Transdimensional, telepathic, dreams, paranormal, communication, animals, crystals – ETs, Spirit Guides, Earth speaks

Empty space is a boiling, bubbling brew of virtual particles that pop in and out of existence in a time scale so short that you can’t even measure them. Lawrence M. Krauss

Connecting with the Beings

Casey Claar gave me 3 images of the beings who relate to me. Each is a wonderful composite of essence. I am unsure how to articulate the impact but I am open to seeing how that will unfold. I shared one in a previous post and am now posting all three because I find them fascinating and beautiful. The 4th image is a combo of the 3 alongside the photo image I submitted.

Connect with Casey if having an introduction/connection with the beings who relate to you resonates. We introduced them in a previous post and podcast interview. Link. Learn more. Meet the ETs.

Channeling Preview

The guides say “war is coming.” There is a tendency to interpret messages as good or bad. When I receive a ‘bad/negative’ message, I hesitate sharing and sit with it for awhile. Then I ask if it is relevant to a larger whole and whether sharing might be helpful. If the answer is positive, I relay it.

I asked about the purpose for this type of message and the reply – it telegraphs a transition phase. That sounds less harsh.

At the moment, the greater reality for many humans/animals/plant species is that the world is extremely unstable. For those who would consider themselves disaffected, buffered or immune (disinterested) – the instability will create inconvenience in another form.

In the dreamscape: In a brick home/building, having done a favor for someone, dropping off a pet. Concealing the landscape and clouding the view, a storm arrived suddenly. We had intended to leave but looked through the picture window and saw the raging storm turn everything to a cloud of grey outside. No visibility. We stayed put. Animals gathered on the front porch. The building was strong. The storm passed and they quickly scattered.

While there is more unpacking to be done with this dreamscape scenario, there is also a concise translation: This too shall pass.

The toxic aftermath of avoidable tragedies [war] amplify those unavoidable tragedies [earth changes] already sewn into the fabric of the biological timeline for all beings – physical and non – inhabiting this planet.

Some chaos on the horizon is avoidable – but it will require focus on a higher purpose with an approach using divergent methods and alternative frameworks to avoid perpetuating/fueling repeating cycles.

Forward happens. The challenge is to operate from a realm that evolves upward – elevating all in creation to a higher form. While witnessing that from within is not in the cards, one can jump up a few planes and oversee/preview the process to see that – eventually – the human race outgrows the self-destructive tendencies that pave the path to annihilation.

No one gets a free pass but there are variations on a theme. Each is here with a specific role. Evolution is messy. Growing pains in progress.

Look up. Help exists. Surprises are built-in. Hold no fear of that which has walked among us all along, no matter what the package (outward appearance). Engage your second sight. The best kept secret is soon to reveal.

One thing about timing. Guides do not operate by the clock. Soon simply means – it exists. Our actions/input/engagement determine whether ‘soon’ is a lifetime/generation/century. We (our minds) are the wild card fueling our ascension. Elbow grease (collective consciousness) is required. Our progress may include/require inhabiting multiple forms/regenerating as multiple species.

The Guides (everyone has them) are not confined to linear thoughts or equations. It is a challenge to connect to us because we tend to lead with emotion and project phantom/fantasy outcomes before dialing back and reigning in our apprehension/fear/projections. That aspect is evolving. The outcome is Trust.

Take away

The best when is always now. Given proper focus and insight, anything and everything is possible. Now Imagine that.

Imagine Insight .. with flair. You are creating this reality.

If it is any consolation, Lawrence M. Krauss has already done the math:

The universe has a much greater imagination than we do, which is why the real story of the universe is far more interesting than any of the fairy tales we have invented to describe it.

Albert Einstein knocks it out of the park:

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.


3 thoughts on “Transdimensional, telepathic, dreams, paranormal, communication, animals, crystals – ETs, Spirit Guides, Earth speaks

  1. Oh wow!.. the guides are telling you about coming war? You keep a finger on the pulse of world news, I do not even in the slightest, life is near purely my work and practices and I rarely venture out for news, so it shook me to my core when two mornings ago I was brought into an Experience wherein I am being shown the beginning of thermal nuclear war. I wonder if this is a message many others of us are also receiving – and why. It makes me shake. The message as it was delivered to me the other day was far more abrupt and jarring : ( still processing the blow ) :

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  2. No doubt many are viewing the potential crisis on a major scale from the current scenario – nuclear threats have been leveled. Consciousness connects the One/All-that-is/whole. The Guides – since 1998 – have been very direct about the possibility of global climate catastrophe/fallout due to coming inescapable earth changes and subsequent power struggle over land rights and population overwhelm. Other manufactured conflicts create additional hardship. Those at the top of the power chart – at this time – see none of this as avoidable as they are focused on the acquisition of assets to drive profit and leverage. The win for all is shifting from toxic fuel generation to regenerative energy sources. Toxins – from whatever source trigger a cascade effect. Humans need to grow up. Various timelines suggest we do. The question is = in who’s lifetime?

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