There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.Aldous Huxley

Doom scrolling opt out … nix 24/7 newsfeed autopilot doom and gloom shuffle. Create your alternative.

Initiate intention + focus + visualize + engage + google search = deliverance. Empower imagination and creativity. Let it shine!

Gathering my thoughts every day – I seek out quirky stuff. [When I did radio news anchoring – I tagged this content ‘kicker’ – also classified as features and light news.] Embed upbeat last impression.

Still at it – minus broadcast time countdown stress – a quick round up – bookmarked mind food. My newsfeed is intentionally peppered with magic, sparkle, delight and awe and a clarifying dose of useful. I deviate occasionally but prefer offbeat, whimsical and informative – even if just for me .. Cheers!

A Day in Life on Earth Highlights

  • Miracle in Kentucky. In the ginormous pile of rubble that was once a candle factory, he finds his wife. Link.
  • Relevant – the symptom that checks the box for Omicron. Link.
  • NASA touched the Sun. Link.
  • Mars revelation. Water. Link.
  • Aliens and our physics – not a match. A guy who knows. Vice.
  • Time sensitive. Say cheesecake! Link. $20 to 18,000 shoppers for not making cheesecake amid shortage. All hail Kraft’s brilliant marketing blitz. Deadline on this one. Site to apply.
  • Light bulb moment for Alzheimer’s? “Scientists say they’ve discovered the cause.Link. After you’ve read the link, this is key: “According to UCR, autophagy can be induced by fasting because when cells run short on proteins from a person’s diet, they fill the void by recycling proteins already present in cells. Exercise is also another way researchers say can increase autophagy.”
  • The Shirk Report 660 – Scroll to ‘mini photo shoot with his cat‘.
  • Then check ‘this is great‘ – 2 guys at an airport – insta-friends.
  • Explore – more random uplift on that site.
  • News bite fix – FARK. Pick and choose your highlights.
  • Eclectic, interesting and UFO news. The Daily Grail. Example: UFO encounter – Humanoids. Link.
  • Nominating for best long read of the year on Twitter: Jimmy Carter Superhero. OMG.
  • Backstory to start: CNN. Jimmy Carter’s exposure to radiation and nuclear reactor meltdown crisis. Journalist quote: “I believe this emotional recognition of the true nature of the power mankind had unleashed informed his decisions as president, not just in terms of having his finger on the nuclear button, but in his decision not to pursue the development of the neutron bomb as a weapon.”
  • People who believe Plants can Talk. BBC. [Proof – still a skeptic.]
  • Singaporean scientists discovered that communication between plants and humans is possible by tracing electric signals diffused by plants. Link.
  • How to talk with Plants. HollyWorton.

Today’s Kicker

Hat Trick

Every thought you choose to entertain is a programming decision.
Aim high.


You Create Your Own Reality. SethLearningCenter.

This is one of those quirky reality me things. Again today when I make coffee, the machine turns OFF instead of staying on. That is not even in the program.

My paranormal prompt. This time, I stop to consider what else it could represent. I do have a dream to remember and write down then I see an email from a significant contact. On the way to work – I see a racoon – like the one I dreamed about the previous night. Smile.

Our paranormal adventures and encounters are intended to challenge us to expand our awareness and evolve. Each will react as is his unique nature.

We are not clones and our paths are self-tailored – outcomes known only to us and our spirit collaborators. My goal extends beyond any timeline.

In all that I do – I aim to think smarter not harder. That hardwired imperfection element keeps me motivated and engaged. And I play. Ideas come alive then. To each his own liberation. Cheers!


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