Boiling carrots – Stirring the pot, Life’s wonderful Oddities

“Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe… What we believe determines what we take to be true.” – David Bohm

Logical. Rational. Solid. Comforting. Conforming. And therein lies a knot. I have to ask, How true is this for you?

Source: Maria Popova has a terrific blog/newsletter. More Bohm on how our beliefs shape our reality. Also Carl Sagan on moving beyond “us vs. them,”– And my favorite reality flipside pot-sticker: P.K. Dick – How to Build a Universe.

I have tremendous respect for Bohm and I value his logic and his brilliant mind. Consciousness. J. Krishnamurti – Brockwood Park 1983 – Conversation 1 with David Bohm – Is there an action not touched by thought? YouTube.

“Space is not empty. It’s full. It is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves” David Bohm, Regarding the non-locality of the world. Film: Infinite Potential, Trailer.

My challenge – given all the incredible metaphysical encounters I have experienced – previous and ongoing – I still suspect reality can be true without my belief. Some events I have encountered I had not given any prior thought to.

[Even with an experience – I am unsure of my belief.]

Other events I would not have believed possible until the experience brought them to my awareness. Each and every encounter has expanded my awareness and raised more questions about “reality” …

The paranormal is a shout-out for me to question my mindset and how there may not be a one-size-fits-all reality or truth. Bohm wins a brownie point. There is the belief.

My curiosity regarding real, unreal, and fantastically imagined is a daily challenge. Side note: I am truly annoyed by the games played in the category commonly referred to as ‘News’… Given that tweak, I opt to surf the field of metaphysics to upgrade and broaden my beliefs and experiences.

More from that previously referenced post on P.K. Dick What is real? … we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups. So I ask, in my writing, What is real? Because unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I distrust their power.” 

UNKNOWN Origin: Examining the Alien Abduction Phenom

Real, Unreal, True, False, Fantastic. Belief and Reality. The ultimate complication. Alien Abductions: Answers. Preview Trailer. Youtube.

This version features additional input from Whitely Strieber. Vimeo.

Experiencer John Foster. What a realdecades-long encounter can do to your reality truth. Who they are? Some of them. What is their purpose? Remains unclear – as there are multiple beings involved. JohnFosterUFOs.

A spark of life … My view, having seen previous trailers, screenings, and teasers, this is worth the wait. Years in the making – but the crew and the details make all the difference. Website quote: “Site re-build in progress for upcoming film release, April 2022.” Ariel Phenomenon.

Paranormal speed bump – real and otherwise -reality alternative

Today’s hat trick… 4.7.22.

The burner on the (gas) stove turned off as I was standing beside it and trying to reset the dishwasher… I thought I had imagined it until Andy asked why I turned it off under the carrots he was cooking. It had been at a full boil when I started messing with the dishwasher. WTHeck?

Having given it more thought, turning the burner off under the boiling carrots is significant.

It was so subtle. I had a conscious awareness of a noise – burner turning off – but ignored it because I believed it was impossible that a burner could turn itself off. S0 – something I am not aware of can turn the burner off on my stove while remaining totally invisible to me. Believe it OR not.

A carrot for your thoughts?

Crop Circles and Time Lords

Freddy Silva announcement on FB – “To mark the 20th anniversary of its publishing, SECRETS IN THE FIELDS: The science and mysticism of crop circles, is today back in print.” This special 20th anniversary edition includes a synopsis of what has taken place since 2003: Link.
In the comments:
XXXX: Got my copy last year. Love it and small visual version via Wooden Books.
Freddy Silva response: XXXX, This is a 20th anniversary edition, you couldn’t have gotten it last year unless you are a time lord 🙂. ~~~

Amazon review of original edition: Universal consciousness: realTake away from this beautifully written book: universal consciousness in the form of electromagnetic frequency can be communicated via additional dimensions and timelines. There is so much more than the physical forms of humans which should make us forever open and humble.


Rinse and repeat.


  • Save the Bees – Crossing fingers. Robotic Hives are a game-changer. Source. 4.11.22. Now supplying North America. $400 per month rental.
  • Scientists are paying attention, specifically, to the part that says “totally change one of the universe’s most fundamental frameworks.” Center stage: W boson takes a bow. Cnet.
  • “The new fabric technology can detect sound (in the form of mechanical waves) and translate it into electrical waves. This capability comes from a special 10-centimeter fiber woven into the fabric.” Inverse.
  • “Solar panels created from crop waste produce energy even if the sun isn’t shining.” InceptiveMind.

Contrary and Content

Documentary: The Art of Life.
Extraordinary – YouTube description: “As a rising star in the field of abstract mathematics, Michael discovered that he could see beauty and pattern where others could not. But his path was not to be inside academia, or even inside society. A documentary about the art of living outside of conventions, in deep integrity with one’s essence.”

On his bookshelf, I notice an undercurrent. The Electromagnetic Field. Amazon.

Peace out. ✌️

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