Timeless Freedom … focus intent now … evolve and ascend

Engage wisdom beyond measure. Become light. There is no time. You create your reality.

“Stories written before space travel but about space travel.”

“How could there have been stories about space travel before –“

“The writers,” Pris said, “made it up.”

Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Change on the horizon

  • Beaver Moon lunar eclipse 2021: Amazing photos of the longest partial moon eclipse in 580 years. Space.
  • Harbinger of change. Spiritual significance of a Lunar eclipse on the full moon. Explore Deeply.
  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Astrology for all of the signs. Bustle.

Curiouser and curiouser

  • Daz Smith@remoteviewed · Nov 19 “This document appeared on eBay, and had no information other than the title and a price tag of $1,000,000. So, The Black Vault chased it through FOIA. It was received, and is now archived in full.” #UFO #ET “The United States may be called upon to wage extra-terrestrial warfare within the next two to three decades. This paper explores the implications of this requirement for the US Army and proposes a program of studies that will enable the Army to meet this requirement.” – Abstract. Link.
  • Coast to Coast 11.28.21 includes Nick Cook on his award winning essay for the BICS contest. One of the most interesting elements in the essay is the story Nick shares about his wife’s shared death experience with her Mom:

    “She told me that what she had experienced had been so vivid – so real – she was convinced everyone in the room had been ‘there’ too: a place where time didn’t exist, but where it also seemed to stretch endlessly.”

    Nick is the Author of Resurrecting the Mysterious: Ingo Swann’s ‘Great Lost Work’, Amazon. And Hunt for Zero Point, Amazon.
  • All 29 BICS winning essays are posted here.
  • Winner – Beyond the Brain: The Survival of Human Consciousness After Permanent Bodily Death, 1st Prize $500,000, Jeffrey Mishlove Ph.D. Follow him at New Thinking Allowed.

Daz Smith interviewed Nick Cook about UAPs, Remote Viewing and the Hunt for Zero Point prior to his BICS win.

Anti-gravity – hidden in plain view?

Rabbit Holes

Military Research into Anti-gravity has been underway for decades. “In our dive into what seems like something of a bottomless rabbit hole of government studies into this exotic scientific realm, we have collected a body of research, news reports, and firsthand accounts.The Drive.

It’s the “Woodstock of gravity-modification research.” Futurism.

Remote Viewing

Eight Martinis – “This issue features reprints of seminal articles by Ingo Swann from 1992 and 1993. These are on the topics of Remote Viewing and ETs, UAPs. It also includes a background article by Daz Smith which supplies research to a project that until now has remained unpublished. This includes a full Remote Viewing transcript with Ingo Swann as the Remote Viewer as he goes back to the Moon in 1999, over twenty years after his previous explorations for the ‘Penetration’ Book – and what he now finds there.”


  • It seems Global warming began earlier than believed: “since the onset of the 20th century”. CNN.
  • Using indigenous science, the human and the plant are linked as co-creators; humans are midwives to this creation, not masters. The plant innovates and the people nurture and direct that creativity. They are joined in a covenant of reciprocity, of mutual flourishing. Source.
  • Emergence Magazine. “This week, we’re taking a moment to share a selection of Indigenous stories that speak to different ways of knowing, colonial histories of silencing and displacement, practices of reciprocity, the long memory of seeds, and far-reaching strands of kinship.”

UFO Influence up close and personal

  • UFOs are real. The purpose, some have been told, is to influence humanity. “When I was two or three years old, another young boy and I were told that they (the mysterious intelligences) were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me (or us). It was a voice who spoke at different times as a common man, a tall lizard-like being, a small alligator being, from a certain place in the atmosphere, and from inside my head.” Interview with Experiencer John Foster. Link.
  • Preston Dennett interviews Tony Ditata. Life long UFO/Contact Experiencer. YouTube.
  • Unknown Boundaries@dembeck_chet· A 9-page declassified CIA report I recently discovered gives vivid and outer-worldly descriptions, through the eyes of a highly-trained remote viewer, of an environmentally dying Mars and its soon-to-be-extinct race of inhabitants at about 1 M BC. Source.
  • The link to entire CIA document.
  • exoacademian@ExoAcademian· The longer I study the UFO Phenomenon & coinciding paranormal activity, the more I see that our failure to make more headway relates to our insistence on trying to frame this with too narrow a lens. This approach has inevitably skewed our view as it’s excluded data. #ufotwitter


  • Ode To Freedom. New release from ABBA. Thank you for the comment from – {read the whole comment} Green Sleeves 2 weeks ago (edited): So a lot of the critics are missing the point. If you thought there was going to be another Dancing Queen, another Mamma Mia, you failed the exam before you even sat down (yes, I’m looking at you, The Guardian). This album is about completion, and to me it says three things clearly. … continue on the page… YouTube.
  • 11.25.21 18,581,130 views. ABBA.
  • Listen to the Voyage album link.
  • ABBA’s time-stopping enigma? Emotion.

Time out

Carlo Rovelli and The Illusion of Time. The Guardian. One way to get a grip on this theory is to experience a first hand OBE, NDE, UFO, chemically altered or spiritually transcendent state of awareness and then it becomes perfectly clear.

As with my wonderfully interactive nightlights the bedside lamp is blinking as I write. My refrigerator light did the same trick earlier this evening when I opened the door. Nothing here is what it seems.

Time is a relative construct, useful in our dimension, whereas the greater whole of reality is beyond seeing, beyond definition and material form. Release ego. Immerse yourself. Employ wonder. Relax.

Stop fighting for quantification and explanation. Step back from the container. Illusion dissolved. Explore. Experience. Surf. What else is here and flying under our radar? Does it want to be seen by you?

Stay curious.

All is one.


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