Lake night calling – Dream-walkers, Paranormal, Sasquatch, Ghosts, Nightlights, Dimension shifts, I see stars!

Where ever you go – there you are. Variations on the theme: “No matter where you go, there you are.” – from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (motion picture) Trailer (1984). Additional Quotes and references: Quote Investigator. My favorite is – As The Association hit one place after another and it began to look like the same gym, the same hotel, their theme turned into, “No matter where you go, there you are.” Bonus: I also like their song: Windy.

Home from the Lake

4.6.22 – Dream: I seem to be observing from above, while at the same time, looking through a child’s eyes. I have glasses of some sort that allow me to discern the Sasquatch who is facing me. Probably about 20 feet away from me.

But there is another being there as well, standing to the right (my left) of the Sasquatch. The glasses are giving me the ability to see this being as well. He is further away and maybe another 20 feet behind the Sasquatch, trying to stay in the background.

He is a humanoid. I believe it to be male. His body is inky black and slender. I see the white of his eyes and dark black hair that is wavy or slightly curly, not entirely straight. There are two large, chalk-white circles on his chest and a few other large white circles on his body (arm, waist, and thigh). I cannot see his feet but he appears to be of normal height.

I, or the child who is me, am now screaming, loud. She had not counted on seeing multiple beings. And, it is because she is screaming, I cannot concentrate on any more details.

Shifting tense here as I am in a state of in-between: My mind is racing. I realize the children/innocent/unaware who can see these beings have no words or language to describe what they are viewing. These beings are just as real as the Sasquatch, but they are purposely trying to remain unseen and may not register to one who is asleep or uninformed. Even when they do, they might be easy to overlook because the Sasquatch is taking up center stage.

What I see is a being who is entirely black or may simply be camouflaged to remain hidden. I hear myself screaming in the dream and wake up breathing faster but not screaming. I would not have remembered the details if it hadn’t been for that scream. My scream is me saying I do not understand what is going on here. Who are you? I am confused! Help!

Processing the dream. Sasquatch presented as the center and grounding for me to see beyond and into the next plane. I am already aware of Sasquatch and do not consider it a threat. The other being chose to be seen as well.

This was an introduction. How embarrassing that my initial response is to scream. Nothing about either of them was scary. But – what I know from prior experience and teaching is that we are primed for survival – fight or flight. We are programmed to be afraid of things that we do not recognize. And fear comes in many forms. This is the learning curve. With awareness comes knowledge of those who can remain hidden until they determine that we are ready to see them. If I have a word for that other being it would be Native.

A landscape image/painting [Link is similar] I saw shortly before leaving on this trip reminded me of a home with which I have no physical/present life connection. Location? Australia.

Related information concerns Aboriginal Art – referencing circles and Dots. Dots are used to conceal information. More information seems to relate to the odd temperature fluctuations I experienced in the cabin. The temperature in the room increased when it should have been cooler.

Consulting Aboriginal Australian – Wiki, specifically, this reference: “A 2014 Cambridge University study found that a beneficial mutation in two genes which regulate thyroxine, a hormone involved in regulating body metabolism, helps to regulate body temperature in response to fever. The effect of this is that the desert people are able to have a higher body temperature without accelerating the activity of the whole of the body, which can be especially detrimental in childhood diseases. This helps protect people to survive the side-effects of infection.”

I realize now that I need to revisit a book I bought several months ago. It might be a link I need to connect me: YORRO YORRO – Original creation and renewal of nature. Amazon.


4.1.22 – At the Lake. I have been trying to reconcile my recently developed health issue – Vertigo. I felt a very strong urge to get away for some quiet time to better understand what my body is doing.

The location on the lake is in an area where Sasquatch and others are present. This time, I took my nightlight. It was extremely active, even to the point of hyperactivity. Indicating the presence of higher frequency energies.

While there, guided to use crystals, I didn’t bring the one the Sasquatch gave me, but I was told not to worry as one would be provided. There is a huge connection between Sasquatch and quartz.

4.2.22 – We took a walk, and I was instructed to pay attention to the details. Rocks are plentiful here, but this area is not known for quartz crystals. As Andy and Jack walk ahead of me, I see a flash on the ground and bend down to see if it might be a reflection from a piece of metal or glass – even though that makes no sense because the flash was so bright it could have been from a flashlight.

However, what I do find in that space – following the instruction to pay attention to details – is a rock with a face on it. The eyes are looking up at me. It has a strong brow line and slanted forehead with a flat nose. The rock face looks like a Sasquatch. A present.

Sasquatch Rock Face

4.3.22 – We needed to move the vehicle and I got in to help change location. I had not been driving due to Vertigo.

I got it to move a short distance then it felt like the tire hit something. I experienced disorientation and confusion. The vehicle had moved then stopped and would not back up or pull forward. Frustrated, I exited and asked Andy for help.

He noticed that the parking brake is now on. Neither of us had used the brake, and the vehicle would not have moved if I had accidentally engaged it when I got in. One more oddity. The lever must be pulled up to activate. A nudge would not have done it. I got the message: Don’t drive.

Who goes there?

The stars are so bright here, I feel a stronger connection to the natural element of the space. One of the interesting anomalies is how time seems to speed up and slow down. It is hard to explain, but there is a shifting of energy, and the sounds reflect that.

When I walk to the end of the dirt road, away from the cabin and toward the lake, the night sounds increase. Frogs are active and quite loud. That is normal. What is unusual is when I return to the cove area – and the frogs and all other noises are gone. It is very quiet. Not always – just when there is a shift. The place becomes dead silent – but we are not alone. We keep the dogs inside and remain close to the cabin at night.

4.4.22 – At some point during the night, I am wide awake and can’t sleep. I ask who is here. I have noticed slight touching on my arm and suspect company. The response is immediate. “My name is Ron. I live here at the lake.” Curious and wondering if that meant this was someone who was asleep and dream-walking, I asked if he was out-of-body. He replied that the body wasn’t required. Okay. That’s an answer.

Not quite sure what more I wanted to know after that response I shut it down with a prayer and went to sleep without a problem. His presence must have been keeping me up. Interesting dreams after that.

I said nothing to Andy about the overnight encounter. What happened later that day was even more interesting, given the information I had received. Surprised and excited, coming in from the porch, Andy told me he had just caught a glimpse of the lower part of a man’s leg and foot walking down the stairway to the lake. For a moment, that was the part of him that was visible.

How interesting to get a confirmation of his presence. I told Andy the man said his name is Ron. He introduced himself to me during the night. We smudged the space. The sighting happened after that.


It would seem that – while inconvenient and challenging to work around – the Vertigo is activating my PSI awareness. I have included a picture of the rock with the Sasquatch face and this short video of my hyperactive nightlight.

The Nightlight – Hyperactivity at the Lake

I didn’t include the photo of the quartz piece I found later that same day – in the middle of a flat rock beside the house. It was a chip from a landscaping rock that had not been there the previous day.

4.5.22 – The upstairs radio turned itself on. Yes, I am returning to work [in radio]. We clean the space and return home. I asked Mom about that radio. Her answer? She didn’t/doesn’t use it.

A new direction

4.6.22 – Back at home. Now I am curious about the beings who walk with Sasquatch and are challenging us/me to become aware of their presence. So much more to learn about the unseen reality. Sasquatch is a bridge/guide.

To go forward one must lose fear and befriend the guardian at the gate. Others do monitor our progress and our intentions. While my screaming response is embarrassing – I have at least telegraphed my awareness of that other presence and the invitation. The way shower has stepped forward.

Big wow! Wonder never ceases to amaze.

Baby steps.

Animal messenger: Ladybug = “Wish fulfilled.” – Ted Andrews. Animal-Wise, Amazon. Note the spots. A theme in the making.


2 thoughts on “Lake night calling – Dream-walkers, Paranormal, Sasquatch, Ghosts, Nightlights, Dimension shifts, I see stars!

  1. A Sasquatch came through when I was doing your read ( interesting ). I did not mention it because I could isolate him in a frame. Not clearly enough, anyway. I’m glad you got away for a little rest, I certainly hope the vertigo is not going to be a thing. When the back of my head starts spinning–any time time I start spinning–I just lay down and sleep, sometimes days until it is gone. What a perfectly magical phenomena with the night lights. Just brilliant, really.

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  2. Great to hear about the Sasquatch presence – yes, the spinning is getting my attention! So – it forces me to work from a different angle – which I believe is the point of the whole thing. Humor! Thank you!

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