My word is Transdimensional – others call them Extradimensional and some call them Extra-terrestrial. They exist. Some choose to be seen.

**This post is also available in audio on a podcast. Link.**

Casey shares her incredible images. Great variety. Extraordinary eyes. I love these views! Thanks to Casey – Updated to include a few of the photos.

Image Courtesy of Casey Claar
Image Courtesy of Casey Claar
Image Courtesy of Casey Claar

Casey – The eyes are fantastic.

Others have mentioned and drawn images of the Cat beings. I met the most beautiful being I have ever seen – in the OBE dream state. Decades ago. I was awestruck at his beauty and could not stop staring. He was standing in a doorway to the next dimension. Extraordinary with tiny iridescent feathers all over his body.

Face to face – 6 inches between us.

Spoke with his eyes. Wanted me to know they existed. Energy of warmth between us = invitation and welcome. The Bird Tribe. I knew I couldn’t follow him but was astounded at the sight. Humans are not as beautiful as this being was.

Plaque doesn’t show the tiny feathers I saw on his face.

This is the plaque I found [years later] that affirmed the memory of our meeting.

Visit Casey’s site: link. And the next link with a video.

*Post cover image is a collage from one of my Kaleidoscopes and a rock. I apologize because it has been awhile and I can’t remember the exact method of creation for the image.

7 thoughts on “Meet the ETs – Casey Claar

  1. Casey replied on that post = Incredible!.. the contacts can be so amazing. Through the crystal it is so interesting. Even the ones who appear soft and lovely in the renderings are quite INTENSE in their actual formats. At times they begin coming through to me in this fashion and my heart begins beating wildly. So they step back again while I acclimate. Full physical contact is not as easy as some may think. When from the 3/4D field, prior to a full transformation of our system it is a challenge. It is work. But I am ever so pleased to take it on. Thank you for sharing your contact, Wendy, and thank you for sending the beings who have contacted us through the crystal(s) out to your audience. This is how conscious global contact begins.

    My response = Yes, the vibration/frequency is higher and my heart speeds up too. They warned me to relax and said they would limit their transmission to avoid overwhelm. It was encouraged for us to continue raising our vibration to evolve and accommodate the connection = Conscious Ascension. ❤ Thank you!

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  2. I will tell you, what a fun morning it has been!.. Actually the momentum really seems exponentially building the past week or so. A thrilling number of people are reaching out to connect. It feels so good after long and arduous years of hearing from near noone. Interest seems to be attaining a new peak. Which is just heavenly for us. The contact you lay out here, it reminds me of something that happened in a conscious shift ( OBE ) back around 2010, which was near the beginning of these things beginning to unfold. A whirlwind of energy was being created. A fast-moving whirling mass in and around me. As I was shifting through the physical duplicate, etheric space, there was a Polynesian man in my room doing this dance around where my body was laying. He said, “it is the seven feathers bird dance.” Indigenous peoples, birds and feathers have featured prominently in my experiences, notably in the beginning. It has been so fun sharing this energy-exchange here with you today. I feel vivified!

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