bite-sized nuggets of wisdom that nudge us along toward expansion, a more open mind, a more indulgent spirit, all in service to elevating the soul. You can’t absorb this book through a single read; it’s too rich with its lifetime worth of wisdom.”

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