Paranormal Miscellanea: UFO Sighting? Reality shift, Reincarnation? Remote Viewing

Rather than the destination, Ascension is the process. Curiosity is an asset. Enthusiasm is a bonus.

A game of Tag

4.26.21 – Full Moon tonight but this morning is just as bright. 4am. Moon slipping into the western sky. I see a few stars above and to the East and think – if there is anything up there that would like to make an appearance it would let me know.

I didn’t really expect a response but I got one.

I see a quick, lingering bright flash from a dark space in the Southern sky. I got a ‘Hello’. All is well. Super Pink Moon tonight.

Blue Anomaly

4.18.21 – Sighting. Sunday night, Andy wanted me to see the two stars lined up above the moon. He decided to take a picture with my phone and was playing with the settings to adjust the view.

That’s when he noticed something odd. A blue light darted across the sky that he hadn’t noticed in the previous pictures or with the naked eye. He realized he couldn’t see it without the magnification view on the cell phone.

At x8 it was there, a bright blue object dancing across the scene. Everything else was stationary. There were no other lights in that area. He said the blue light was animated and darting across the sky as he watched.

Blue Anomaly 4.18.21

I did enhance the image to highlight the blue object on the right side of the frame.
The two stars are near the top and the moon is centered at the bottom of the image.

The blue light is almost directly below the star on the right side.
The activity was centered in the same area he was trying to capture on screen. Almost like it wanted to be seen.

If I had gone outside to see the stars, he would not have taken the picture or seen the blue anomaly dancing in the sky. Fascinating, as always.

Explore the Rabbit Hole 

The Time Ivan T. Sanderson Had a Time Slip Into Another Dimension:

Finally, she took my hand and, pointing, described exactly what I was seeing. At which point, I became speechless. She said, “How did we get to Paris 500 years ago?” – Mysterious Universe.

Reality shifts happen. Check out current experiences. Connect with Cynthia Sue Larson at

It is generally assumed each is witness to a consensus reality. Awareness to the presence of ghosts, deceased loved ones and various paranormal phenomena suggests there is a greater reality that is normal for many. Why are some shown, without the use of mind altering substance or NDE, dramatically different versions of reality? Who qualifies for that intervention and who is the facilitator?

The first shift was in 1997 – with the nightlight interaction – engaging with non-corporeal intelligence. A more extreme mind bender came in 2009. Altered states, paranormal activities, psychic phenomena and time shifts.

Who has the ability to operate at such all encompassing levels to affect every aspect of the daily experience of another – and at the drop of a hat? What is the point of such an event? Answers? They flew out the window with the swans who swam in a formation to create a question mark when I opted to deviate from a designated route.

An up-close-and-personal-demonstration, reality is relative to the experiencer.

The lid blew off ‘normal’ and inspired a new focus and a new direction. Answers are limiting – and in some cases – a false sense of security. Our reality field is limitless. Answers are stepping stones on the path, guiding the seeker forward on the journey to the next level and new questions.

I have met and interviewed some amazing seekers – all have discovered extraordinary answers for their unique journey. I value and appreciate their insight. They offer validation that each carries his own treasure for discovery.

I am on my path connecting my treasures and aligning the dots to activate and engage illumination within. Progress. The light is blinking.

Meet Cassie

I looked the name up after rather than before because it just seemed to fit.
Meaning for the name Cassie? Google search picked up variations that include: ‘prophetess’, ‘shining upon men’ and ‘who fills men with love’. She’s got a lot in her favor.

Funny thing – her energy is so much like Gracie (Died 8, 2020, age 14) – like Gracie said, “I need a new vehicle”, and came back for round 2. Jack is already taking her under his wing and trying to teach her a few tricks and show her the ropes. Role reversal. Amazing to watch.

Jack, Gracie and Cassie. Joy – flying on Earth.

Interested in Remote Viewing?

Ready to see how you might benefit from remote viewing even if you don’t intend to turn pro? I am not finished with my course segments on this but I recommend it because there is so much to gain in learning the basics. Works for anyone: PSI gifted and/or PSI challenged.

This limited free, four part presentation offers a solid overview and is easy to put into practice because you are given an outline with specific instructions, explanations and demonstrations. Well worth checking into.

What is it? Again this is a Free Master Class: Introduction to Practical Remote Viewing. Intuition and Remote Viewing as the Ultimate Survival Skill in Life and Business! Link. Instructor Lori Williams studied with Lyn Buchanan. More info on her Bio.

Paraphrased from her website:
Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV, is a wonderful written method which allows a person to access his or her own intuition. Learning CRV will allow you, the Viewer, to describe any location, person, or thing anywhere in all of time or space!

The CRV process is designed to help the Viewer distinguish between imagination and true intuitive perceptions in order to extract the information he/she seeks.

I signed up – even though I could not make the 4 daily ‘live’ sessions – because this intro includes a recorded session with the follow-up class Q&A available to watch when it is convenient (limited time). Don’t skip the Q&A. Information covered in the Q&A is just as helpful as the class.

There is even more helpful information posted on the site. If you were ever curious about what it takes to be a Remote Viewer, this is a great introduction. Should make is easy to decide whether you want to continue further study and sign up for a full course. Intuitive Specialists.

Still curious? Read up and then decide. Lori’s Free Introduction to CRV is worth making time for.

Note on these Books: Read the reviews. You’ll know which book is best for you.

  • Lori’s book. Monitoring: Your How To Guide to Practical Remote Viewing – Phase One, Amazon.
  • John Herlosky. A Sorcerer’s Apprentice: A Skeptic’s Journey into the CIA’s Project Stargate and Remote Viewing, Amazon.
  • David Morehouse. Psychic Warrior: The True Story of the CIA’s Paranormal Espionage Programme, Amazon.
  • Joe McMoneagle. Mind Trek, Amazon.

Resources and other Remote Viewers to connect with: IRVA (International Remote Viewing Association)

Previous post with Remote Viewing information. Link.

Parting Shot

Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck. – George Carlin

There are worse places.


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