Phenomenology, Orbs, Aliens, OBEs, PSI, Conscious Manifesting and Helene Hadsell

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Frank Outlaw, Quote Investigator.

That quote is a favorite. Helene Hadsell includes it in her books. I have it in a frame on my wall. Words have power.


Recent headline said Astronomers report no luck finding alien tech. I was glad to see a concession in the final portion of the article .. “we’re assuming they’re using the same broadcast technology that we use “CNET.

Given what has been witnessed with UAPs/UFOs and reported by Contactees, how would those who can’t (refuse to) see them among us here know what to track out there? Or anywhere? Are we even looking for/registering the same thing?


  • Friendly Interaction” with Anomalous Balls of Orange Light in North Carolina. Singular Fortean.
  • FYI: They can choose to be seen. This photo is an example. I wanted before and after photos of the house to track our improvements. But there was a sense of something else going on.

    When I took this picture, I already had the feeling of being followed. I was telepathically prompted to turn and take a picture. I did.
Orange Orb – Telepathic prompt to take a picture.

I did not see the orange orb – ball of light until I reviewed the images. However, I have seen orange orbs previously, after requesting that my [non-corporeal] guides present a form that might be visible to me.

This was the first time I actually had a picture similar to what I have seen with my own eyes. The one difference is the spark in the center. I have seen the orange translucent cloud but the bright light in the center doesn’t register as a visual for me.

  • Another orb sighting? Description: “mysterious orange lights began shining in the sky.” Edinburgh Live.
  • Journalist Chet Dembeck researches and posts various UFO/UAP and paranormal accounts on his website. A recent post: “In this strange case, a Mexican farmer, who grows giant vegetables, claims he was given a secret formula that came from extraterrestrials that makes his anomalous crop production possible. The only proof he offers is giant veggies.” Unknown Boundaries.

    For me, the question worth highlighting is, “Why isn’t the world interested?”
  • UFO/UAP/Anomalous/ET/Alien/Unexplained/Contact accounts number in the thousands – from all over the world. Incredible, life-changing encounters are included among them. Many interactions defy explanation when we try to apply our understanding of reality. I’ll add another question. Given the volume of accounts, Why the denial?

Mining the UFO Archives

Experiencers have amazing stories to share and much can be learned from their accounts. Each is unique, receiving information in symbols, patterns, images, sounds, language, metaphor and insight we may not even be aware of.

Information beyond words can also be conveyed. When that is recognized and humans as a species adapt, our ability to communicate with life-forms who are not limited to verbal speech for self expression will evolve.

For the record, that aspect is already part of our collective consciousness awareness and expressed in NDE, OBE, Shamanic and Transcendent states of being.

  • UFOs and Consciousness. Fascinating and informative. Experiencer Tracey Garbutt Dolan conversation with Grant Cameron. Topic focus: High functioning Right Brain Outliers. Alien Implants. PSI. Phenomenology. Podcast.
  • There are some wonderful [1960s – 1970s] UFO archives to explore on this blog. French and Russian Researchers also contribute their material as well. Isaac Koi.
  • Another resource to bookmark and an excellent paranormal research archive is the blog of the late Parapsychology researcher Carlos Alvarado. Worth diving into. Link.
  • This OBE article mentions a police officer, who – triggered by fear – spontaneously left her body during her first night on the job: Medical News Today. Similar to an incident mentioned by Robert Snow in our interview about Reincarnation. Link.
  • Further OBE research: PSI Encyclopedia. Author: Carlos S. Alvarado Created: 24th January 2015. Last updated: 6th May 2019.

Paranormal – Consciousness

Nick Cook is author of twenty fiction and nonfiction titles, including The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology. (I enjoyed it.) He is editor of Resurrecting the Mysterious: Ingo Swann’s ‘Great Lost Work’. He is also the former aviation editor of Jane’s Defense Weekly.

Great conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove covering a lot of topics. Consciousness, Shared Death experience, After Life, Paranormal, UFOs, PK Man – Ted Owens.

Manifesting a Win

Nick Cook casually refers to throwing out a goal [2019] – without any prior connection or ties to the area he wanted to work in and so far outside his normal job field of interest he had no idea how it could manifest but – he calls it a ‘mantra’ of sorts – he said “I would like to work with the world’s leading researchers in the consciousness field.” Then he received a grant to study consciousness.

Podcast Interview

Remembering Helene Hadsell. Coming up in my interview (now posted) with the “Contest Queen” Carolyn Wilman, we talk about how we both connected with Helene Hadsell, aka “The Woman who Wins Every Contest She Enters”. Helene was incredible at manifesting. She taught her method to thousands and, as Carolyn can attest, it works.

Helene died in 2010. Carolyn now holds the copyright and is republishing all of her books. Helene approached her winning strategy with humor. She also studied metaphysics and had fun with her PSI abilities.

Curious and inspired to figure out how to levitate, she eventually succeeded. The downside was struggling to get back on the ground. She quickly decided once was plenty. Levitation was not her thing.

Advice, if you should find yourself levitating, move your body as if you are swimming through the air. Please share your results here!

I interviewed Helene [and Carolyn] in 2009 and still have my autographed copy of her self-published book – Contesting: The Name it and Claim it Game.

Name it and Claim it – 2003 edition

Conscious Living. 2009. Show billboard: Helene knows Thoughts are things – You Are What You Think. – Helene says the spark for her was a saying from Helen Keller: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”…


Realized an interesting connection to my description for the interview with Helene. Happy accident? My orange orb has a spark in the center. Deliciously inspiring.

4 thoughts on “Phenomenology, Orbs, Aliens, OBEs, PSI, Conscious Manifesting and Helene Hadsell

  1. I just love anything anomalous, lol. Back when my work with the crystal first began I would encourage and collect from others these photos with the lights. We began to get some seriously detailed geometry in them. The lights each one of us would get could not be more different/unique. My own were purple/blue/green and clearly had an ET presence/driver inside. Everyone’s colors, hues, geometries, presence….were entirely unique to them. I will never tire of seeing this so thank you for posting and letting me remember and reminisce.

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  2. That is what I think is so fantastic about all of these connections = consciousness works on an individual level and reflects each in a complimentary way – an open invitation to engage, explore and evolve. Your crystal contacts are beautiful. Thank you for commenting!

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