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Learning can be accomplished when the answers are lived. The box is your belief.
 – Talking to Nightlights

All things Bright and Unconventional –   

  • Lifeboat – Scientists have found water and organic matter on the surface of an asteroid sample collected from the solar system – the first time that such material has been found on an asteroid. Independent.
  • Printing 3D bones inside the body. TheDebrief.
  • Reveal: Inner Earth has an inner core. InterestingEngineering. 
  • Nazca Lines – long read – again, suggesting history prior to anything we currently know. UFOInsight.
  • Spooky real. Hidden behind a bathroom mirror. UPI.
  • Cemetery sighting posted 1/21 in a Facebook group: u local New Hampshire. Comment from Tonya Abbott says it all: “That is definitely a woman ghost in a wedding type gown,” Source.
  • Supernatural America: The Paranormal in American Art will be on display starting in June in Toledo. Source.

Poltergeist lessons learned. Starting with Fire. 
Keith Linder Interview.

It began in 2012: The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State “True Haunted House story”

Big transformation since the initial introduction to an invisible foe [2012] – when Keith was completely waylaid by a force few seemed to have any reliable method to account for. (And some preferred not to account for.)

Since then, first hand experience and working with knowledgeable others schooled in tracking Poltergeist behavior has provided an education, so much so, that he is confident in his ability to offer support and insight to others in a similar predicament. Knowing what NOT to do is key in keeping the activity from escalating.

The new installment is book 3: Poltergeist – The Night Side of Physics
A close-up theoretical and scientific analysis of the activity that took place in the Bothell house. Spontaneous fires, stone-throwing, teleportation, apports, strange water puddle appearances, objects levitating, strange sounds – it’s all here”.

Here is a brief refresh to set the scene for the story. Demons In Seattle – Uncut 19 Minute Documentary Trailer.

“Don Philips crawled underneath the home to investigate and came out with some freaky recordings.”

“The Bothell Hell House is a major work, a turning point in poltergeist research – Well done.” – Robb Tilley of the Australian Institute of Parapsychology Research.”

Keith has gone through a lot to get his story authenticated. He continues to share the details and research the potential causes.

You’ll find Keith’s videos of his experiences and the Documentary for Bothell house on YouTube. Keith’s books are on Amazon – Link. Follow Keith on Twitter.

Unexplained –

This image was found on my camera. I did not take it. It appeared after a break-in at my home several years ago. I view it as a simple notification – that the uninvited guest had been tagged from that unseen realm for observation in regard to certain objects that had been removed. Coincidence, synchronicity, sign? Communication.
Having experienced encounters with attachments, entities and thought forms who are quite in tune with our thoughts, I have no desire to know that outcome.

The watcher.

Similar to the haunted Marilyn Monroe doll I sold at an antique mall, the price had been switched. I can’t say it was switched by the buyer. That would be an assumption. Ghosts and others of that sort have their own devices for acquiring a host.

As for me, I had been telepathically guided to the doll at an antique store in the first place. A voice told me to turn the corner to find the source. So, I followed that instruction and saw the doll in a case with a blinking light. Bingo! Source confirmed.

I didn’t sense a negative energy about her but, after having her in my house, I had no idea why I bought the doll. I learned to be a bit more discerning on subsequent visits to Antique stores and more inclined to tune out the voices.

As I wanted to send the doll on its way, and knowing my own experience, I suspect whatever switch was necessary could easily have been instigated by the doll to facilitate a transaction to a complimentary personality and more compliant host.

Lesson learned. Nothing here is what it seems.

Mind over matter –

Introduction to Raymond Fowler’s book The Andreasson Affair, J. Allen Hynek wrote: “Here we have “creatures of light” who find walls no obstacle to free passage into rooms and who find no difficulty in exerting uncanny control over the witnesses’ minds. If this represents an advanced technology, then it must incorporate the paranormal as our own incorporates transistors and computers. Somehow, “they” have mastered the puzzle of mind over matter.” Josef Allen Hynek, American astronomer, professor, and ufologist. 
Raymond Fowler’s newest book, UFOs: The Ultimate Abduction

One common theme among UFO Experiencers, memories recovered from childhood abduction/alien encounters. In this story, Gerry Anderson was unable to remember what happened in 1953 without a hypnotic assist. In 1978 he was regressed back to when he was 12 years old. Fascinating. UFOInsight.

Consciousness –

Beyond corporeal form. ‘The Presence of Consciousness in the World.’ Thantos | In Conversation with Roger Nelson.

More information: Thantos TV Youtube. Link.

Global Consciousness ProjectLink.

Insurrection“But in the context of 20 years of such research, the picture does suggest a mass consciousness reacting to the shock of seeing a mob threaten the central institution of the world’s oldest representative democracy.” – Roger Nelson. Link to Report. PDF.

Unseen Influence –

UFO Crash Investigator. In depth interview with Don Schmitt, a man who has interviewed hundreds of witnesses in the pursuit of truth about the Roswell Crash of 1947. Medium.

Marcia SchaferJohn Foster and Terry Lovelace do have memories of childhood encounters with ETs and UFOs. They do not have the same experiences or  interpretations. That is why each story is important to unpack. 
There is one common theme. The activity is intentionally clandestine. 

Ancient Messengers –


2013 – According to Aboriginal tradition, the Wandjina were “sky-beings” or “spirits from the clouds” who came down from the Milky Way during Dreamtime and created the Earth and all its inhabitants. Source. AncientOrigins.

They’re here.

Scattered in various forms, displayed on rocks across the planet. Seen, unseen, ever present. When you so desire, listen. They speak in symbols, designs, color, shapes, textures on stone, clouds in the sky, smoke from the fire.

The code/key is intuition.

  • Yoro Yoro: Original Creation and the Renewal of Nature. Rock Art. Amazon.
  • Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of Stick Signs, UFOs and the Sasquatch. Amazon. Visit an area known for Sasquatch/Bigfoot sightings and you will witness tree sculpting, twig designs and stacked rock arrangements. All intentionally displayed to express communication.
  • Encounters with Star PeopleArdy Sixkiller Clarke. Untold stories of American Indians and Indigenous people in Mesoamerica.

I omitted Faeries and Little People. They’re here too. Just like my Nightlights.
Catalysts for inquiring minds. 

Parting shot –

Recovery mission. Dog and CatTwitter. Clearly, they know this routine.



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