“In the divine Scriptures, there are shallows and there are deeps; shallows where the lamb may wade, and deeps where the elephant may swim.” – John Owen

Reference: Elephants in dreams – meaning symbolizes wisdom, strength, and also good luck. They may also represent memory. Jung believed elephants to represent the self. The defensive nature of an elephant symbolizes introvert nature. Source.


I wanted to add the topic of Oracles for my Wendy’s Coffeehouse show. I knew I had an interview in the archives from a previous show that I liked because the author had an interactive website.

I tried but could not find my number for the author to include her and update the content if she was available so I left a message with her agent.

While I was waiting, I started listening to the interview. Then came the surprise that made me decide the original interview was the one to run with.

After the show aired, I heard from the agent that Ann Bolinger-McQuade (author of Everyday Oracles) is currently working on a second book. I’d like to follow-up on that when she is ready.

Our show from 2013 has information that is still relevant, as is her book. However, there is an extraordinary connection from that interview to this moment.

I knew we talked about clouds but didn’t remember the specifics of our conversation. In listening to that part of the show as I was editing to fit the format for the radio broadcast, what came as a total surprise was the reference to elephants and clouds. It echoes a recent dream sequence.

Since the time of our interview the interactive element of the Oracles in the Sky website is no longer functioning. However, the photos that remain are part of the story. Ann shares multiple pictures of images in clouds.

For our interview, I checked it out and told her the cloud photo I chose while exploring her site looked like an Elephant. We talk about that and our reference for the symbolic meaning of Elephant is Ted Andrews. Animal Speak.

The trigger calling me to revisit and repost the original show – although I didn’t know it until I pulled the show from the archives – was my dream about Elephants.

Their specific actions represent a metaphor I continue to work with.

The Dream

Looking out into the backyard, I see fog coming out from the tree line at the edge of the yard. It continues to billow and advance toward me and then it separates into five individual clouds. Each fog cloud becomes an Elephant.

There are now 5 Elephants standing directly across from me in a row. They seem to move in sync. Not quite a dance but a lilting, light hearted vibe. They are with me for just a few minutes and then they pivot at the same time and walk, single file, back in the same direction they came from, returning into the woods.

The dream was so vivid. It wasn’t intended as a performance. It was a message. (And a blessing.) Energy.






Hidden in plain view

Without obstruction



Later in the week, after the interview aired, I was looking at the clouds above the house and realized I was seeing yet another Elephant. In that same joyful pose. Trunk up.

Grabbed the camera to capture the image as quickly as I could, before the form dissolved.

Elephant dancing in the sky …

We are given information in metaphor and symbol because it is easier to transmit a larger block of content than language allows. And there are times when that information is intended to remain vague (foggy) until a specific event is triggered and the rest of the content (still in delivery mode) can be unpacked and the meaning understood.

In such a way we are prepared – even if we think we are not ready. The groundwork has already been done. It is knowing without knowing.

Interpretation is the responsibility of the receiver and one of the greatest challenges is to avoid projecting and allow events to evolve and unfold in their own time.

What am I given? 1. Number 5. 2. Elephants. 3. Fog. 4. Transmutation.

I am adding to that: Revelation. Change of a higher order. A shift in Consciousness.

Another reference: Asian elephant symbolism is very powerful. Elephants are revered as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, destroyer of evil, remover of obstacles, as well as strength, power, wisdom, memory, and vitality. Source.

Interesting timing for the dream and a pull to revisit that interview and to then see my very own Elephant cloud. It is a perfect example I am given to share of what it is like to work with Oracles.

Elephant in the clouds:

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview: Ann Bolinger-McQuade. Everyday Oracles: Tuning into Hidden Meaning Beyond Language.


One thought on “Oracles, Elephants, Visions in the Night, Synchronicity

  1. You caught him just in time, still totally looks like an elephant. I, of course, adore anything like this. Communication with, and via the Cosmos. We are beginning to get very, very good at this.


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