They come from space … To explore

Reality is unique to the perceiver.

“- Why are the space visitors coming here?”

…and what ‘space’ are they coming from?

UFO – The Enigma

This is part of a compilation of various reports related to one sighting. Each has significant elements that compose a fantastic aspect of those who might be visiting and studying Earth as a planet – contacting individuals with absolutely no interest in engaging governing bodies or pursuing a public reveal to disclose their purpose and presence.

While one may choose to believe or not – the thousands of cases reported and collected are part of a unique record of contact. Some have chosen to relegate them to fringe and fantasy. I don’t.

For those who are fortunate to have had such an encounter, ‘disclosure’ has already happened. Source of the following article.

11.6.21. Patrick Gross says he started the aforelinked website in 2000. He says what is posted is just a fraction, my phrasing, of what he has compiled and intends to post. Source. If you have information and would like to help: eMail: 

Here is the list of reports attributed in reference to one sighting. Names are referenced to illustrate the many who noted and publicized the account. Read the entire entries on the site. Note the spin.


The case listing by Project Blue Book of the US Air Force for January 1965, compiled in October 1965, indicates that the Sid Padrick case, #9256, in Selva Beach, on January 30, 1965, was estimated to be an unreliable report.


8. TIMOTHY GOOD: The author indicates that he is convinced that, although ridiculed, some contactee cases are real, objective, experiences, and he then tells of the case of Sid Padrick in California as deserving our attention not least because the witness claims he was asked by the Air Force not to discuss certain details.

Excerpted from “Beyond Top Secret” by Timothy Good.

Sid Padrick reported his experience to the Air Force, and was grilled for three hours by a team headed by Major Damon B. Reeder from Hamilton Air Force Base (Headquarters, Western Air Defense Force, near Sacremento).

…they tried to frighten me. They said, “Mr. Padrick, you are a real lucky person…. these craft that come down here are real hostile, and you had no business even approaching them. I disagreed with them, because when this craft came down, they did not want to frighten me… they did not tell me to go aboard their craft, they invited me aboard.


“- They are here on mission of exploration and observation. They claim that they want to come back for additional observations. I believe that they observe above all the people. They did not make any allusion to the government, politics or our future. They gave the impression to me that they want make contact with a larger number of people in the future. They claimed to have had contacts with a whole group of people in New Zealand two months ago.”

“- Where are they coming from?”

“- My interlocutor taught me that they came from a planet more distant than another that we see, but that we do not see them. It does not say that we could not see them, but rather than we do not observe them. I think that this planet is in our solar system.”

“- Who was on board?”

“- They are people like you and me. We do have nothing to fear from them. I believe that they were neither angels nor robots. They do nothing here to endanger our lives. After this contact with them, I am absolutely sure. The space beings communicate between them by telepathy.”

This is a fascinating read. Additional details are sprinkled throughout the various iterations.


Coming Soon

Just happened to find this preview trailer. The film Experiencer is due out in Spring of 2022.

Among those interviewed in this film is Sedona Vortex Tour Guide and contactee Jocelyn Buckner.


I interviewed Jocelyn in 2018. The show ran on KCMO and another version ran on Empower Radio. I was in the process of revising the show from the recording archives to a shorter version when I found this film trailer.

Details are listed in the show description: Link.

At one point Jocelyn asks about my ET, Contact experience. She suggested a regression to determine whether I might have blocked anything.

I mention the photo I took with the orbs while hiking on a recent trip to Sedona. I didn’t see those dots until I looked at the image when I got back home.

Sedona 2018 – Hike

I completely overlooked my interactive nightlight relationship. While I don’t categorize my experience as ET – the energy refers to itself as non-corporeal and instructed me NOT to apply a label. I believe that is intended as a clue that labels are useless when one is blind to the greater whole. It suggests a label could act as a pacifier rather than an identifier.

A descriptive word for some of those I encounter has been given: Transdimensional.

Whatever the case, the nightlight interactivity is unique to me and certainly not considered “normal”. It serves to keeps me vested in seeking out stories from others who experience reality in ways our society has yet to reconcile.

In the segment I posted, Jocelyn talks about disappearing while walking with a group at the Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona. They lost sight of her. Although they could not see her, she could see everyone in the group. Only when she retraced her steps did she become ‘visible’.

The Bradshaw Ranch is closed to the public. It is considered to have paranormal activity similar to the level on Skinwalker Ranch. Jocelyn has had some fascinating experiences.

She offers tips on the Sedona Vortex experience on her website.

Regarding the Vortex Experience, Jocelyn writes: “Vortices are considered “power activators,” and quite often people feel a tremendous connection to the land in a vortex site. Some people experience a momentary surge of energy and weightlessness and a sense of joy and happiness. Whatever you may experience is beneficial to your spiritual growth, but it is important to remember that not everyone reacts to the vortex energy the same way.”

High Strangeness in Sedona

For anyone interested in the paranormal it is worth taking the time to investigate Bradshaw Ranch. I interviewed Tom Dongo and referenced my copy of the first book.

Now available, the 2nd Edition. Merging Dimensions. Authors Tom Dongo and Linda Bradshaw.

Amazon Review: Filbert 5.0 out of 5 stars accurate story about Bradshaw ranch:

Having listened to online accounts of this ranch, this is an absolutely valid account. Talks about bigfoot, the greys, some angel like positive beings that come out of the portal on this property. They were forced to sell to the government which now owns the ranch. Even though there is a gate people climb it and explore the property. Abandoned ranch house, abandoned western town used in the cowboy films from the 50s-60s. Supposed to be a research project which is just a cover for what the govt is really doing there.

Linda Bradshaw has amazing stories which you should read. Photos are why I bought it to see the entities and the orbs etc. Fascinating. Worth the money.”

Tom Dongo Interview: Paranormal Sedona.
Related Blog post.

Twilight Zone Fundraiser

“There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.” – Rod Serling.

Project underway to install a monument in his honor. Source. Funds are being collected on (all or nothing) Kickstarter. November 15, 2021 deadline.

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  1. Patrick Gross has created an EXCEPTIONAL resource. We are truly blessed by those compiling such data for us to access. I was very happy to see you mentioning him and the site here. Thank you.

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