Paranormal Hijinks, Dog-eared page in a brand new book

Seeing is believing. Believing is seeing.

Talking to Nightlights 2. The book was ready to go when I looked at the clock. The time: 2:02/2/02/2022. March 2022 publication date TBA. I share a few of the paranormal incidents in the updated book. Podcast is Wendy’s Coffeehouse.

The unseen visitor hanging around this week is a sign for me that I have support with the book activities. While Andy and I can’t see this guest, Jack can. Unlike the UFO, he alerted me to in the bedroom a few years ago, he is the only one who sees the guest. His bark doesn’t indicate fear or animosity. It is more like letting the guest know they have been acknowledged.

Cassie mangled my new book.

One odd thing I connect to the guest. I had a brand new book. In less than 24 hours Cassie, the one-year old puppy, got ahold of it and ate a few pieces out of it. When I opened the book to inspect the damage, pages missing, cover chewed, I notice one page had been turned down. A perfect dog-eared page in a brand new book.

The marked pages are practice designs for intuitive healing. I did the exercise. Honestly, that wasn’t the section of the book I was drawn to but it had my attention. Doing the practice exercise reinforced the need to trust my intuition. The first answer was the best answer – that was confirmed when I opted to think rather than trust and took it too far.

Dog-eared page in a new book. Curious

What stood out was the difference in the tone of the answer. The still, small voice was spot on. The sensing of that was different too. Subtle and immediate. I needed to remember that.

Reconciling extraordinary experiences is a work in progress. Unexplained and curious. I decided to add some of the paranormal elements I experienced to the updated book, Talking to Nightlights 2. The nightlight anomaly is ever-present. That activity continues.

Bioelectric and Electromagnetic energy.

Talking to Nightlights 2 – March 2022 publication details soon.
Helene Hadsell books. Amazon.
Jose Silva books. Amazon

Real Magic

“And above all,
watch with glittering eyes
the whole world around you because
the greatest secrets
are always hidden
in the most unlikely places.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

– Roald Dahl

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