Meeting our Ancient Selves: A 2019 Vision of Entering the Next World

In recent conversations and encounters I notice now a steady increase. ‘Synchronicity.’ Recurring theme for many in this moment. Note the repeating patterns, images, phrases, symbols, colors, tones and the individuals who deliver each and every resonant chord… Focus is shifting from the package to the present.

Information highway – channel is open. Ask for that which you receive to be for your highest good. Broadcast light.

– “If you’re present and innocent, surrender, open. There’s guidance. There’s synchronicity.” – Eileen Meyer

Koyopa Rising

I was shown what it will look like and how we will meet it. This arrived two years ago in March of 2019, during my Sunday “dialogue-connecting” time. I record these because I never know what will arrive in this intentional meeting space. It’s always an experiment in presence and frequency.

Most of my regular readers know that I am a lifetime experiencer. This way of dialoguing has evolved since this gift was given to me in a series of early 2000’s “visits” from the Light Presence. I must emphasize: This gift of visions and communion-translation with the Field was a result of my engaging with this intelligence and following this practice. I like to say that they were “evolving” me, but clearly, through all of the material I have recorded, they are simply helping us restore what has been dormant within – our cosmic superpowers.

Yesterday, while searching for…

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