Time, dimension shifts, cats, dreams and bi-location

“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.” – William Blake

Who else feels this? Time shift. It goes Like this. Wake up in the middle of the night feeling hours have passed but the clock shows just an hour or two. Or you wake for a moment, note the time, fall back asleep – then wake again to feel fully rested and restored but the clock shows only a few minutes have passed.

Dreaming Cats and Boxes

9.2.21. In the dream I walked to the door then looked to the left side of the room and noticed what looked like a couple of plastic animal crates. One was empty. The other had a cat inside. The wire door was closed and there was also a wooden 2 by 4 securing the gate.

Calmly the cat sat. Showing no sign of distress – more like curiosity – she looked out from her cage. At once I felt an immediate sensation of relief knowing she was safe. But it was also mixed with surprise because I recognized the cat as my deceased Chloe, very much alive in the dream. And in the last place I expected to see her.

Chloe x 3

Connecting a dot or two. An unforgettable time shift experience with Chloe.

When walking past her – from one room to the next – I saw her facing me, seated on
the back of a chair. It was spontaneous. I liked that image so much I wanted to get my camera. The green collar with a pink heart was a perfect contrast. Chloe was a calico and a beautiful model. Then, in mid stride, I remembered she didn’t wear a collar – ever. How had I even registered that as a possibility?

I immediately took the few steps to return and she was there – but I was astounded. Not only was she not wearing the collar I had seen – it would have been impossible for her sit on the back of the chair. It was too thin to support her.

The height I thought I saw her was at least 2 feet higher than where she was comfortably nestled in the seat of the chair. I saw her at about 4 feet high. What had projected that screen image?

Anytime I try to recreate that memory I get the image of a Cheshire Cat. It was designed to make me think. And it certainly has. The image was not the point. It was a delivery method.

Back to the dream. What might a cat in a box represent? Schrödinger’s cat.

Chloe is dead and alive in that dream box. She is also stuck in time.

Time Lines

The guides on occasion will tell me shifts are being made in the time line. During a week in 2009 I experienced several real-time demonstrations of shifts.

The outlook from those demonstrations projected a society on target to recreate the turbulence and upheaval of the 60’s. So far there has been no suggestion of a 70’s repeat to follow. Having experienced multiple unexplainable anomalies with reality shifts and time wobbles, I have seen anything is possible – although it may only be experienced by a few.

Still, I would like to know – really, who is playing with our time? And for what purpose? And why do I get glimpses and pre-cog hints? Aside from preparation, what difference can that make?

Does it imply the need for the larger whole to deviate from our present course to avoid the projected outcome or that the outcome is inevitable and we are required to improvise and adapt? No remedy or solution is on the table. We are required to do our own homework.

Two repeating phrases have been given: 1. Like nothing you have seen before. 2. Beyond your wildest dream.

Whatever, the upgrade is coming. Taking a look at the ongoing daisy chain of chaos and upheaval events in human history – social and planetary, this upcoming engagement must be some kind of doozy.

While it would seem we are destined to encounter this unknown – I do believe there is a weapon of divine design in our arsenal and when uniquely applied, this weapon can save us: Imagination.


Reset started in 2020. The wake up call happened on the morning of my birthday – something unseen hit me on my head – while at the same time I saw a bright yellow splash and heard the word, “Gotcha!” First case of Covid in our area arrived on that date. Didn’t hit the media until after the weekend. Previous post.

No explanation I can put into words but the images and the emotions present with this little Chloe dream scenario feels like a prompt. Time to hit the ground running. 6 months is the suggestion. I continue to do my homework while bookmarking this page to check back in February 2022.

Keep looking up

Of the consistent threads provided by experiencers of anomalous events, time is a wild card. Dimensions overlap and intersect. PSI and Telepathy are underutilized assets we have not begun to appreciate or master. That will change. Prods in various guises continue to steer us in that direction.

Security is linear. Containment. Predictability. All is well in the box. However, evolution requires leaving the comfort zone – exploring, adopting and adapting to a multi-dimensional position.


I have posted a recent interview with Paula Lenz. She describes two events – of total recall – where she experienced being in a state of expanded awareness beyond the physical form.

The first was when her brother died and she had a shared death experience three days after his passing. 1983. The second happened during a phone conversation after our initial interview in 2019. She said recovering from that event took three days and resulted in cellular healing. Both times she remembers being in two places at once.

Interview with Paula Lenz

Our definition of reality does not allow for this type of experience to be possible. And still, it happened. Does the conventional application of time allow for being-in-two-places-altered-state-physics? Letting all of the aforementioned slide, Being requires no definition. Or does it?

Experiencer John Foster is my ‘go to’ for anomalous and time-bending first hand accounts. This is his latest post. Fog around the vessel suggests a dimension shift. Link. My interviews with John are in the podcast archives. Link.

Please excuse my lack of proper mathematical terms in the attempt to describe this stuff. I am simply trying to offer reality scenarios from personal experience that require a different mindset to process when impossible opens the door and lays out a welcome mat.


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  1. I will do more than check it out, these are fabulous. So reminiscent to me to old time night talk radio. Not to date myself, but I love these and will very likely listen to them ALL. You have the perfect voice for podcasts.

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