After all these years – it just gets better. Reality – the Enigma

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” – Arthur Conan Doyle; Corrections And Editor Edgar W. Smith; Illustrators, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Arthur Conan Doyle, Spiritualist: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had long been established as the world’s best-known and most outspoken proponent of Spiritualism, the belief that the dead are able to communicate with the living through an earthly conduit, or medium.


Yesterday – interesting interruption of my nap. Wakey, wakey. Sound of a short whistle – in the air beside me.

I woke up and continued wading through Alien Interview. Picking up where I left off reading before dozing off. Later in the day – the FB feed offers a brief interview segment featuring a direct – [unattributed?] quote from the book where the Alien says ‘she’ is an immortal being.

The continuation of that thread: page 50-51, ‘she’ says it is her personal “conviction that all sentient beings are immortal spiritual beings. This includes human beings.”

It seems I covered this specific passage prior to seeing the video post – to flag a potential source of the reference and note how it might be lacking minus the full context. The possibility the quote is from a fictitious character notwithstanding.

What is actually more relevant to me is the demonstration offered by the Alien to prove immortality to the interviewer who said she could not fathom any human, specifically, a human female capable of being immortal.

Relevant because I experienced a similar method of induced OBE. In the book, a direction was given and the response was immediate. The Alien said, “Be above your body!” Immediately, the interviewer found herself ‘outside’ of her body and looking down at her head while also able to see around the room, including the Alien seated in the chair alongside her.

While I have had a few OBEs, in one unique experience, the guides (I can’t remember the trigger word) threw me out of my body to show me a different vantage point. Previously, I had seen my body, and what I know as “me” split into three separate states of awareness. A body, a glowing ball of light and a lightform in the shape of my body.

The state the guides put me in on that occasion was total blackness with a visual of what I know as “me” being the only thing present. The being (non-physical form) I was at that moment was viewing – about 12-15 feet or so below – “me” in the form of something that looked like an egg with a mix of colors encompassed by an outer ring of white.

The guides intended the exercise to demonstrate that – nothing external exists in the material form. All that I see is an illusion (temporary), a projection of sorts and the real “me” is a non-form being.

I was given additional information in that state – but there was so much – I could barely remember. The process was similar to receiving an impression – no words or language – the information is just there. It registers beyond what the mind is telegraphing.

A small portion included the role of certain people in my life at that time and the 7 blocks I had chosen to work on during this incarnation.

What was most surprising to me was that I could not see the two people in the room with me or anything in the manifest/physical plane. I was so far removed from and beyond their space that it seemed to be an entirely different place – while at the same time I was aware of their presence in trying to connect to me – they did not exist in that other realm. It is a very difficult state to put into words.

From that experience I did get an understanding of what the non-physical beings I connect to now mean when they tell me I am identified by my colors.

Reality is not what we think – that non-physical state and space is just as real as the manifest state minus the chaotic backdrop scenery and outrageous characters. It is the in between where all and no-thing exist. Totally black – the void – with no other elements to register as presence. Yet, I had the sense of being full and complete while witnessing the distant egg thing that I knew represented a version of “me”.

In that state of existence – there is no sense of lack. The guides were counseling me for the duration, helping me to integrate new awareness – without giving me too much information to work with… By design, I am limited in what I can remember.

Again, it is difficult to put into words. There is a strong sense of remembering a previous knowing that fills in some unaccountable blanks to allow one to go forward after having completed a necessary cycle, in past and present life being.

To that end, it is like the constant remembering and forgetting I experience with episodes in my life. I have questions about certain encounters that are unanswerable by our logic. They have been presented to keep me curious about what we consider to be ‘normal’ in our day to day living.

Some things seen by one person are hidden to others. It makes sharing very challenging when those things are outside the norm and intentionally invisible unless one has done his homework or acquires an inside track.

I have no idea how that is determined except to say that each is the captain of his own journey. All is known on a higher plane. I have been there – and that knowing does not translate to this plane.

What happens when knowing is recovered – for however brief a time – is a sense of comfort and a profound joy – remembering that what is perceived as chaos and disorder does have relevance and meaning – designed to play out in the final chapter.

Today – as we returned from a short drive and walking the dogs in the park, the alarm on the clock beside the bed started going off. It has not been turned on nor is that clock used for an alarm.

My cue regarding timing. And an affirmation I was supposed to return to the house exactly as we had done – when I ruled out continuing on a different route and staying away for a longer time. (Redirect.) Synchronicity. Someone or something needs my attention.

I had no intention of writing this much. But it won’t make sense if I leave anything out. Timing? Alarm? Abstract. A subtle prompt to recover the intention to work with a topic I had set aside.

I grabbed a bag – without knowing – books packed, half read and previously set aside for future reference. The book of interest – a journal of communication from the afterlife: We’re Not Done yet, Pop: My Lessons from the Other Side. I have interviewed Joe McQuillen about his relationship with his deceased son. Link. With this second book, it’s time to follow up on the continuing journey.

Interesting correlation to that ‘immortal being’ reference in Alien Interview. This may be a bit more accessible. We go on – and those who have gone before would like to reassure us – there is a point to all of this. Even when it seems confusing and overwhelming, there is an agenda, presented and represented in perfect imperfection.

Masks are in place. Rather than deception, consider it window dressing for a performance where the players are cast with the intention of challenging any and all given assumptions.

Believing and seeing are merely second cousins. Language is inadequate in this challenge, a black hole of misdirection – unintentional and not. Telepathy is the calling card. Whatever agent or method of delivery necessary to encourage adaptation and usage will appear on the path. Aliens are not the only game on the dance card.

The secret to winning? Show up. No one gets the answers by checking out.

Discouraged? It happens. Step back and expand the view. Imagine a higher plane of being exists.

Refresh and restore. Concentrate. How might one improve his state of awareness? Ask better questions. Stay curious. Consider agendas.

*Note. If you should choose to read Alien Interview. Author Lawrence R. Spencer offers some advice: “Ripley says, “Believe It or Not.” I say, What’s true for you, is true for you.”

Amazon Customer review: Edited. 2. The nurse was promoted to Senior Master Sergeant in 1947, but that rank wasn’t created until 1958.

Now for the kicker … and pause for thought. After I added the quote from Arthur Conan Doyle, I discovered a sync to Lawrence R. Spencer, author of Alien Interview: “Mr. Spencer also has a special interest and expertise in the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to whom the book ‘SHERLOCK HOLMES: MY LIFE’ is a tribute.”

Mystery, Fiction, Aliens, Spiritualism, OBE, Immortal Spiritual Being, Afterlife Communication. So very cool, this adventure through the maze… seemingly unrelated dots connecting. Lights blinking, sound the alarm. I imagine the guides laughing in delight.

Even so, I wonder. Who does the whistling?

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