Guardian Angels and signs – noticing the details in plain sight

Without asking – to the best of my knowledge. Although I might have been – and most probably was – thinking VERY loud. Someone knew I needed a bit of reassurance.

It was a big decision and a long-term commitment, but necessary. The appointment had been made. We hurried out the door.

Walking up to the car, what I saw next was astonishing, erasing any doubt I might have had about my intended course of action. Several twigs had been arranged in a pattern on the ground – the placement deliberate – in line with the passenger door. Affirming the decision.

Goal posts – Touchdown

Mystery is alive and well. And, in this case, working overtime, reminding me to trust – when I act on behalf of another – support will be provided. I don’t have to know how, when or what. It will simply arrive when needed.

Energy in flow, we give to receive. Mirroring in action.

I’m still amazed by those twigs.

Thank you.

InsightWe each read signs/symbols – as given – in our own way. And that is the beauty of intuition – it’s personal. No one can tell you how to interpret your symbols/signs when you have developed your own system. Bonus = The message came in words as I saw the design. It was more than a visual. I don’t usually work with sports language – but it fit the situation.


One thought on “Guardian Angels and signs – noticing the details in plain sight

  1. Synchronicity = Estate of Ingo Swann @EstateIngoSwann ·
    If you look around in yourself, thinking to find your intuition as a power or faculty, you won’t find it. It is a feeling, and if you look for it as a feeling, especially a feeling in your gut, you are more likely to run across it faster.


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