“Only psychos and shamans create their own reality” – Terence McKenna

Believing is seeing.


  • Don’t Panic. Nasa calls for new ways to announce discovery of alien life amid fears of misunderstandings.
  • 20 Most Haunted places in the World.
  • Real Estate speed bumps. Ghosts.
  • Happily at Home with the Haints – A 2018 realtor.com poll revealed that one-third of prospective buyers wouldn’t think twice about buying a haunted house if the price, location, and amenities were appealing enough. And 18 percent said, in effect, “Hey, a ghost is all the amenity we need! We’ll take it!”
  • True haunts on Reddit – Spooky tales.
  • Paranormal Beliefs – Gallup poll results.
  • I Didn’t Know If I Believed In The Afterlife. Then My Dead Father Sent Me A Message. I called my mom. I wasn’t sure she would believe what I had to tell her, but I wanted her to hear it. HuffPo.
  • Skinwalker Ranch beyond UFO Spooky. Special edition Whitley Strieber – open to subscribers and non-subscribers and commercial free. YoutubeGeorge Knapp and Colm Kelleher: the DIA’s High Strangeness UFO/Paranormal Project.
  • Follow up with the Book – Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders’ Account of the Secret Government UFO Program Amazon.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Cosmo” – Jane Montana, a rough and tough law-woman, is in a pickle.

Connect with DUST Website: http://www.watchdust.com

“Cosmo” by Thomas Thomas. Connect with the Filmmaker: Instagram

Creative Diversion – enjoy your time

  • Destination Adventure – Time Capsule – 1963
  • Terence McKenna – Weirdest Tales
  • Hotel Transylvania – Yep, Animated fun
  • House on Haunted Hill – Classic Vincent Price
  • The Unexplained: An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Paranormal Mysteries
    Goodreads reviews:
    Annika says: “In this book, the author, Karl Shuker makes chapters based on the different parts of the world and the supernatural stuff that goes on. He explores people’s views on these events and he discusses possible ways that it could be a hoax, or how people could pull it off.”
    Jane says: It was amazing. This book prompted me to learn about Cryptozoology. Loved that it was organized into categories.
  • Based on the ‘world’s spookiest podcast’ Unexplained, Amazon.
  • Website for aforementioned podcast. Unexplained.
  • PizzaFLIX is the Planet of Orphaned films. YouTube. (One Step Beyond lives here.) Sauce optional.

Blast from the past – Weston Ghosts

Dining with Ghosts sold out [2021] this year. 2017 Weston Ghost Encounters. During the last night of the event, at the end of the evening, as the staff was cleaning up, someone was heard coming up the stairs. The footsteps sounded heavy and a large person was expected. No one appeared. 
Earlier in the week, (previous owner and ghost tale presenter) Verna said a woman who looked quite confused, told her she saw and felt a woman walk quickly past her in the hallway to the restroom but the door didn’t open and the bathroom was empty.

That same tourist had her hair pulled by something when she went downstairs and then vacated the building to look in through the window. She returned as her friends searched with their cell phones, trying to get a response or a glimpse of the ghost.

Someone asked if the woman she saw was in the pictures on the wall. The woman said, ‘Yes, that’s her’, and quickly exited the store a final time.

She identified Creola [deceased former resident owner] as the woman she saw. Verna said the women had been ghost-hunting in Atchison with no results. Weston delivered – with a kick.

One of the most interesting connections for me came through in a reading I gave for one of the guests after the Weston event. The deceased husband offered several pieces of information and reaffirming statements for his wife but it was the insight on his new state of being that made the case.

He told me that he was still on the fence about all that God stuff. I wasn’t sure what that referred to. She laughed and told me he had been and apparently still was/is an atheist. I find that perspective – given his transition – fascinating and inspiring.

Whatever state we may find ourselves – we carry our beliefs with us.

The goal is to learn as much as we can here (individual application – each recipe is unique) and grow forward. Aloha! Happy Halloween weekend and an even happier All Saints’ Day!

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