UFOs, ETs, Casey Claar – Whitley Strieber – So much to share

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand. – Neil Armstrong.


  • Armchair decompress. Fantastic! World Forest sounds. Source.
  • Follow up with that. TimberFest.
  • Mind-space spooky. Cybernetic Telepathy? “Three newly released CIA reports from 1963 and 1964 investigate the Soviet Union’s apparent use of extrasensory perception (ESP) and attempted development of cybernetic telepathy.” Vice.
  • Evergreen: OBE Explorations with Robert Monroe. YouTube. Gateway Voyage Introductory Exercise. Link.
  • “Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Academic and Societal Implications” published by Cambridge Scholars. Excerpt. PDF.
  • Owl – close encounter of the best kind. Link.

Stimulating Encounters

Archives of the Impossible – recent presentations are available on YouTube. Whitley Strieber posted his link via Twitter.

Whitley interviews Experiencer John Martin about his connection with UFOs on Dreamland. Musical introduction provided by John. He talks about discussing UFOs with President Jimmy Carter and how he started connecting with UFOs. What a wonderful conversation. Music as a communication tool. Please Listen.

Celeb encounter: Jo Wood [Her second husband was Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood] talks UFOs. Twitter.

Casey Claar update

Excellent video presentation of our conversation. [Podcast Link] Thank you, Casey! She includes a log of the conversation talking points and the video is also closed captioned.

Features a log of the audio in the description.

During the interview Casey mentioned her encounter with a being and then sent a photo for me to share. [01:08 The first being who came to me ( an elemental ) came in a jacaranda tree.]

Images courtesy of Casey Claar

Note from Casey: These are the two photos we discussed. I would be interested to what YOU see in the tree.

1. What is presenting to me is a little white/grey, huge round amber eyed ( with vertical slits ) almost animation – peeking out through the leaves. The branch he is leaning out on is so thin it would not hold a gerbil, lol. As with all contact events, this one was characterized by the ‘electricity in the air’ feeling, the sensation of bliss and thought of the tree ‘just being so pretty’ I should take a photo.

2. This is my Anunnaki counterpart. Still only ‘caricatures’ of him so far to date. 


I like the mention of “electricity in the air”. That is also a thing I notice in my own experiences. Another indicator of presence: the atmosphere changes and the sensation can feel crisp and clean – similar to what I feel when I am in a higher elevation.

UFO Art on Twitter

Check out the time lapse video of this painting on YouTube.

Final note: Lots of upgrades available for bloggers. This is the new referral link. If you sign up, I do get credit. Thank you for considering and for reading my blog!

3 thoughts on “UFOs, ETs, Casey Claar – Whitley Strieber – So much to share

  1. I find it super interesting you put my name up there with Whitley Strieber.. I actually wrote to him a few weeks back after watching an interview he held with Peter Maxwell Slattery ( who is associated with connecting me w/ Christine Dennett, who is associated with activating the skill I now have with the crystals. Youtube ghosts me from being able to contact some people and THAT night, when I discovered my comment on the video was ghosted ( only I could see it ), I decided I would just write him directly, lol. Take that, youtube, hahaha.. Anyway, ever since, I can just the feel our energies are meant coalesce and connect. I’ve another confirmation, coming here today. So interesting. Checking out the Rice University talk now.

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