The best laid plans … then a spirit intervenes

Curiouser and curiouser. – Alice in Wonderland

Not a straight path

It’s been an active [paranormal] week. When I pulled an archived interview out for replay, the intention was that it would be plugged in when I had an open space between my booked interviews. Turns out the open space happened as I edited the interview and set it aside for upload.

Redirect. That project: Dr. Joseph Burkes, ET/Alien/Orb/Interdimensional/Light Beings – We are Not Alone. Tales from the Contact Underground is now available because the other one has been rescheduled.

Another day at the park. Alice is curious. Does the key fit? (Image Copyright free)

The day before the scheduled interview – I had a brief connect from the deceased. That said, the focus was on the interview and I didn’t want to be distracted so I blocked it and kept myself preoccupied.

I’ll get into more of the details in a future post – after the interview airs. For now, a short overview. I can say the recording equipment has worked without a hitch for everything – 2 plus years – up until this interview.

In the past, I have experienced wonky connections with mediums on skype and on the radio station phone lines but I didn’t expect it with this interview.

Given the inability to secure my attention any other way – and without my knowing that the interview recording was corrupted – we connected on the dream plane later that night after my conversation/interview with the guest.

In the dream, I was shown a scenario and given a page number to help me see why it might be important to revisit that moment in the story. Succinct and completely on target.

In that dream state I was extremely groggy and being told/shown everything had all happened in slow-mo. (The perspective of the deceased.) The overlay was so effective, it took me a few hours after waking to shake the slow-mo grogginess. It was then that I suspected there might be a problem with the interview. The interference had been intentional. Indeed, the file was corrupted.

I knew the purpose was to get me to pay attention and deliver a message. Without a viable recording, I had no choice but to call my guest and share the information along with my regret that there had been a malfunction and I had no way to salvage our interview. We would need to reschedule – if the deceased approved and was willing to cooperate.

Test segments prior to and after the session were trouble free. The interview was a flat-line with barely audible voices. (Point made.)

Funny thing. We had joked about how electronics can be affected by spirits.

Yesterday, a single breaker went out. Three times. Not the norm for us. Clocks had to be reset. Jack [UFO watchdog] barked at an empty corner of the room as we watched, knowing that unique behavior indicates an unseen visitor.

In today’s dream, I retained a vague memory of working to identify patterns on planes of some kind. I seemed to break away for a moment and when I returned to the scene that project was gone. Annoyed at wasting my time. I decided to give it up when – without warning – a symbol was flashed directly in front of my face. It woke me up.

I remember a round space of white, a circle with a design in the center that looks like a letter or a rune in purple ink. V? A? Insignia?

2 am. Wide awake. I see a friend request from someone who does lucid dreaming. The sync is a mention about symbols – [Totems].

Jeff RandleThe Lucid Mage: Lucid Dreaming & Altered States Of Consciousness.

“The movie inception got totems all wrong! They are not tools to test to see if you are dreaming or awake. 𝐀 𝐭𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐦 𝐢𝐬 𝐚 𝐩𝐡𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐦 𝐨𝐫 𝐨𝐛𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜𝐤: The art or science of communicating with, influencing & manifesting through the power of the subconscious mind. A force by nature that is a true higher power, and is something like 30,000x more powerful than the conscious mind!”

From there, the connection is his FB Group and a book: The Reluctant Messenger-Tales from Beyond Belief: An ordinary person’s extraordinary journey into the unknown, Amazon.

Endorsement: “I am fascinated with the detailed messages that Candice has received from her celestial team of advisors. This is a captivating account of expanded awareness that includes gems of spiritual wisdom, messages from her nonphysical mentors, and, in her words, ‘uncanny shards of knowledge.'”– William Buhlman, leading authority on out-of-body experiences, author of The Secret of the Soul, How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience, Higher Self Now!, and the international best seller Adventures Beyond the Body

A simple wake up call – Dots.

The connection? Information/data flow is constant – no matter what the designation for the state one is in. (Deceased, alive, awake, asleep, spirit, non-corporeal, etc..) It’s up to each individual to develop their own unique method to acquire, translate and integrate knowledge/awareness.

This adventure of inhabiting a physical form is intended as a project to upgrade the consciousness of the collective while experiencing existence as separate entity – all the while remaining fused with source.

All is One. Constant. flow.

Will revisit this topic when the interview is set. And the punch line – humor supplied by the guides: “We’re not done yet.” A nod to the title of the interview.

Hidden Hand

Seen by some, denied by many. Segue to the Experiencers interview I retrieved and posted when my scheduled interview got derailed by a deceased who had an agenda that required my change of focus.

The Others are adept at maintaining their presence and influence in stealth mode. Triggers are there. Few remember. Most forget – “UFO intelligences indeed prevented the recollection of many UFO encounters through some kind of mind control.” John Foster UFOs Review Part 6.

The UFO Experiencer enigma has multiple players, conflicting interpretations, paranormal elements. Complicated is an understatement.

Sightings? Need more than a visual. Pilots? Origin? Tap the Experiencers who keep dropping breadcrumbs that offer genuine clues.

Ralph Blumenthal provides a contemporary background and drops a few names in his article. Quoting an Experiencer. “They showed me a picture of crafts coming, something that looks like a capsule burrowing down into the ground. And they showed me an area that looked like it was outside Las Vegas in the desert. You watched as it whirled in, scissor arms burrowing into the earth and telepathically suggested they had the capability to affect the neuro-processes of a whole city if they wanted to.” The Debrief.

Grant Cameron follows up with an interview of one of the aforementioned Experiencers in Ralph’s piece.

Grant Cameron continues to follow the trail. YouTube.

Experiencer Group Roundtable. Audio Discussion. iHeart.

Experiencer Roundtable. “Experiencers are pre-sorted by neurological distinctions.” John Ramirez. [Implants]” Video.

It’s all Latin to me

Also referenced in The Debrief article: ET Messages in Latin. “Mantis beings have a much more elegant way of speaking. I also started picking up communication from a voice speaking in Latin. This entity was very interested in science and space.” – Jay Christopher King

Ghost Messages in Latin. The Polaroid Ghost. Interview.

Joe Augustyn’s book is GHOSTWRITER: The Polaroid Ghost & Other True Tales of the Paranormal. Amazon. The story has been featured on several TV shows, including Sightings, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, My Ghost Story and Unexplained Mysteries and has not been debunked.

Ghostwriter tells the true, behind-the-scenes story with over 150 intriguing Polaroids, most which have never been published or exhibited.
The ghost or spirit calls himself “WRIGHT”. He shows signs of erudition and intelligence, writing many of his messages in Latin. The ghost first appeared on film in March 1992.”


  • ABC poll conducted in 2000 found that as many as 40 million Americans “have seen or know someone who has seen an unidentified flying object, or UFO” and “a growing number believe they’ve actually met aliens.” Experiencer: I was in complete paralysis. The only things I could move were my eyes. And I heard a voice through the door say, ‘You don’t need that weapon. We won’t harm.’ ABC Prime (2009)
  •  A Survivor at Roswell: The Truth About the One that Walked Away. Open Minds.
  • Inside a Dying Japanese Town Obsessed With Aliens. “Tsugio Kinoshita, a researcher of unidentified flying objects, said he first saw such an UFO in 1972 at the age of 25.” Vice.
  • Meanwhile, at the Mountain of Montserrat, just over 40 kilometers from Barcelona, Spain, “since 1977, dozens of ufology fans, sometimes hundreds on Summer Nights, gather in what they call the ‘Magic Mountain’ next to their guru, Luis José Grifol.” UFOLogist Magazine.
  • Photographs of Aliens in Ships by John R. Ulatowski. YouTube.
  • Alderney France 2007. Fantastic UFO tandem sighting – corroborated by 2nd pilot witness and air traffic control. Wiki. YouTube Video Background. And the Pilot Interview, YouTube.
  • Niagra Falls Surprise. “An astute reader of mine, forwarded a photo to me of what appears to be a classic UFO that was unexpectedly spotted in a vintage family album photo that had been sent to MUFON”. Chet Dembeck, Unknown Boundaries.
  • “What is exciting about this book is that it shows cracks are developing in the hardcore, rational-materialist scientific paradigm that has held an iron grip on the world for some 400 years – and especially since Isaac Newton gave us a mechanical “clockwork universe.” Out of Body Travel: Anyone Can do it. Medium. Explorations in Consciousness, Amazon.


  • Sixth Mass Extinction. “Some deny this is happening. Or, more precisely, they deny that decline or outright extinction of many species point to a mass extinction event. But the study, led by the University of Hawaii’s Prof. Robert Cowie, argues that this is the result of bias.” MSN.
  • “In a case of orbital data gathering meets Inuit knowledge, Arreak and his colleagues drew on the knowledge and insight of community members to carefully interpret thousands of satellite images covering 23 years of annual sea ice break-up and freeze-up.” Hakai Magazine.
  • “After six years, researchers produce the first snapshots of memory in a living animal.” USC.
  • “They found that if life were producing ammonia, the associated chemical reactions would naturally yield oxygen.” Life on Venus. Link.
  • Gorgeous and a rare sighting. Blanket Octopus. CNN Video.
  • Text prompt your next Art masterpiece. Thank you, AI. Vice.
  • One in four cat owners see their pet as like their child. Newsweek.

Sync. At 1:52 the image in my coffee mug – is there to greet me. This is how I find rabbit holes. 😉 Casey Claar. New Channel Trailer.

Coffee Cup Divination. Date 11-11-11

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