My Thoughts on Tom Campbell and the Mandela Effect – [reblogged]

— “The really BIG idea here that is paradigm-shifting in the extreme is that quantum physics shows us quite clearly that there may be no such thing as objectivity, or ‘one true reality.’ ” —

Cynthia Sue Larson offers fresh incentive to actively weed, cultivate and harvest the mind scene. Reminding us of how we are constantly creating our reality — (reality shifting) — as such, offering the ongoing opportunity to tweak things (our thoughts) and improve the input.

My best results happen when I am able to establishing an ongoing fluid tone of positivity – I experience dividends in the output.

One great example of a positive tone imbedded with the intention of a continual upgrade in the resulting scene is her mantra. “How good can it get?” – Win/win.

Thank you, Cynthia!

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