Adventure, Life, Death, Shamanic Healing, UFO, Consciousness, Spirit Guides, Prophecy, Lionel Friedberg interview

The whole point is to live life and be – to use all the colors in the crayon box.” – RuPaul

Dream slip – Sound anomaly

Awakened during my dream overnight, I was alert enough to realize there was a very different sound in my ears. It was a distinct buzzing, like the sound of a saw. The sound continued for a few minutes and then faded. I usually hear a very high-pitched whine. Constant. I mostly tune it out.

This buzzing sound was unique – indicative of a frequency change. Having experienced specific tones prior to this, I interpret this as a message, a nudge to me, that now is the time to make some adjustments in my personal mindset/environment. I have learned this is a type of hint (sound cue) indicating action is required and changes are occurring on a higher plane. Sometimes there is no preparation needed or even possible, simply an awareness given to avoid overreaction.

For some undisclosed reason, in order for me to be congruent with the incoming energy, it is important for me to intentionally and intuitively adapt my behavior and go forward from there. A change in routine. That shift is in progress now.

Insight from Ingo Swann. Timing – Ingo Swann’s presentation on YouTube. Title: Ingo Swann Human Super Sensitivities and the Future at the IRVA Conference in 2006. His content includes mind science, parallel universes and the holographic universe. Dark matter. Physical matter is not the only reality. Experiencing other dimensions. Discovery of the physical basis for telepathy (2006). The Future.

My interview with Ingo’s niece, Elly Flippen, who manages his estate, is posted in the podcast archives. Link.

Recommend his book, Penetration: Special Edition: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, Amazon. Or this version, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, Amazon.

Interview with Lionel Friedberg

My interview with Emmy Award-winning Filmmaker Lionel Friedberg is in the podcast archives – reading his book, Forever in My Veins: How Film Led Me to the Mysterious World of the African Shaman, Amazon, compares to an Indiana Jones adventure – all films combined. Interview Link. What an extraordinary life! His site. Link.

What I found fascinating about the prophecies given by the various Shamans is how exact they were. It brings life to focus in larger term as to what has been cast as fate. Are pre-sets ingrained? Do we face certain experiences intentionally? Link to Publishers blog for details on the predictions. If you look into these prophecies, it’s very clear the events were identifiable from the outset on another plane/dimension – stepping stones on his path.

Another highlight is his extraordinary and near-fatal encounter with an Elephant. Predicted by a Shaman and life-changing. That elephant spirit remains connected to him.

A video interview with Lionel is posted on Gaia with George Noory.


As I am writing this – an Ant is crawling across my keyboard! That is a first. Connection noted. I have a treasured necklace of Hopi design – the Ant. In this instance, a messenger. Thank you.

Casey Claar has given me a gift. I am sharing one of the images of the beings she has offered to connect me with. How beautiful = expansive their energy. [Link to 1 previous post with video. And 2 previous post with images.] Thank you!

Fascinating to see the face – also the cover image on this post.

If you are curious about your own connections – please make a request for a rendering on her website. Trust the process of living to reveal what is most important for us to know in this time. Humanity is undergoing tremendous change in consciousness – sparked by chaos on all planes. What a time to be alive!

Outlook – Guides offer an overview

Journal 3.28.22 – My guides are offering an overview of the current timeline. These insights are metaphorical and literal. I sometimes don’t see the correlation until months or even years have passed.

“And now is the time for all good men… something is happening overseas – and it will change the dynamic of the universe – as such there are other dimensions that will factor in and what you consider to be reality will be completely unrecognizable in the very near future.

What has been (our present reality) will be considered nostalgia and belong to another time but that is hard to describe as what happens is personal, meaning each is locked into his own individual vision of what was and what is.

The new paradigm offers a different view of the whole with less diversity. (Could it be that word was ‘adversity’? I want to believe that would be preferable but, then again, I accept that whatever is given may be for the highest good in the long run.) And that is how it works. Let it play out and you will understand why that is so. Less land and more water. Those who are on the front lines are swept into the sea. The tide has turned and that which is considered “outlaw” or illegal is not enforceable.

No one will live near the shoreline as it is too unstable. There is a major eruption that changes everything. The timing is designed to shift what is happening now and create an even playing field. Lots to contemplate.”

Just breathe and allow that we are not alone. There are multitudes of – seen and unseen – beings/others assisting in this adventure. Aside from a proactive and engaged imagination, the most important tool in your bag is LOVE. Suggest a liberal application to each and all with whom you come in contact. Anticipate astonishing results. Cheers! ~ wendy and the nightlights.

My book is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon. Talking to Nightlights 2.

3 thoughts on “Adventure, Life, Death, Shamanic Healing, UFO, Consciousness, Spirit Guides, Prophecy, Lionel Friedberg interview

  1. I really enjoyed the podcast with Elly, thank you for directing me to that! These things seemed so much more magical back then, a generation or two behind us. The energy of those times was just so different from now. Perhaps I will appreciate the current NOW in a similar fashion, a decade or two out, lol.

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