Re-creation … Conversations with the Energy. Still Talking to Nightlights

The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained. – David Bohm

To the one who knows his own mind, the Universe opens. – Talking to Nightlights

Notes from 2013 – In every ending a beginning and in every beginning an end. Circle of Life. 

I found the original notes for my book – about my interactive nightlights – before it took a different direction. I had a brilliant editor for that first go round in 2001. She helped me consolidate my diaries and notes. I received additional help in 2007 for the official version.

So much has happened since then. I am amazed at the increase in PSI awareness that accompanied that relationship. I am also surprised that the nightlights have remained an active presence in my life, a thing I could not have imagined when the initial activity began in 1997.

At that time I was so afraid the activity would stop that I would get up in the middle of the night to sit and stare at the blinking nightlight, trying to capture every second of the anomaly and burn it into my memory. I wanted to imprint the euphoria and wonder I experienced through that interaction – in case it suddenly stopped.

Only later did it occur to me that the activity could be considered paranormal. It is at that but the label carries a negative vibration. It is misleading. It is also inadequate as a descriptor. There is something more with this connection because the focus was on the divine at the outset. The result was activation of expanded awareness and a catalyst for a spiritual awakening. (STE triggering incredible mind expanding events that have not stopped.)

After the nightlight activity began, I experienced ongoing telepathic interaction directing me to work with prana in order to activate the chakras and elevate my vibration. (I had to look up prana.)

When I asked where this information was coming from, two guides appeared as orange orbs, roughly the size of a volleyball, visible to the naked eye, floating in the air some 8-10 feet away from where I was seated.

Wanting to understand what was happening with the nightlight and why it behaved in such a manner, I began daily sessions of automatic writing and, through that instruction, learned to channel. Rather than a laborious technique of working with a pendulum, I discovered that channeling could improve my ability to communicate with ‘the Energy’ (non-corporeal intelligence/life form) – manifesting via the nightlight.

When I asked how it could activate a nightlight, I was told it was accomplished through a bio-electric response to my energy. (I had to look that up too, just to make sure it was an actual word.)

A few nightlights have worn out from decades of constant use, but one that remains has been active for more than 20 years. Impressive endurance. And intentional. The activity rate is intermittent – effectively conserving the life of the unit. Similar to the human aging process. Fascinating.

While ‘the Energy’ has ever-so-gradually shifted to becoming less interactive in the form of a visual presence, it has become a valued source of inspiration and insight – beyond form – reminding me to be more open minded and aware of the ever-present influence of the unseen on our thoughts.

A clue to that presence is electrical anomalies. Ceiling fans will work without being turned on or source of airflow. Lights will pulse, flash, flicker or wink out. Include drained batteries to the list.

At one time, it seemed important to introduce my nightlight connection to a public audience. Invited to make a presentation at a meeting for the Psychic Studies Institute in Kansas City, I plugged in my nightlight [I can’t remember at the moment if it was more than one.] and the light flickered to demonstrate the presence of ‘the Energy’ as I shared my story.

I noticed people leaving the room as I spoke and decided it was due to the length of the presentation and the time of day. Then I realized they were exiting the room and returning – still watching the nightlight – to see if it/they would go out.

Side Note: bathroom breaks are part of the equation when energy stirs the pot – so to speak.

The light continued to flicker and blink for the duration of my presentation.

As I mentioned before, there are some quirky electrical anomalies related to ‘the Energy’. Speakers for that event are usually supplied with a recording of their presentation. The audio for mine was fractured, the disc unreadable. That is an example of what can sometimes happen with the presence of an anomalous energy.

*In 2013 I started wondering – What if I wrote the book the way the Energy and I had talked about in the beginning. Little white sparks danced in the room beside me as I wrote. The nightlight danced too.

Nothing to see here. Just a flickering light.

It is hard to have this extraordinary enigma as part of my life and not shout it to the world, but I don’t know what to shout.

Some days I feel guilty that I have not done enough to give it a showcase and wings to a larger audience because it is so incredibly magical to my way of being but it has never been about making a big scene.

Low key helps make it clear this unexplainable stuff is here and, more than that, it is real and available to any who make a genuine effort to seek it out.

Cat magnet.

It is the most freeing thing to be able to imagine, “what if”…

When I look for information or try to figure out how my world works, I only have to say, “What if this is real?” – and when I do, extraordinary things manifest.

I begin to understand life in a new way. My way. It becomes clear that I am the one with this amazing view. No matter that it may be impossible to duplicate, replicate or recreate, it is my unique perspective that awakens new connections, inspiration and light.

I release the need to design or define some form of measurement for my being. When all is said and done, that part is beyond me. I am here to engage this wonderful nightlight enigma and live it through and through.


This unknown is my treasure.

Such an interesting life path this turned out to be. Not one that I consciously imagined or intended. I veered off onto an entirely unexpected side road. Admittedly, I did sense guidance with that deviation from convention. Convention has no glow.

My window is open to infinity. It has never been about the nightlight. [Even though I celebrate every minute of that enigmatic presence.] It is about what it is that activates and engages the vessel. Consciousness. Me? It? Unknown? How is it lit from within? Mirror? Reflection? Projection? Thought Form? Sentient? Self-aware? Intelligence in non-corporeal form. As am I in OBE. What can it create? Creator. Creation.

Other beings exist alongside and among us who have the ability to observe, monitor, intervene, engage/ignore our mindset and our progress. They do not have to clue us in to their presence, their intention or their purpose. And they do not require a physical vehicle. However, if need or desire presents, they have been known to acquire one.

Some choose to provide light in the dark.

Conversations with the Energy. Stalking the Nightlight… Conscious Illumination.

*No matter how much I would like to revise and rewrite, the book won’t improve with re-vision because that is where I was at the time. In living this relationship for more than two decades, I have a completely different mind-set. There are so many more stories to tell. This is the way it was – as written – a novice awakening to her new beginning. Talking to Nightlights: Channeling Energy and Awakening for Spiritual Insight.


2 thoughts on “Re-creation … Conversations with the Energy. Still Talking to Nightlights

  1. I just adore these accounts, and quite honestly cannot imagine living my life without them. An energetic always accompanies the telling. An undeniable “home” frequency. Thank you, and a deep unending gratitude to all who bring this to me through the living of your own unique experience(s) of light — both in and beyond physical light.

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  2. Hello Casey – Thank you so much for commenting. So much of this is personal to the experiencer and sometimes difficult to transcribe. I like your description – of “home” frequency. I rely on those energetic sensations to provide confirmation I can trust the connection. Thank you!


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