“I find only freedom in the realms of eccentricity.” – David Bowie

Under the Influence

Last night we had a Visitor. 1.29.22

Watching television. Jack growls – and the animals are all accounted for. We can’t see our guest. Is it the TV program? No. Andy saw a movement – taller than Bob the cat. Jack continues to growl at whatever has entered the room. He is focused on the area near the TV. We turn the TV off and Jack goes nuts. Intense barking. Cassie starts in and the cats vacate. The thing has moved to the left corner – opposite the door where it entered. Then it leaves.


1.30.2022 – The nightlight has been silent since December after a very interactive November. Energy shift. Given what I have experience with energy – silence is sometimes a hint that the energy is rejuvenating and – just like me – sleeping to refresh itself. A secondary outlet has been quite interactive. That light is attached to a strand of green Christmas lights. It does a very similar routine to the nightlight. Flash, blink, flicker, pulse. I am not alone.

I direct my attention and focus to the nightlight sitting there – dark and unresponsive. Sometimes when it is in this mode it will respond and glow when I touch it. Not today. Oh well. I tell it: I know you are there, even when you don’t blink. I know you are there.

The response is immediate. Not a blink. A thought.And that is the point. One must know without seeing. Believing is seeing. Knowing is more.

Rock solid

From December 1997. December 2022 this will mark the 25th year for my nightlight companion. I was so afraid – so very afraid the activity would stop after a few days. I didn’t want it to be a fluke and end without my having been able to understand it and learn from it.

At first, I was worried about showing and proving the event and activity. Then I did, and it didn’t make any difference. After a time, I realized it wasn’t about showing and proving. This is personal. It is my truth.

A focus on showing and telling misses the point. The point is even simpler. The point is living and exploring to see where it goes.

Invited or not

Paranormal. Another unseen companion has been engaging my attention. It started a couple of days ago with the coffee pot. That specific activity is an infrequent anomaly and by now not unusual. I accept it as a reconnect and a greeting.

But this time it didn’t stop with the coffee pot. The activity followed me into the office. I didn’t notice at first but after a couple of times readjusting my microphone, I realized something was out of the norm.

Adjusting my microphone for the third time, I set the stand to secure it in place. That didn’t make any difference. Again, as I was speaking, I noticed the mic was lower. I didn’t see or hear anything. The microphone was in place one moment and lowered in the next instant.

When securing the position on the stand had no impact, it became obvious the mic had a paranormal accomplice. Stormy came in and positioned himself beside me on the desk. He will come in and interact briefly to see what I am up to but doesn’t usually linger. He lingered, sitting on a pile of papers.

Then Jack came in. He whined for a moment looking directly at me. I thought it was for a bit of attention but then he began to beg and whine louder. At that point I wondered what the fuss was about and got up to follow him out of the room. The animals vacated the room with me.

When I returned, the activity had ceased.

UFO. Fact, fiction, fantasy – Inspired

Serious students of the phenomena may eventually arrive at a similar conclusion. It is not possible to sustain the cloak of observer objectivity with this endeavor. One who follows the cues/clues gets sucked into the abyss. Far from being an accident, when you do your due diligence, that is where the path leads. It wants to show you a thing or two.


J. Allen Hynek, Jim Marrs, Jacques Valle, Nick Redfern, Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Nick Cook, Grant Cameron, D. W. Pasulka, Whitley Strieber.


Uri Geller, Ted Owens, Dorothy Izatt, Ingo Swann.


Alex Tanous
Lew Smith
Helene Hadsell


Blue Orb Night Stars 4.18.21

Andy wanted me to see the 2 stars above the moon and took a photo … No problem until he tried to magnify and then got interference from a ‘dancing blue thingy’ … no star … no bug .. Image enhanced to highlight – ufo / orb. Blue 4.18. 21

That which has not been imagined can not be seen. And why so many travel in the dark. They lack imagination. When an illumined path is required? Imagine light.

*Image: Dorothy P. Lathrop – public domain

2 thoughts on “Immersion in wonderland

  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing paranormal encounters.

    I just finished reading your book and liked it a lot. What a fascinating story! Thank you for sharing it with so much openness and authenticity and attention to all the various facets of the journey like the doubts, fears, but also the incredible joy about the discoveries. Also, I found it helpful and appreciate that you shared your process of learning how to channel.

    Liked by 1 person

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