Consciousness, Afterlife, Astrology, Monkeys, UFOs, Space, Head Transplants, Zombies … Cats, another week of outstanding highlights

“I don’t try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.” – Ray Bradbury

All Things Bright and Unconventional…

  • BICS Update – Response to Robert Bigelow‘s Contest seeking proof of Survival of Consciousness After Death includes: “We have somebody on death row who is an applicant,” Bigelow told George Knapp. “We have a detective from Mexico, who has been solving murders, many murders, by communicating, he says, with the other side through mediums and solving his crimes.” Prize money has been expanded to $1.5 mil., with $50,000 going to each of another 11 essay entrants. Source: MysteryWire
  • Centers for Disease Control DejavuTips on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Again, the 2011 post has gone viral…proving Zombies have staying power. Vice.
  • DIY UFO Spotting. “The mission of Sky Hub is clearcut: Connect a network of civilian-owned sensor arrays, use machine learning to catalogue anomalous events, and share this data with researchers. The group itself consists of dedicated volunteers.” Space.
  • UFO/UAP sighting of the week: Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield Claims He ‘Saw a UFO’ While Driving from Dinner. BleacherReport

T-shirt Bonus:

  • First space hotel scheduled to open in 2027. CNN has the image. But the website – pinch me – Voyager Station. OMG. PS: Space Real Estate. Invitation to invest: Link.
  • Oh, yeah, this: Free trip to the Moon for 8 still on. Futurism.


Tales from the Deep End of Disturbed –

If you transplant a Human head does consciousness follow? Wired. (No. And that’s a whole different discussion. Maybe Robert Bigelow’s study will delve into this at some point.)

Here’s the meat of that story and a weekend read that will leave a pit in your stomach (for all the animals/monkeys who died for ‘science‘). Brandy Schillace is the author of Dr. Humble and Dr. Butcher – Amazon. About a ‘brilliant and eccentric surgeon and his quest to transplant the human soul.’

Catalyst for this story: Apparently, Brandy was handed a “blood-flecked notebook belonged to Robert White, a neurosurgeon who spent decades performing head transplants on monkeys, hoping to eventually use the procedure to give human brains new bodies.”

Reviews –

“Brilliant, disturbing, and fascinating. A true-life story even more dark and twisted than the X-Files case it inspired.” – Frank Spotnitz, Golden Globe-winning writer and producer of The X-Files

“Astonishing. When it comes to pushing the boundaries of medical ingenuity, readers will be profoundly affected by the questions presented by Schillace: not just ‘Can we do this?’ but more importantly, ‘Should we?’”  – Dr. Lydia Kang, coauthor of Quackery

Outrageous. I remember the media coverage on this at the time. Wired archives: He estimates that a head transplant would cost about $2 million; all he needs are the funds and a patient willing to end up, as he delicately puts it, “as a head on a pillow.” Wired/2000. 

  • Still pursuing this effort. People – 2019. Head transplant volunteer backed out.
  • Docs who are involved, Sergio Canavero and Xiaoping Ren. USA Today.
  • Announcing Head Transplant Surgery 2017. In China, because… USA Today.


Animal Intelligence (guilt trip intended) –

Marshmallow test aced once again. “Cuttlefish in the present study were all able to wait for the better reward and tolerated delays for up to 50 to 130 seconds, which is comparable to what we see in large-brained vertebrates such as chimpanzees, crows and parrots,” said Schnell, a behavioral ecologist and research fellow at the University of Cambridge. UPI


Astrology Zone Interview –

Ahead of the curve, wayshower Susan Miller claimed her niche and carved out her home on the internet a couple of decades ago with

Her site ‘debuted in December 1995 and now entertains 11 million unique readers a year.’ Monthly forecasts are published on her website and on her app.

Susan Miller charting the planets. [Images courtesy of Susan Miller]

Home schooled due to a unique and debilitating health issue, she started studying Astrology with her Mom at 15 and also set her sights on a business degree. An occasional follower for years, I knew of her strong connection with her Mom but had no idea about her childhood illness and the obstacles she overcame as a result.

Susan is a dynamo with a strong intuitive sense (bonus business savvy), enhanced by her tenacity and well-earned confidence in her abilities. Not only that, her enthusiasm is contagious. One more thing I discovered, she’s a huge fan of KC BBQ. Interview.

What’s in your stars? Get the calendar Astrology Zone

No Cat Left Behind –

Hero: “I want to make sure I am here to take care of the last one,” he said from his home in the contaminated quarantine zone. “After that I want to die, whether that be a day or hour later.” Sakae Kato rescues cats in the Fukushima Quarantine Zone. Source.

Parting Shot –

Whale speak right beside the boat: Twitter.


Interviews current and upcoming: Keith Linder, Poltergeist Science – Terry Lovelace, Alien Abduction, a new angle – Dr, Melba Ketchum DVM/Bigfoot DNA.

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