Aqua, Aliens and UFOs in sight … 2022 forecast on the horizon – seeing is relative

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – W.B. Yeats.

Magic, myth and secrecy. Link. “On the afternoon of October 24th 1917, four days after my marriage,” wrote Yeats, “my wife surprised me by attempting automatic writing. Continued.

This and that

  • To see and not – humans. How much of the world do we actually perceive since we can only see visible light? It’s complicated. Link.
  • And researchers are still grasping for clarity on that. Science Daily.
  • About the Metaverse. USAToday. Try Sensorium. Or Nowhere.
  • Press Release. Dr. Andrew Steigerwald quit his job as a scientist to start a media company that was free from bias – “1440 is a company that cares about facts,” says Steigerwald. “News is not about proving one side is right – it should inspire objective conversation that helps you navigate the world around you.” Email to join. Outstanding. The tip on this? A pop-up ad on this blog post. Thank you!
  • Another content source to consider – requires no email. – “The first thing you should know is that isn’t a Weblog., the Web site, is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Every day Fark receives 2,000 or so news submissions from its readership, from which we hand-pick the funny and weird notable news — and not-news — of the day.” More About Fark.
  • Perfection in preservation. A very old egg. New Scientist. 70 million-year-old oviraptorosaur egg.
  • Miracle Cat. “It’s a blessing for people to hear the story so they can take that and realize that great things can come out of terrible situations. If it’s uplifting to one person, then Madix has served his purpose on this planet.” Kentucky Tornado Survivor.
  • Time out for play with a Lego Builder. “P.J. Catalano is a Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND. Meaning, yes, he literally builds Lego for a living.” 

Indie UFO Video inspired by Netflix

Submitted by Yes Theory on YouTube. “We believe that life’s greatest moments and deepest connections exist outside your comfort zone.”

  • “A few months ago Ammar heard about an incredibly strange event in Massachusetts on September 1st 1969 where several people that didn’t know each other from the same town claim to have been abducted by aliens on the same evening.

    The story seemed so surreal and otherworldly that we had to go speak to the people directly… Here are their stories. What do you think?”

Ever Curious – Bigfoot: Proof Denied

The top (most listened) to show in the Wendy’s Coffeehouse library.

Dr. Melba Ketchum talked about being with a group of people who witnessed a Bigfoot – while one person who was also in that group was unable to see the being. How then to prove the existence of a being who avoids/eludes detection and capture?

Maybe that is the wrong question. What happens when those who have evidence and science backed proof are denied validation and beyond that, discredited, scorned and ridiculed?

Dr. John Mack endured that type of backlash when coming forward with his cases on Experiencers of Alien Abduction: Abduction. About John MackThe Believer.

John Mack was not an experiencer. Dr. Melba Ketchum is both an experiencer and a researcher who didn’t set out to prove anything. She didn’t actually believe in Bigfoot/Sasquatch. When contacted to research evidence samples (source), she acquired DNA evidence.

The next logical step was to move forward and validate the case. That’s when things got complicated. Things are still complicated. Listen.

Turquoise Glow

“What James didn’t know is that Cleo was a UFO contactee. Shortly after their trip began, Cleo revealed her secret and told James that she was being followed by UFOs, and that she had been having ET contact her whole life.” Preston Dennett tells the story. Link

Are you paying attention? Colors. Blue, Seafoam, Aqua … Turquoise.

Preview of coming attractions

Winter 2020 Solstice – sky portal – aqua glow

Synchronicity – with previous UFO encounter – describing the lights in the clouds.

About the activation. Interpretation on the meaning. Link. Another blog mentioning the event and the relevance. Steven and Evan Strong offer more on their website. Forgotten Origin

The way ahead 2022 – foretelling

The guides are prompting me – my night dreams have shifted with the day. Clocks are stopping. Lights flashing. Computers freezing. Tingles on my body.

I am given the instruction to use [color] light blue to assist in healing – whatever method applies – meditation or surrounding my environment with shades to reflect the tones and elevate my being.

Seating myself in the dream to watch the dancers come to the floor. Something magical this way reveals – in being. Aloft and flowing – dancing the dream to light. 2022 has a few surprises in store.

The guides insist we will be rocked to the core. I have asked for a preview. There are no words. They urged me to close my eyes and immediately impressed me with a vision.

I see a portal open – the usual black hole into infinity – and out of that are endless, endless, endless waves of beings pouring forth. Something has been uncorked. I cannot recognize, only attempt to describe.

They are airborne and flying shapes and shadows – even if that means simply coming into our view for the first time. To me, they appear similar to dragons or dinosaurs. They are accompanied by Greys.

I have to sit with this – knowing what I am shown is a template and a metaphor – in such a way to prepare me to receive change with open arms. Because it is slated to happen as part of our evolution.

As such, it will seem that we are not prepared – but on some level – we are ready. Quantum change, this foretelling – and the language they are choosing to accompany the vision – suggests the difference in our now and when will be astronomical. Space. A new scene.

A break in the day from light to night but not as we know it. The geography is shifting and realms are opening – we might call them portals or dimensions or windows. Whatever language we apply – this is nothing we have heretofore ‘seen’ – and so we go forward.

Evolve with a jump start from the unbeing – now preparing to steal the scene – bold fortune – none but the brave have been willing to telegraph the arrival – and what they have been transmitting is the coming of the new page in history – appearing on center stage. Riddles to camouflage and deflect fear.

No judgment – simply knowing as the Native Americans forecast wires across the plains. [Note the language use: Aliens] – [Another references Web] We are entering a new era.

Space is throwing out a caution with the welcome mat – this is the point of no return. We are seen and our actions speak for the greater whole. That is the only hint I am given. Conscious presence going forward. The only act that matters. Empathy = Love. Inhale.

We have the capacity to receive messages from the stars and the songs of the night winds.Ruth St. Denis


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  1. Another excellent gift!.. thank you for the link to the John E. Mack Institute. I feel a kind of kindred with him that is beyond the normal. With many from his generation in particular ( an interesting phenomena ). Gratitude. —Casey.

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