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“I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.”
Arthur C. Clarke, Goodreads

Republished with permission from ITC Researcher Tom Butler: Please Don’t Feed the Skeptics

Tom says, “I found this on the Society for Psychical Research Facebook page.”

About the author from Science-Based Medicine
Psychic Mediums and Grieving Children
By Steven Novella – February 3, 2021
Title: Psychic Mediums and Grieving Children

From the website:
Founder and currently Executive Editor of Science-Based Medicine Steven Novella, MD is an academic clinical neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine. Host and producer of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, and the author of the NeuroLogicaBlog. Dr. Novella also has produced two courses with The Great Courses, and published a book on critical thinking – also called The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

About the article:
 After talking about the complications of grief counseling, the author introduces his complaint:
This is why it is disturbing when self-proclaimed psychic mediums insert themselves into the grieving process, especially when children are involved. Alleged medium Thomas John, for example, is planning a Zoom group “spirit circle” for children who have lost loved ones. Grieving children are a doubly vulnerable population, and such an event can only be described as exploitative. There is also tremendous potential for harm.

(Tom Butler) Here is my comment from the SPR Facebook page:
As an ordained Spiritualist and certified Spiritualist medium, I have given many “spirit greetings” during Spiritualist meetings. With that said, I agree that there is a problem with expectation management and overreach of the medium.

At the same time, the quality of mediumship follows the natural distribution from wannabe to competent. I can say the same of the doctors I see at the VA. The thing with beginner mediums is that they need practice to become competent mediums.

There is a substantial foundation of research and considerable anecdotal evidence that at least some mediums are able to deliver meaningful reassurance and accurate evidence from the supposed communicator. We must remember that mediums have good days and some sitters are easier to work with than others. I, myself, have discounted mediumistic message intended for me, only to realize their significance days later.

The article is simple anti-survival propaganda that needs to be answered. Psychologists tend to be our greatest detractors. I have a high degree of confidence that the author is (probably) uninformed about what is known about mediumship.

The author gave the usual red herring: “we must remember that there is no evidence that any self-proclaimed medium is legitimate.” So obviously parroting mainstream skeptic claims negates much of what he has to say.

The author asked: “can anything be done to stop such exploitation?” This is a red flag our community should pay attention to. Consider the witch hunt the FDA went on with Wilhelm Reich. If our community does not self-regulate, the government will do it for us.

After watching the way many members of the ATransC dealt with the loss of loved ones, I am convinced that acceptance of possible continuous life has important grief management benefits. Religions and science tend to be misleading about survival. A little firsthand contact with possible discarnate personalities goes a long way toward letting the grieving person know their loved one is okay and so they will be okay. That, I expect, under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

I do not know this Thomas John and I am not a fan of shopfront mediumship. The fact that he is a television personality does not mean he is not an able medium. It is not for us to tell a member of our community that they can or cannot do public demonstrations. I also have no problem with people being paid for their services.

The solution I would support is testing for ability, ethics and understanding of local laws. Without a minimum degree of community self-regulation, it is probably only a matter of time before the government will step in.

It is important to remember that, to a vested skeptic like this, everything paranormal is fraudulent. The problem is that the skeptic community is well-organized. They have the ear of government. One of their successful public relations campaigns is to brand the study of anything paranormal as pseudoscience while convincing governments and mainstream academia that pseudoscience is a danger to society.

Mediumship is a well-established form of transcommunication. However, probably the majority of people who claim to be mediums could stand a little more training and practice. For sure, we have seen many would be mediums show up at Spiritualist Society meetings expecting to be a star, yet unable to demonstrate the most rudimentary understanding or ability. When we do not give them candid feedback, we tend to prove the skeptics right.

The same goes for EVP and visual ITC. These are technology-based practices that produce examples able to be witnessed by others. Yet, we see more and more New Age nonsense creep into the practices. Such concepts as ascended masters, angle guides and fate may have some validity, but without a context of rational study and supporting research, the concepts are just fodder for the skeptics.

Why Should You Care

My point is that all of us need to be aware of how we look to mainstream society. You are representing all of us if you post comments or examples in any public way. The public does not distinguish between you and the rest of us. If you sound airy-fairy, all of us will be seen as wackos.

These are real phenomena, most of which with good supporting research. But they are not articles of belief. Examine how you talk about them. I have written thousands of words about these phenomena, survival metaphysics and the community on ethericstudies.org/. Educate yourself. Ask questions using the Contact Tool or perhaps on the Idea Exchange.

Avatar – Consciousness

Blog Excerpt: “While watching one of the robot-turned-human television programs, I began to wonder what would be necessary for a computer to act as an avatar for immortal self. The wording here is very important. One set of requirements are needed if we are our body and consciousness is the product of the brain; however, the evidence seems to indicate that our consciousness is separate from our body. In that case, a computer must be able to interface etheric mind with physical capability.Link.

FYI from Tom Butler Sarah Estep started the Association as the American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP) in 1982. Lisa and I assumed leadership of the Association in 2000. That was when we added a website to support our public outreach. The articles on the website have mostly been selected from the NewsJournal and are intended to give the website visitor a sense of the nature of ITC. Evan with time, they have remained relevant to your self-education.

The ATransC.org web pages have been compiled into five books—both paperback and eBook versions. The eBook version is Kindle formatted, but Kindle readers are free for every platform. The books are priced near the minimum required by Amazon.

All profits are assigned to the Association for maintenance, public outreach and possible research.

All of the NewsJournals are on ATransC.org as free downloadable PDF files. We are considering way to preserve them, but that is tomorrow’s project. Bill Weisensale’s Spirit Voices are also on the archive.

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From my previous interview with Tom Butler, one of the fascinating accounts from that conversation: One of the most compelling ITC examples is hearing a woman (deceased) reprimand her dog for bad behavior. That sample is linked on the main site and referenced in the book “I’m Still Here”, by Martha Copeland. Cathy is her daughter. Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview with Tom Butler.

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Fascinating interview with George Knapp. Video highlighted is part 2.

Link to previous segment. Deadline to submit approval to apply for entry is February 28. Tom’s application has been accepted and he is now working on an essay.

Connect with Tom Butler:

Author: Your Immortal Self, Exploring the Mindful Way and Good to Know About the Paranormal

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