Beyond your wildest dreams – the shift from belief to knowing

“Ridicule is not part of the scientific method, and the American public should not be taught that it is.” – J. Allen Hynek, Founder of Center for UFO Studies. CUFOS.

Sky watchers

Checking in with UFO Stalker. Sightings happen every day. This recent entry is actually a report for a previous date.

Occurred2018-12-24 20:21
Reported2021-12-11 20:56
LocationKansas City, Missouri
SummaryAn red light object standed stil….
Tags light
Not all sightings are reported on the same day.

Two things caught my attention with this report. The location of the sighting – my region – and the red light.

I did not report my experience a few years ago when I was standing outside on the back porch and taking pictures of a star. I was trying to adjust the camera to get better star photos if possible.

Totally unexpected was a bright red burst from the “star” that triggered my camera to flash. The only thing that showed in the image was a squiggly red line. So – no report – but Wow! What was THAT? Fascinating.

UFO Sighting – Red is a pattern

Jiulio is in sync. He has a sense of presence prior to an appearance. I shared a sighting from Jiulio in a previous post. Link.

I asked him to provide the backstory for his 12.4.21 sighting.

On this particular evening, I got the “energetic urge” to go outside around 5:30 pm, but dismissed it. At 6:50 pm, my one neighbor sent me two text messages: “get outside.” “hurry”.

I came out to see my two neighbors looking north west into the sky. I looked and saw red objects moving slowly and silently off in the distance. They would travel a distance, and then vanish into thin air. This went on for approximately 5 to 8 minutes. 

Following that, my attention was drawn to a particular area in the night sky. I said to the guys, “pay attention here.” “I sense movement in the sky.”  I could feel the atmosphere beginning to change; an increase in vibrational frequency.

Then suddenly, I sensed dramatic movement above me, quickly locking onto the area, where I then spotted a nearly invisible black triangle, with one light at the tip. Maybe 1,000 feet in the sky. My guess, traveling at 150-200 mph. I screamed out to the guys, “triangle!” Matt looked up and saw it, James missed it. It lasted about 5 seconds.

Silent, moving effortlessly, almost as if between this dimension and another, which to me, would explain its cloaking ability. We had a few more sightings following the triangle experience and they are always, to put it, spiritual in nature. 

Jiulio captured several videos 12/4/21. This is the best resolution. The red color doesn’t come through.

What I sense is happening is that through heightened awareness, I am able to connect with this phenomena. As our awareness is expanding, we are sensing and seeing more, beyond the veil. I feel they are making contact in this way, perhaps to prepare us for more, direct contact. Only time will tell. What an exciting time to be alive. – J. Consiglio

Synchronicity. When Jiulio told a friend about his sighting she told him about another on the same night at almost the same time. “She sent me this link of a report along with a video from my Hometown in Cambridge. Notice the time it was reported 6:45 PM. It was 6:50 PM approximately when we were having our sightings, this is incredible.”

Related convo on reddit MUFON Case Number: 119615, Date Submitted: 2021-12-05Date of Event: 2021-12-04, Location of Event: Cambridge, ON.  Herd Speculation: Chinese Lanterns.

Twitter post on Dec 7. Said to be shot by a Pilot – filmed November 24 – a fleet of UFOs. Link. More info: AmericanMilitaryNews. Herd Speculation: Flares.

Busy week.

Real time tracking and reporting. UFO Stalker. Report a UFO.


“I believe this is because the reality might be nothing like we could ever imagine,” John Hanson.

UK’s real-life X-files show daily records of UFO sightings with 25,000 documents. Source. Another piece on John Hanson. Link: “There’s a lot of skepticism about UFOs but whether you are a believer or not, I just think have a look at this stuff before you make up your mind. The truth is UFO sightings are ten a penny, but if you see one, it changes your life.” John’s books are available at Amazon.

I Learned How to Track Aliens at a UFO Investigator Boot Camp. Thanks to to the Vice journalist for filling us in. So here goes, a peek into the process. “A few weeks ago, MUFON’s chapter in Phoenix hosted its annual Field Investigator Boot Camp, where I joined 40 trainees for a two-day crash course on UFO investigations.” Serious inquiries only. “In order to become a MUFON Field Investigator, you need to pass an open-book exam and a background check.” The journalist calls it a success and says he solved his first case. Vice.


The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials. Preston Dennett.

  • “Whoever or whatever these men were, I want to thank them with all my heart.” – Greta
  • “I believe God sent these extraterrestrials to save me. I know it sounds crazy, but in so many ways I feel like I got a second chance at life. It reminded me that each day was a gift and to this day, I continue to live my days to the fullest.” – Michelle.

Recounting a lifetime of unexplained. John Foster continues to leave breadcrumbs on the path. An experiencer with nearly 5 decades of UFO interaction to unpack. [UFO, Paranormal, Time Travel, High Strangeness.]

These events rocked him to the core. Not to mention the toll on his health and personal life. That anything like what he presents is remotely possible challenges us to expand our awareness, widen our scope and ask better questions before we accept a concrete definition for “reality”. Clearly, we are missing a few parts of the whole. Part 2: It’s Time for a Review.

Ancient Wisdom, Thriving Presence

Clifford Mahooty (06-02-18) The Zunis & the Star People. UPARS
Clifford Mahooty. Featured in First 50 Years. Info on wordpress.

“SEEDS OF FREEDOM: A Vision for America.” “A new perspective presents a revolutionary look at the synthesis between European colonists and the American Indian in the evolution of American democracy, mind and spirit.”

In Search of the Future. What do the Wise Ones Know? The Trust Frequency. Summary edited: “An alchemical blending of ancient prophecy, indigenous cosmology and quantum science. Features wisdom keepers of 14 different indigenous cultures. Shot on location in Africa, Mexico and the United States, the film introduces a new understanding of reality and provides keys to a positive future for humanity.” Watch the Film. From the Stars to Earth to Awaken.

The next step in the evolution of consciousness is that we will come to understand what the indigenous peoples know about the nature of the Universe…” – Connie Baxter Marlow, Filmmaker

Documentary: Zuni in the Grand Canyon. Follow the A:shiwi rain priests and medicine men as this sacred migration down the Colorado river is documented on film for the first time – from the pueblo at Halona Idiwana’a to shrines and ancient settlements, through canyon walls carved by the petroglyphs of the ancestors.

Afterlife escort – Clifford Mahooty – Phoenix MUFON presentation

Thanks to the commenter who provided the details for this image.

“This pictograph depicts a person who has died (no eyes) with a snake above him (messenger) carrying his life story (the circle) to Creator. On his journey to his new life, his grandfather (with the descending 4 lines) and grandmother (with th descending 3 lines) protect him from harm (the demon on the left of grandfather). Located at Locomotive Butte in Central Utah.”

More information on the Petroglyphs in that area. Link.

Netflix: Top Secret UFO Projects: What Do American Indian Legends Say About Star People? “They’re actually our ancestors because we took their DNA, and when they upgraded us, American Indians believe that we all are connected with the star people as our distant relatives.” – Clifford Mahooty. Link.

Parting image

Cameo in Vibrant Green. Life on Earth is amazing. Jackson’s chameleon owned by Living Art by Frank Payne.

“Scientists in the year 2066 may think us very naïve in our denials.”- J. Allen Hynek

4 thoughts on “Beyond your wildest dreams – the shift from belief to knowing

  1. Excellent – story p. 130 – and in numerical order for all the cases. p. 491. Wow! Thank you for sharing your story and for saying something here! It helps for more people to know the positive side of these interactions and to speak and connect with those who are not afraid to speak out. Preston’s book is over 500 pages – loaded with unique accounts. I am so glad he compiled these in one volume to illustrate just how diverse the population of experiencers and the wide variety of ET/alien/others who are doing the healing. Glad to know you can corroborate the stories!! Cheers! ❤

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  2. Thank you! So much going on now and your experiences are being validated by the stories now coming to light from experiencers world wide. Great to see this unfold. Witnessing a transition in progress — slow but steady.


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