Myrian Galler: The Starlight Transmissions – An Introduction

“Remember that drumming opens portals to the spirit world, draws spirit in, and opens you up to receive it.” – Michael Drake, Shamanic Drumming: Calling the Spirits, Amazon.

During our recent interview, Myrian Galler told me the book she had written was unavailable in published form. Curious after speaking with her, I asked if she would let me share her writing here with her link for further contact.

She agreed and sent me the content. As promised, a preview of Myrian’s book. Comments are welcome but she is the one to direct questions about the Beings and/or her contact. Details about her healing services are also available on her website: AmayahShaman.

The interviews are a starting point. Background in brief: “At age three, a group of Beings, the same ones that caught me as I left my body [during NDE], took me out every night as I slept, to make sure I did not forget who I was. They taught me things, showed me things and I bonded with them.”

From her website: “I am Amayah. Here you will find the story of an amazing being that became trapped in the cycle of incarnation on Earth. I hope that my experiences inspire you to discover your story.” Continued: Link.

Labels. There are several that might apply: Contactee, Experiencer, Multiple NDEs. Unfortunately, the label is a poor substitute for the story. It simply hints to the fact there is a lot going on here. The term she finds most appropriate is Shaman.

“In 1986, I joined the Healing Light Center to “learn” (more like to learn the labels of everything I did naturally) about metaphysics, healing energy, clairvoyance, mediumship, etc, etc. I started reading books on different topics and came across a small paperback called The Way of the Shaman, by Michael Harner.  The book described my way of seeing, understanding and living. So I said, is that what I am called? A Shaman? Wow… I had no idea that there were names for everything I do/ know/ or that comes naturally to me.” – continued on the blog under Storytelling.

Interview Part 1. The beginning, healing and the UFO. Link.

Interview Part 2. Amayah and the Predictions. Link.

  • Canine Ambiance – Myrian’s dog in the background – little moans and sighs – wondering how long it will be before she will let him go outside. (Approximately one hour and 20 minutes.) Fortunately, even though (my dog) Jack opted to snooze while we were talking, the mic didn’t pick up his snores.


The material in this book was channeled through me in 2006. Since then I have allowed the Transmission of Energy to flow through me to others as the practical application of the messages. I have let these messages sit in the back burner for a while because I needed to feel comfortable with them. Now that I have seen how the energy works, it is time to share the messages with you, the readers.

Much has been said lately about energy shifts and moving into a fifth dimension of being. I believe the messages in this book will help clarify the many interpretations of the new paradigm coming in 2012.

The Beings of Light of the Highest Vibration, as they identify themselves, are of great Love and Peace. They are urging us to listen and begin to shed the false beliefs about ourselves, becoming the true humans we were designed to be. They refer to the people of this Earth as Star Beings.

I would like to clarify that the planet Earth is part of the Solar System, powered by a beautiful Star called Sun. This then makes us Star Beings living a Human experience on this planet called Earth.

I have not edited the channeled material, it is printed as it was received, and it is meant to be read in sections, allowing time to meditate upon it. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did receiving it.

Myrian Starwoman

Session 1

Greetings Dear Ones
The essence of this Transmission to humanity
is something you have not experienced in this lifetime
or previous lifetimes.

The Transmission has started.

We, the Beings of Light of the Highest vibration, have been waiting for humanity to ready themselves to receive the highest and purest form of Light and wisdom. We are here today to transmit this message to the people of the Earth. This message has been awaited for thousands of years.

We begin by greeting the people of the Earth with warmest wishes and highest blessings. Before the people of the Earth existed, their life forms existed in different galaxies of this Universe. This form of energy migrated through stars in search of a place to create perfect harmony with the highest wisdom and knowledge, with pure love and harmony. When Earth was formed and life was possible, many Star beings came to this Earth, bringing with them to this planet, the highest of the highest, the purest form of love, peace, effortless living, where everything flowed in perfect alignment with the Source of all beings.

Earth in those days was just starting, and the transition was not as planned. The Star Beings created civilizations that only had a glimpse of their beginnings. Many remembered very little of the reason why they came to this beautiful place. Things did not go as planned, so they said. But Earth evolved and continues evolving, and the people of the Earth are now remembering what they came here to do thousands of years ago

So now its time to bring back the knowledge and the wisdom of their birthplaces to create on this Earth the purest form of living.

Yes, we hear, we hear most people saying: “How can that be? Look at what the people of the Earth created: wars, famine, violence. How can this be?” You may say this is utopia or fantasy, not possible, and we reply: it is time; people of the Earth are ready; the ones that remember, like you, are now ready to bring forth their knowledge, their wisdom to this Earth. Not to create what they had in their birthplace, but to assist the people of the Earth in creating their birthright, which is a peaceful, loving existence.

Yes, you may say, it has been tried, and many tried, but they failed. It does not seem to work. As we respond, the people weren’t ready when that was tried. Yes, many came and tried but many remember now and many are ready to receive. So, we come here today to share with the people of the Earth how to open the gateway, how to bypass thousands of years of forgetting and accumulating information that is not useful.

We’ve come here to demonstrate that it is possible to access this gateway, to bypass your programming and your negative beliefs, to go back to your true Source, the source of your existence, the source of your Light, and the Source of your Light is not only accessible to some, but accessible to all, all that are ready, all that are open, all that started to remember.

In the course of this Transmission, we will make possible for you to remember, for you to start accessing pieces of your DNA, your brain cells, your chakras, your energy field, to access direct communication with your Essence, with your Source, to bring back what is needed in this planet which is harmony, and love, and peace. To create a civilization that does not need wars, famine or hunger. To bring back the real reason for being on this Earth, for restoring the Earth’s beauty that was created to house this civilization. And this beauty is now in peril of disappearing.

So this is the turning point for humanity.

As you awaken to your memories, your cellular memories, your DNA memories, your Energy memories, your Soul memories, others that come in contact with you will also be awakened, and little by little the people of the Earth will start to remember. It starts with a few to reach many.

So this is the essence of this Transmission: to bring back the purpose of living. To bring back your true nature, which is the same nature as the Source of your creation. It is not a religion, it is not a dogma, it is not a cult, it is who you are. And as you awaken and transform yourselves, even the strongest opposition will eventually dissolve, because it won’t be just one, but many, many going through this transformation, not just one, and the sheer numbers will be enough to prove the Truth.

The essence of this Transmission to humanity is something you have not experienced in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. The essence of this Transmission is in the energy level, the DNA level. Your part is to be open, to be willing to release your previous agreements, your previous incarnations on this Earth, what is called karma. Your previous programming that tells you that it is not possible to be any other than what you are; when you are willing to accept the truth about yourself, you align yourself with this Truth and Transmission begins.

And the Transmission is coming through a very high frequency of Light, and this frequency penetrates all the cells of your being and awakens the receptors in your cells, the receptors in your DNA, to your true identity. It awakens your awareness of your Essence, or, as you call it, your Soul.

As you awaken your awareness of your Essence and allow your Essence
to be part of your daily life, not something outside of yourself,
your Essence is now speaking through you.

Your Essence is the one that brings forth your true identity, your true self, your inherent love-essence. This that you see in the mirror in human form, interacts with other human forms through learned behaviors, through accepted behaviors, and human forms developed what is called personalities, which help them cope with other forms of life, which then creates like groups called families, communities, societies, governments,
and so on.

And these groups operate based on false premises, created beliefs, created rules. These groups do not operate from their hearts, from their true Essence. These groups have not become in touch with who they are. So your job, as we may say, is to become aware of your Essence, this energy that permeates your human form, this that animates your body, this that keeps it alive, this that allows your physical form to function, for if it wasn’t for your Essence, your body would be lifeless, you would just exist without spark, just exist.

Your Essence inhabits your human form.

Most humans keep it a certain distance away, not from fear, not from intention, but from ignorance, ignorance of many lifetimes of programming, and so it perpetuates. And so this Transmission is intended to brake this cycle of constant programming, of detachment, of ignorance of who you are. Many on this Earth are now speaking about being a spiritual being in a human form, so they have glimpses of remembering and they speak of such things.

So some on this Earth are remembering because they created a society that is not fulfilling, and their Essence yearns for the Truth of who they really are, of the true reason why they came to this Earth. And so now the time has come to open the door, the gateway for this Transmission of knowledge and wisdom, and your intention of being aligned with your Essence and your Source of being is what you need to start this Transmission. Some are more open than others, so it may be easier for some than others, but many are here ready to teach and assist your opening, your alignment, removing you from the illusion created on this Earth.

Yes, dear one, the time is now, much awaited, much talked about. It is finally now. It’s here and now. It is experiential. It is to be felt in your whole being.

Every Transmission will realign the very essence of your cells,
your atoms, the smallest particles that create your physical form.

With each Transmission your body will change. You will become more aware of who you are, more aware of your physical being and all its possibilities. It is written in your scientific world that the human brain has unexplored capabilities. With each Transmission, different parts of your brain will become active, and the knowledge will be easily accessible. With each Transmission your whole being will light up and change. You will become the one you came to this Earth to be.

The Transmissions will be facilitated by beings on this Earth that are ready to guide you, beings that have awakened and remembered, and are now receiving this Transmission. As you receive your Transmissions and change, you will become cognizant of your abilities and skills, and you will also become able to assist others. So now you may ask if the people of the Earth are ready, since all that’s said in the news and the media, all that’s talked about is the misery, and the violence, and the hatred, and the separation.

Can these people be reached and touched by your Light? Can these people receive enough Light and Love to change? This is a formidable task for the ones called healers on this planet, for these healers are also humans, and these healers need to become beams of Love and radiate this love unconditionally to this planet. And until that is done so, the violence and the destruction will continue. All that is perpetuated for lack of love.

So the few that have done enough clearing and opening up are now starting this work. You too can do that, by feeling deeply within yourself the calling and the yearning to become the real you.

Most people on this Earth do not know who they are.

Most people on this Earth assumed identities that were programmed for them. They were told: “This is how you live, this is how you act” in the name of some religion, or moral, or values. These morals, and values and religions are helpful, but not necessarily designed to allow you to become your true Essence.

So here it is. The information is coming through this channel and will continue to come through this channel, because once the Transmission has started it will continue to come, and we ask of you to open yourselves to receive this Light that is coming from the Highest of the Highest, and trust your intentions. If your intentions are of the heart, your intentions are of becoming aligned with your Essence and the Source of your Essence, you will then become beacons of this Light, much needed on this Earth.

So it is for today. Thank you.

For more information and to connect with Myrian/Amayah. Link.

Would you like to see more of this story? If so, please respond in the comments.

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  1. I’ve got the podcasts with Amaya all queued up to listen to tonight. She seems so lovely. The website is beautiful and flows perfectly. Simple, and complete. Thank you again for the connection.

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