Crop Circle season, UFOs gain traction in mainstream headlines, Miracles, Warped Time, Happy Thoughts and Possession

When you open your mind to believe more – you see more… Open your imagination and there is nothing that can’t be seen. 

OddsnEnds – 

  • Mind-bending. A user’s perception of time may actually slow down when using more immersive virtual reality (VR) devices. The Debrief.
  • Stop time. Scientists are now trying to uncover the complex causes of ageing in order to find ways to slow, halt, or even reverse the process… Source.
  • Let’s digress a moment. Shades of Rocky Horror Time Warp.
  • Warp drive. Is “Lentz Drive” Star Trek come to life? The Debrief. 
  • Based upon gravitational waves. It took 50 years. Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Theorem. Source.
  • Instant water disinfectant vs. traditional purification. Interesting to see where this goes. Source.
  • Designs of the season. Crop Circle gallery. July 2. 2021. Link.
  • No surprise there is pushback on those who try to get the word out on UFOs. Source.
  • UFOs among us. Aliens in Kentucky. Source.
  • A trip through time. Perception is key. Source.
  • Of Miracles and healing with Sound Technology. Brian Dailey and Allyn Evans have witnessed miraculous healing. They teach Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition at the Monroe Institute, in the United States and abroad. YouTube.
  • A word on happy thoughts. From the archives: “Research from Stanford University has shown that complaining shrinks the hippocampus – an area of the brain that’s critical to problem solving and intelligent thought.” Huff Post [2017]

Sci-Fi Short Film. ‘Speak Only Good of the Dead’

A military supercomputer learns about poetry, love and fate.

Based on Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “EPICAC
“Speak Only Good of the Dead”
by Jac Viramuerte and Samuel Romero
Connect with the Filmmakers

Explore the DUST Multiverse App.

Limitless Consciousness

The previous storyline carries shades of truth and resonates with my connection to the ‘Energy’ – the source who manipulates my nightlights. That source is a non-corporeal being.

It and/or others like it could easily ‘occupy’ something we consider nothing more than a piece of machinery. Most content devoted to that potential is currently categorized as fantasy or fiction.

No problem. I simply accept that my reality is fully capable of deviating from the standard measure of categorization. As such, one would be underestimating the power of spirit to think it incapable of inhabiting an available vessel – at any given time – if the circumstances were favorable.

[My experience with a deceased – shared below – who was a suicide gave me a personal insight on how that could work.]

As we are also spirit essence and capable of travel beyond form, whether physical or non-physical and between lives, it makes sense we and others in a similar mode could park in a convenient receptacle if necessary.

When a non-corporeal entity or spirit can interact and activate electrical appliances and mechanical engines, then occupying a robot or AI unit is a small jump.

Whatever we build – ‘they’/spirit, entities, non-corporeals, transdimensionals, are also ever-present. Consider ParanormalSpiritualismAnimism and Shamanism, and Panpsychism

Human bodies are also fair game. Regarding spirit possession, as a channel, I allow interaction and presence without another hijacking my physical or mental faculties. If I do not sense a compatibility or neutral engagement I close the connection.

The one time that was different was when I was asleep and discovered my body responding in a way that was completely unexpected. I was moaning, heard the noise and realized it was coming from me, sounding like a ghost.

Trying to make sense of it for a few moments, I stopped making the sound and understood that something else was trying to speak through me and unable to properly operate the voice function.

In that short episode of being an unwitting receptacle for a ghost, I became fully aware of just how vulnerable we humans might be when unaware such a thing could be possible.

However, harm was not the intent. Rather than possession, the goal was to free himself from his state of limbo. A recent suicide and former resident of the space I lived in, he discovered he was stuck on the earth plane and needed assistance to free himself. (From a self-imposed prison.)

At the time I had no idea it was a thing I could help with or that an outside influence could affect my body as he did. Borrowing my body for a short time, he succeeded in getting my attention and I quickly got up to speed. As soon as I understood the problem, we managed to call in the help he needed to transition.

Interesting side note. I asked for his loved ones and spirit guardians to come get him. They were prompt and pleasant. On the other hand, he was angry, irritated and impatient and he thought I was a pain because I was not able to see him earlier (when he scared the cat and moved stuff around the house and collapsed a bookshelf on top of me).

So, obviously I had not anticipated such shenanigans on that level. It was part of my learning curve.

The kicker? His loved ones were kind and they thanked me. He went off in a huff. End of story. Imagine that.

Extra stuff

  • Bad news first. Truth Seekers didn’t lastDeadline. The story has a common thread with the possession theme.
  • Good news. Good Omens lands a second season. The Verge.
  • Pesky thing about unreality – it exists without explanation. Fringe-ology: How I Tried to Explain Away the Unexplainable-And Couldn’t. Source.
  • It would seem UFO Disclosure is underway and “Classified” is the way to go. “According to UFO researcher and Virginia Tech professor Bob McGwier, the full classified document that was shared with Congress and the National Security Council was far more detailed” than the public releases. Daily Star.
  • Uri Geller on Facebook takes UFO Disclosure up a notch: “My dear friends, here I am in The Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) (photo) which is a major NASA space research laboratory. For years, I had to deny my true mission and camouflage my work. Very few people know the truth. But I presume PMs and Presidents are briefed and they all know the mind-blowing truth. The Bushes, Obama, Trump, Netanyahu…they must know! Unfortunately I can’t reveal a lot but I know this: we are already communicating with ET.” UriGellerMuseum.

Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence… source unknown.


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