Afterlife Communication – Maintaining the love chord – Joe and Christopher McQuillen

”One can be wrong in two ways. By believing what is not true. Or by refusing to believe what is true.“Søren Kierkegaard

Beginnings and Endings

  • “Death just became even more scary: scientists say people are aware they’re dead because their consciousness continues to work after the body has stopped showing signs of life.” Independent.
  • Studying NDEs. Dr. Sam Parnia. ABC.Net.AU.
  • Life Before and After Death. Thanatos TV. YouTube.

Afterlife, Mediums and Communication

We’re Not Done Yet, Pop. Joe McQuillen returns. In this follow-up to his first book, the conversation with Christopher has expanded to include insight from Christopher about his experience in the non-physical/afterlife.

As part of his research into learning how to improve his connection with Christopher, Joe educated himself about Mediumship and shares some helpful tips. By now he has established an entirely new vocabulary and a uniquely personal routine to maintain their bond. Listen: Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview.

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Joe’s goal in writing about his experiences of learning to improve his intuitive and telepathic awareness and sharing insight from Christopher is to help offer support and reassurance to other parents who are grieving and trying to cope with the loss of a child.

Joe wants to demonstrate, in his own way, how the love is still there and can be sensed when one is able to expand their awareness and – even if that doesn’t happen – simply to know it is possible.

The reviews for his books indicate receptivity and gratitude for his efforts and for the message.

Amazon Review (Edited): “I found the information, messages and educational viewpoints totally inspiring and reassuring. The reader needs not have read the first book to understand the messages given, although I have read “My Search for Christopher on the Other Side”. The messages that both the author and his son convey throughout this book are that there certainly IS an afterlife, the folks who have passed have an awareness of events occurring after they transitioned, love like energy does not die and our loved ones will most certainly greet us when our time comes — including our pets.”

I alluded to a connection I felt with Christopher in a previous post. (Pay attention. There is a pattern relating to time. It involves resetting the clocks.)

Years ago, when I first began to connect to my own guides and the non-corporeal energy that interacts with the nightlights, I suspected what might be coming as the paranormal activity increased and I put my foot down. I told the guides I did not want to see dead people. Not interested.

They seemed to find that amusing. Their response: “They are not dead. They are energy.”

Our interactions continued and they proceeded to educate me. I soon realized visits from the deceased/energy also came with an increase in paranormal activity. That’s exactly what happened this time as I prepared for my interview with Joe.

The Dream

I tried to ignore the activity – believing I needed to hold my focus on Joe and the book. And at that point, I wasn’t sure Chris was the source. So, moving right along, I interviewed Joe and set the recording project aside, satisfied there was little to edit (keeping it to a pre-set time) because Joe is a fluid storyteller and easy to talk to.

One quirk. I had to resort to a different memory card. The main memory card turned up afterward, hidden under a sheet of paper on the desk.

The kicker? My recording equipment malfunctioned – the test file was fine but the interview segment was corrupted. That was my clue something was up. More on that in a moment.

Later that night, I had a dream. It is dark outside. A person is standing beside me and showing me a scene. We are on a bank, overlooking water. It is cold and some of the water has ice. The topography is such that some of the area is shallow and other spots are deeper but you can’t know that from above.

I can see an open space with a hand reaching up from just below the surface. The person is drowning and the person beside me is leaving to help.

I am given the sensation and being told everything is happening too fast. I feel like I am numb and the activity around me is too fast for me to register. I hear someone telling me everything is happening in “slow-mo”.

I am alarmed because I know the person in the water is too far gone and the person beside me is going to try to help. I also know this is a one way trip. It won’t work. I want to stop him but – again – it is happening too fast.

I feel panic. I can’t stop the scene from playing out and everything feels heavy. Time is slowing down but things around me are speeding up.

Whatever happened in the dream, that energy overlay is still with me when I wake up. I have to work to focus because I still feel groggy and lethargic and that sensation stays with me for a few hours.

I had been reviewing Joe’s book again. After the dream, there was a prompt with a specific page number and a few extra details. I was told it would help explain things. The information was intended for Joe and he can make of it what he wants.

That’s the overview.

Time prompts

Earlier this week, a reminder about time. Andy had just looked at his clock. A couple of minutes later, he noticed that the time changed. Nothing else in the house was affected.

It was so bizarre he came to tell me what had happened. The clock jumped forward 4 hours. Today, my nightlight checks in. Activity indicating that all is well.

Derailing the interview gave me an opportunity to have a dream that laid out a scenario to provide a back story.

I had not checked the recording after we concluded the session but I suspected – after the dream – that something might be wrong. And then I discovered the corrupt file. We would need to redo the interview.

Embarrassing. Also frustrating because I really liked the original session and the rapport we had during that recording. I make the call, knowing there is a reason for the timing. I tell Joe what I experienced and we reschedule. That is the interview I linked.

Chris wanted his Dad to have a few different pieces to fill in some blanks. Ready or not – I had been given the task of delivering a message.

I still remember the dream topography and being shown that some locations in the water were shallow but the area where the person was underwater was deeper and it could be easy to slip and fall in. It is a general description of the scene – the intent is for me to understand the energy at play at the time. Fuzzy logic. Impairment. An imprint.

The sensation of grogginess after the dream was intense and took a while for me to shake. I tried to drink more coffee to help myself focus that morning but it didn’t help much. Our reality is a lot more mailable than given credit – even in the dream state.

Life After Death – Science and Evidence

More info at

Expanded Science of Consciousness

The Galileo Commission Remit: “to open public discourse and to find ways to expand science so that it can accommodate and explore important human experiences and questions that science, in its present form, is unable to integrate.” Link.

Beyond a Materialist Worldview – The position presented in the introductory video is acceptance of “evidence that points to the existence of consciousness beyond the brain with the brain operating as a filter through which certain kinds of consciousness are mediated.”

Video: Panpsychism and Consciousness. Galileo Commission adviser Rupert Sheldrake.

After Death Communications2nd phase of this research project is underway and expected to conclude in 2024.By collecting information about how ADCs occur and unfold, and by analyzing their impact on individuals’ lives, we aim to make these results accessible to people who face the death of a loved one, as well as to anyone sensitized to the finite nature of human existence.”

Koestler Parapsychology Unit: Established in 1985, we are based in the Psychology Department at the University of Edinburgh, teaching and researching parapsychology.

Spiritualism at a Glance: “Many Spiritualists teach that Spiritualism is based on natural, scientific laws and does not involve the supernatural. They say that difference between their faith and other religions is that most religions are based on belief while Spiritualism is based on demonstrated evidence that there is life after death.” BBC (archived)

Interested in becoming a Medium? Explore online classes: Arthur Findlay College

Spirit Guides and Parting Shots

They told me at the check out that I needed to buy another book for the discount to apply. I had succeeded in finding the book I came for but they didn’t stock my second choice.

Having already been warned away from the back of the aisle of choice (the light was burned out there) by my guides, I checked out a cart full of new arrivals and found an interesting book at the front of the stack.

Joe McQuillen said this town full of Mediums is worth a visit.

This is another example of how the Guides do their nudging. So, I bought the book. Then again, the Nightlight checked back in this week too – the activity started as I was singing a made up funny song for Cassie. They like it when we play.

Inside joke. The Guides have been nudging me to be a Medium. I am fine with being a Channel. I keep saying, No. I just pass messages along if and when I get them. (Listening to what I just said, somewhere, someone is laughing.)

Explore Lily Dale. Farout Magazine.
Spiritualism in the UK. BBC.
The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. Site.



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