Past Life Evidence, Police Detective found Proof of his own Reincarnation

“It seemed as though every week or so I would hear another story from a doctor, nurse or patient that involved a mysterious account of the afterlife. It was thrilling to have this steady stream of material that validated the findings of my research.” – Dr. Raymond Moody, Glimpses of Eternity, Amazon.

Extraordinary Reveal

Portrait of a Past-Life Skeptic: The True Story of a Police Detective’s ReincarnationAmazon. Robert Snow.

Amazon Reader Review (Edited): “The fact the author is a police Captain adds credibility to the story and to his investigation of the origin of the vivid memories and specific details he experienced during a regression performed by a hypnotherapist (if you read the book, keep in mind these events happened in the early 1990’s before Google and the prolific use of the world wide web). It is also worth noting that CPT Snow was required to take 2 lie detector tests in order to tell his story in the TV program Proof Positive (he passed both).”

Setting the Scene – Robert Snow

My interview with Robert Snow is a 2 part interview. Part 1 presents the background and how a fluke past life regression session triggered an obsessive quest to determine the authenticity of the ‘memories’ … Could anything be corroborated? Or was it just an entertaining fantasy? Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview link.

In Part 2, we learn about corroborative evidence found in (Past Life) Carrol Beckwith’s 17 thousand page diary. Snow also drops a few metaphysical nuggets, instances where police department employees dealt with elements of the paranormal in the line of duty. Specifically, out of body experiences and encountering a poltergeist. Some of those involved requested that their information remain private.

From the outset, Robert Snow approached the past life case in detective mode. He identified 28 items that could be tracked. Disbelieving in past lives and reincarnation, the goal was to find a hole in the threads. One and done.

The surprise? No holes to be found. Time and again, diving deeper into the journal, an amazing find in itself, pieces of information continued to match the scenario he described in the hypnotherapy session.

Far from disproving the case, the evidence indicated memories he divulged during that session belonged to a real person.

38 years with the Indianapolis Police Department, Snow retired in 2007 with the rank of Captain. Author of more than 20 books, his works have also been published by Reader’s Digest, Playboy, The National Enquirer and multiple others.

Reincarnation, as you might guess, is absolutely the last thing one wants to have tacked to their Police Department credentials. Captain Robert Snow knew that.

Determination, attention to detail and tenacity paid off. His case for reincarnation is rock solid. Of 28 identifiable points for corroboration, all 28 are confirmed. 100%.

The downside of Up

Some past life memories, when carried over into the present day, can create trauma. Case in point: Betty Riley. A Veil Too Thin. The book is out of print but available through Amazon.

For Betty, emotional distress carried over from a past life incarnation was impossible to shake until she identified the source. The case is unique and interesting and includes a ghost who tries to help her connect the dots. Late in the story we find out how important that ghost is to the resolution.

Healing took time and a tremendous amount of effort and therapeutic support/assistance.

Robert Snow presents his Case

You can watch Bob Snow’s presentation, courtesy of Walter Semkiw. [My interview with Walter is also in the podcast archives. Link.] He has a fantastic collection of past life case files. Reincarnation Research.

In choosing to go public with his case, Robert endured personal and professional fallout. He admits it would have been nice not to have to go through that. However, given the detailed and thorough analysis applied to the case and the resulting revelations, he believed the information was intended to be made public.

“Reincarnation suggests that you are more than you think you are. There are dimensions of your being and a potential for realization and consciousness that are not included in your concept of yourself…” Raymond Moody, Coming Back, Amazon.

Read more about Robert Snow’s case. There were 28 corroborating links. 12 are listed here: Source.

  • The wife of the man he saw in his regression could not have children.
  • The man painted portraits to make money but he hated that work.
  • A female relative died of a blood clot.

Also included on the Reincarnation Research website, an image comparing physical resemblance that exists between Robert Snow and Carroll Beckwith.

Image credit: Reincarnation Research

Snap Judgement

Robert Snow’s episode. Listen (17 minutes). 38 years with the Indianapolis Police Department, Snow retired in 2007 with the rank of Captain. Author of more than 20 books, his works have also been published by Reader’s Digest, Playboy, The National Enquirer and multiple others.

Robert Snow’s Books are available on Amazon. Author Page.

Consider Karma

I woke up to an attacker in my bedroom. Fast forward…

With strength I had no idea existed, I hurled the intruder across the room and ran out to the balcony where I planned an ambush.

My adrenaline high gave me confidence. I now knew his weight and my strength. I could easily shove him over the railing. Braced and ready to lunge, I see him walking toward me.

At that moment, a stern voice shouts in my ear, “KARMA!”

Stunned. I stop. I look him in the eye and let him pass. In the conversation we had in the dark of the bedroom, the description he provided told me he had mistaken me for the woman who lived in the apartment before me.

He is seeing my face and I am seeing his. I am screaming bloody murder!

Frozen in my tracks, as directed, I do not try to stop him. Instead, I ponder who the heck yelled in my ear as I watch him walk down the 3 stories to the patio below. Someone was waiting for him at the picnic table.

The guides explained it as clearing a past life debt. My defense was successful. My plan to ‘attack’ him would have been considered an offense and triggered a new cycle.

The super-power rush was intended to free me – not for me to use it to harm another.

I had no prior awareness anything like that existed or was possible. In that one instance, I learned Karma is not about suffering or punishment.

Karma is knowing when to end the struggle, not carry the baggage forward.

If needed, invisible protectors will step in to remind us there is a higher power at work.

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