Voices linger, images fade… resonant echoes influence the living

In the theater of the mind anything is possible. 

Forward momentum

  • Engage. “Brain implant can deliver targeted bursts of electrical stimulation to improve cognitive functions.” Link.
  • If you have to ask – App for Cats. Happy? Link.
  • Nike – re: virtual branded sneakers and apparel. Source.
  • AI learned ethics from Reddit. YIKES! Source.
  • Nessie in custody. Link.
  • Podcast on Animals. Did Koko the Gorilla understand? Source.
  • Plant medicine. Ibuprofen. Source.
  • NASA – Working on the ET PR. Are they out there or not? NPR.
  • Florida is a UFO hotspot (perspective). Source.
  • Mother lode. “John Hanson, 75, has been documenting UFO activity since 1995. His books were among Prince Philip’s favourites, and now he has decided to open his collection of reports to the public.” Source.

UFO Dreams … the future is calling.

All is merry and bright. Human. Own your potential.

Christmas Gifting

A suggestion – [anytime is a good time for this present]. Ghost POLAROIDSWRIGHT knew the messages would reach farther than the initial witnesses and subsequent study groups – and that speaks volumes of what influence the other side is capable of.

Related post. Ghost Writer. Interview: Audioboom.

Hearing Voices

Another angle on Ghost Photography. CBS Interview with Julie Rieger who takes photos of ghosts. She mentions hearing a voice while she was in the car giving her a warning. Her book is The Ghost Photographer.

*This also happened to me. Driving in the 3 lane highway center lane – loud and clear – a warning – something like “Stay put. They’re coming.” Within seconds, a car passed on the left at extreme high speed.

Shaken, I stayed put thinking that was it. Then the second car blew by me on the right. Had I not heard the voice I would have immediately moved to the right lane. Close to the exit. That voice saved me.*

Research. Why some people can hear voices of the dead. Science Alert.

Let’s start with “predisposition to high levels of absorption in tasks, unusual auditory experiences in childhood, and a high susceptibility to auditory hallucinations…” continued.

Rabbit hole Alert

Thoughts are things. Good luck.

  • How to See Thoughts. Link.
  • The Tulpa experience. Link.
  • One of the most fascinating groups on Reddit. Tulpas.
  • Daring to hear voices. Tulpamancy.
  • Do you Tulpa? Research.
  • Deep dive into the topic. Link.
  • Related – regarding a Stanford study. Link.

Traffic Ham

Bird view.

Parting shot

“I don’t know if the UFO phenomenon is capable of altering our reality, because I’m not sure that we know what our reality is anymore.” – Jacques Vallee

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