mag·ic ˈmajiknoun: magic 1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Source.

Journal – 4.6.21

As I was talking with someone on the phone last night, I watched the nightlight blink for a brief moment and then realized the nightlight in the other room – across the hall from me – was also active. The room went dark as the light popped off. Then it lit up when the light popped back on again. It took a few times before I actually started to pay attention.

At first I thought one of the cats had walked in front of the light but they were both with me. Then I realized I had ‘visitors’ and needed to pay attention to something happening in the moment and to the content of our conversation.

I stepped outside after the call and looked up at the sky where I immediately caught sight of a tiny light – far above – and barely trackable through the clouds. It didn’t make a sound and I thought it must be a plane or even a satellite until it did that funky zigzag move I have seen before.

Andy stepped out and I pointed in the direction I thought the tiny light was moving but – at that moment – it gave off a bright, white flash. Affirming the sighting – while zooming off to parts unknown. Yes, we had visitors. Tracking the object in the sky, it might seem ‘they’ are far away. That is the illusion.

Then I found a previous journal entry. This relates because it was another time I felt called to go outside. Gracie (dog, deceased 8/20) had given me a prompt.


8.4.14 – Journal 

There are times I question what I know and how it comes to me to follow that knowing. Then I remember don’t “know” … Information is given or comes to me as a telepathic prompt and I determine my action/reaction.

Gracie barked at about 1:30 am. Andy got up to let her out. 2:00 am. I heard the internal prompt in my mind: “Go outside and look straight up at the sky.”

Of course I am half asleep and tired and really don’t want to go but it seemed more relevant because Gracie had barked and maybe I could catch a glimpse of the raccoons or ‘possums that wander about when the day players are safely tucked away.

No longer with me in the physical. Gracie lives in my heart.

Not that I thought they would be in the sky. That part didn’t make sense but I didn’t think it through. The thought of a wildlife sighting had my attention so I decided to check it out.

And then, putting my feet on the floor, I realized Gracie was directly beside me when she usually claims the foot of the bed as her spot.

For a moment I wondered if she sent me the message. Standing outside on the patio, pondering the sky, I watched the dark space and clouds mingle. One round, puffy, white cloud floated directly above the house. Stars peeked around the edges and winked in the distance.

I stood. Waiting. No animals came forward. City silence filled the night air. City noises include trains, sirens, trucks and random car sounds. The white cloud began to morph and I wondered if this was the reason I had been summoned. Maybe it had meaning. I decided to see what the image might become as the form evolved. Fluidly reshaping itself, it became a large dragon head. White, puffy dragon head with an open mouth. No fire.

Then it happened, a flash so quick it made me wonder if I had somehow created it when I blinked my eyes. The sky now had my full attention. There I stood, neck starting to ache, looking up. Entranced.

Another flash. No mistake this time. Quick, bright flash of white light. It lit the entire sky. No storms tonight. What am I seeing? Lightening? This has happened before. Once – it even blinded me to a point – leaving burn marks in my eye for a few days.

I returned to bed after the third flash. It had been all of ten minutes but it felt longer. Gracie was gone from beside the bed. Had she wanted me to see the source of her barking? Someone did.

And after all that – I haven’t a real clue about the source of the flashing sky. I do know there is a reason I am called and the contact continues.

Much has happened in the many days/years since they instructed me to work on my fear and gave me a physically audible “voice” to test the state of my awareness. I froze. When the vibration of that “voice” resonated in my body, everything jammed up. Head to toe. Reality check. I was petrified. They chuckled and told me I required a demonstration to better understand their point.

Lost the connection when I froze. Yep, totally reflex fright. I was shocked because I thought I had conquered my fear of the unknown. This was a different kind of fear. Annoying and illuminating. Curious.

Hidden in plain view. Altered states. Parallel Realities.

What will happen when it is more than just the sky flashing?

In 17 years of my non-corporeal companions flashing nightlights, desk lamps, floor lamps, store lights and more – the encounters they have arranged have been friendly. This next step is a long time coming because it isn’t just a step, it’s a leap of consciousness. What am I going to discover?

That’s what keeps me going and the nightlights on. 


Light Bulb – Journal – 4.6.21 continued

Here’s the kicker and why it was intended for me to connect the dots.

During that phone call I was holding a crystal I use for energy healing. It came from the area where I encountered Sasquatch energy. We were actually talking about Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

As we spoke, I realized the instruction I had been given from the previous night had worked.

General information on this. I woke up with a pain. Knowing I was going back to sleep, I asked to be given assistance in the dream to help me treat it. I thought the pain might have been triggered by an allergic response.

As requested, the suggestion was then delivered in my dream:

In the dream I was seated at a table and having a conversation. There was no one else present but the information was a casual give and take as if I am very familiar with the source and then directed at giving me a suggestion. I was asked to consider – (telepathic is the best way to describe the exchange) – my salt intake because I do not usually add salt. I was asked to think what might be important about that. I somehow knew the answer and responded that salt is a source of Iodine. That meant the issue could be insufficient Iodine.

Remembering the instruction when I woke up, I googled for information about salt and Iodine. Then I purchased the product. During that phone conversation I began to notice a difference in the pain level. The remedy worked. It is up to me to determine whether the solution is short term or if further action should be taken.

Connecting the dots: Nightlight going off and on in the other room, as I realize the pain is gone. Catching a glimpse of the zigzag light in the sky. Pointing at the light (with my hand – no light involved) to show Andy where to look. Reciprocal bright flash for both of us to see. Closer than I thought and too obvious to miss.

Intentional contact. This time, the source of the dream interaction and the suggested healing remedy is claiming credit – and signing off for the night.

Thank you! Ever the mystery of the unknown known. Clearly, that question from the previous journal entry of 2014 has been answered by 2021.

mag·ic ˈmajiknoun: magic 1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Talking to Nightlights

2 thoughts on “What Magic is this? Contact. Revisited.

  1. These are wonderful accounts of the magic and mystery that truly does live in our every day lives. If…when….we only pause to notice. Thank you for continuing to share your accounts. Forever a gentle listener here. {{{ live in wonder }}}.

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