Synchronicity Shared – blog post: “Latest Tarot Update”

“It was only a few days later that I realized I had actually managed to complete the card on the actual anniversary of the bridge’s collapse.” Latest UFO Tarot Update – Follow this Link.

Need a frame of reference? Here is the backstory on the project with the original set demo of finished cards – a work in progress: Link.

The fascinating piece of this puzzle is how ‘time’ works to put us in sync with the reality fabric, seemingly minus any effort on our part. Dots connect. Reality gurgles.

As I tried to relate that “effortless synchronicity” element in my previous post: link, I am glad to see the corresponding example illustrated so explicitly (validation) in this content.

How perfectly fun – the covered subject matter is relating to the design process for the UFO Tarot characters. Brilliantly sublime, this yellow brick trail to Oz.

George Knapp covers the story. “Why UFO tarot cards are mesmerizing the art world.” Mystery Wire.

Hidden hand at work – mystery in play. Fate? Destiny? Design?

No spoilers here. Calling card? Intrigue. That delicious carrot of unknown is fully capable of fueling momentum. Or is it Aliens pulling strings (string theory)? Keep on smiling.

To seek and know more… Imagine there is more to know.


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