Revisiting Multidimensional, Sasquatch, Full Moon Telepathy. Beyond the veil.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.Søren Kierkegaard

Let go

That prompt has been repeated for several days. I struggled with the interpretation and finally asked about the meaning.

The suggestion is to ‘forget what you know’ – there is nothing familiar about the unknown and trying to assign a pattern or label masks the enigma. True to form, the unknown will not bend to your will. It requires a new way of thinking to engage that which requires a flexible mindset.

Progress is not confined to a linear timeline. When I walk a crooked path, I find things. Hidden meaning: Stop trying to be normal.

Variations on a theme

  • Multiverse. Live Science. “Perhaps the most mind-bending implication of the multiverse is the existence of doppelgängers. If there really are an infinity of universes but a finite number of ways to arrange particles in any individual universe, then the same patterns are bound to be repeated, eventually.” Institute of Physics.

Reality is so much more beyond our view. The entirety in scope – unfathomable. We can get glimpses, hints, clues, cues.

  • Consider the Spiral. The symbol mirrored in ancient petroglyphs: Live Science. Thought to represent Solstice but… “The symbol can also have other meanings – including water, physical migration or spiritual migration – such as moving between the physical world and a mythical or spiritual world”, according to archaeologist Radek Palonka of Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. [Note to self: Time cue for this post. Fall Equinox.]
  • Related sites on meaning: Evolution. Spirals. Bradshaw Foundation.
  • Then reflect on the Spinning Cosmic Web. (A Spiral.) “It’s difficult to even contemplate the scales of the spinning filaments, which are threads primarily made of dark matter, a mysterious unidentified substance that is common in the universe.” Vice.
  • “I am thinking is as usual ET is way ahead of us and encounter folks need to pay attention to this as it may account for some unexplained phenomena in encounter cases.” – Ed Komarek on Metaverse. What is the Metaverse? Link.
  • The future is calling. Hidden Galaxies at the edge of time. Vice.
  • Tom DeLonge was never crazy”: Vulture. “I have two sides to me,” DeLonge says, over the phone from his home in San Diego, with the Zen-like humor of your still-ridiculous high-school friend who’s aged well. “I have this side that’s very focused on kind of New Age concepts, physics, and esoteric studies. I also have this other side of me. This kind of eternal youth that doesn’t ever really want to grow up. Sometimes they fight with each other.”
  • How Tom DeLonge became a UFO researcher. NYTimes.


Prof. Feynman@ProfFeynman· If the number 666 is considered evil, then technically, 25.8069758 is the root of all evil.

One step back, two steps forward

Relevance of timing at the time of my writing: Corn Moon. Farmer’ s Almanac. *Fall Equinox*, Full moon, Paranormal activity increased: I hear an invisible dog next to me. Breathing and licking his lips on occasion. At first I thought it was Jack but he wasn’t around and the noise kept happening. I have seen this dog in several recent dreams – seated alongside me. He looks like a Golden Retriever I once knew and loved. His name: Magic. Farmer’s Almanac.

Revisit Journal May 26, 21. This is where I see/identify the pattern.

*Lunar eclipse* today, Blood moon and I’ve noticed there’s a lot more activity of the paranormal kind with a full moon so the eclipse gives it extra amp.

At the Lake this weekend we took the dogs and had some interesting experiences.

One evening after we returned from the walk on the way back to the house, I saw a lightning bug this one was about 3 feet above me so 9 feet in the air directly in front of me and I was thrilled because it’s the first lightning bug I’ve seen and it’s early for lightning bugs so it was odd.

The next night I looked out the window and saw the lightning bug in that same spot and again high in the air. but there aren’t any other lightning bugs just the one. there are some glow worms and I was looking at those the night before but there aren’t any others. or I haven’t seen any other lightning bugs so that was unusual.

On one walk Andy said he heard the tree sounds. tree thumping. and he thought he heard something walking away very fast and extremely heavy from the trail. I didn’t hear anything.

The night that we were alone I was sitting I was sleeping on the couch and I knew the moon would be out but it was a little bit cloudy so it was covered and just like a circle. a white circle in the Sky covered by clouds.

At 1:00 o’clock I woke up. I was hearing something telepathically tell me information and I knew it was the tree people I thought I need to get up and write this down because I couldn’t remember what was being said.

When I got up I saw the raccoon on the porch under the bird feeder. he scampered off. And I sat down to write at the table with a light on. trying not to wake up Andy and Jack and choosing to write in pencil rather than my computer.

And this is what I got: you are surrounded by forest people we walk the trail at night sing songs and dancing in the moonlight goodwill to those who wait who value land and small creatures who work with joy and toil in the daylight with no harm they ask for help and we reply: you must do justice to leave all who are not of your ilk alone. walk away from a fight. walk away from a kill. walk away from any form of misdeed. walk away and let nature be. thank you for sharing our land and being carefree and joyful. we sing this song of joy and laughter and celebrate the wonders of the moon. the soil gives us energy. we give the gift of love to you.

Remember and tell the tale of forest creatures who want for nothing. who are free from entanglement and live beyond the veil. thank you. Yes, we have the power to heal. magic in the moonlight. Nod to a previous encounter. Post.

  • what do you call yourselves?

We are the one from who all creatures come we are those who plant the seeds we are the origin. guardians of the trees. stones and brambles are simply part of our art. creating nature. we gather soil and samples to restore and nurture to create beyond worlds on distant stars. you do not see us even when you look. we do not exist in your time. but we see you. like Santa Claus. all is known. blessings from the stars.

As that was said I heard a quick three note musical sound like a chime or a xylophone on wood – so the instrument was wooden and I looked around to see if mom had anything like that nearby. there were no musical instruments of any kind and no wooden chimes so it was really a neat way to embellish our conversation and help me to remember.

As I was writing I felt a real subtle sense of warmth and joy. and just a comfort. something was giving me a hug.

In plain sight. Humor.

Earlier in the day I had asked for help with a pain I have been treating with vitamins and a change in diet. I have also stopped drinking coffee in the morning and only have some on occasion.

We were bitten by a lot of ticks this time. At least 10 or 20. So that was a surprise. However, later that morning, I realize the pain I had from the last visit is suddenly gone.

I had been advised [by them or my guides] to reconcile issues with my Mother. It was more than a personal note – it was a message regarding the role of the mother. Earth Mother and beyond. Understand it from my own perspective and allow all is for a purpose.

Cassie [our 3 month old dog] is the new child. Everything is new and she is full of enthusiasm. Eager to play and run. Born to have fun.

Cassie’s first Lake visit – 5.21

Repetition is required

It also allows for hidden meaning to be revealed. New awareness and perspective. Opportunity for disentanglement from outworn modes and notions.

We are repeating our history because much has been forgotten. Advantages have been lost. Learning requires active participation. Collateral losses are to be expected. Outcome is a collective endeavor. There will be false starts and premature withdrawals. Missteps and backtracks.

Clarity comes with acceptance. Time passes. When balance is achieved – the way forward is revealed. Progress determines the status quo from there. And it starts over. The whole is always more than the sum of the parts.


This is an incredibly active time for my nightlights. Sometimes I write. Mostly, I keep listening and monitoring the flow.

Discovery. Learning. Evolution. Eternal Being in progress.

Forward momentum is generated within – Winter is coming. Output of that generation is revealed in Spring.

Discovery requires a non-conformist approach where reason and rational are limitations. Creativity provides a bridge to the exceptional.

Forward is the way through. Stop. Look. Listen. Reframe your perspective. And repeat.

*Image: Kandinsky. Delicate Tension. 1923

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