Encounters, Anomalies and Men in Robes

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.” – Mae West


  • Curious: “People who hate magic tend to be higher in socially aversive traits.” Link.
  • Jupiter’s moon Europa may have a habitable ice shell. Link.
  • Andrew Collins offers a breakdown of the contents of the new book Origins of the Gods. Includes Earth Lights, Plasma Constructs, Bubble Universes, and N-Dimensional Beings. Link.
  • As per book descriptions, AI offers excellent representations of Harry Potter characters. Link.
  • Data from more than 18,000 canines show that pedigree is not destiny. Nature.
  • There goes the neighborhood – Haunted doll collection blamed for scaring the tenants. Newsweek. “I do everything I can to contain it to my apartment. I kindly ask the spirits ‘please do not bother anybody else,’ but I am aware that there is only a certain level of control I have over the spirits and what they choose to do.” Source.
  • Alexander Siddig revealed on the Star Trek-themed 7th Rule podcast, co-star Nana Visitor had a brother involved in the CIA and MKUltra. Regarding her role in the James Bond/spy-themed DS9 episode, “Our Man Bashir”, Siddig said: “It touched on elements of her real life, you know because her brother was a CIA guy and a very shady individual, who was part of the original ’60s experiments. I guess it was the Pentagon using the early LSD-potential, all that stuff. You should ask her about it.” Source.
  • Dolores Cannon “From the Vault” – 25 years of communicating and working with ETs and their ancient connection to humans and Earth. www.ozarkmt.com
  • Last Living Witness. Amazing to consider how a CIA strategy conceived in 1953 to ridicule witnesses has had such an enduring impact on our culture. One wonders how much data we’ve lost, and how much psychological harm has been induced, by deceiving us into ostracizing those whose only crime was to describe, to the best of their ability, exactly what they saw.”Billy Cox
  • Greetings SCENIC readers, we are pleased to announce that in April 2022, we had over 35,000 views and 20,000 visitors, making this our record audience in one month since our start over 4 years ago. Also, on April 25th we passed above 1/3 of a million view. – SunBôw TrueBrother

A glimpse from the edge – Jerry Wills and that time he met “Rich”…

Video Summary: In-depth account of numerous contacts, incredible life experiences, and an unusual friendship with “Rich” and a group of scientists claiming to be from the Pleiades that lasted five years.
About Jerry Wills: Link.
More info: UFO Mega Conference. Link.

Kicker 1 – a similar experience in the comments: JM says “I like him. Something he said I experienced. A stranger that came beside me in the street and he knew everything about me. My name, like Rich knew his in a place and time that seemingly would be impossible. He knew what I had eaten the night before in my home alone, a secret thought I had about someone and more. It was an experience that I will never be able to explain but will always know that it really happened. I am 68 now and I was 24 when this happened.”

Kicker 2 – (Me) I interviewed a guest. Can’t remember the name, it’s been 10 years or more since the interview. The guest said a man appeared in his hotel room and proceeded to tell him things no one else would know, as well as the dinner he had eaten that night and said – you’ll be wondering about me for the rest of your life. Then he disappeared.

Encounters with Men in Robes

From a public Facebook discussion pageNear Death Experiences.

Question/Edited: We lost our 9 year old daughter last year to cancer which has been absolutely devastating. While my daughter was on hospice, very close to the end, I remember this one night distinctly. I kept feeling this strong presence in the room. Then I thought my eyes were going crazy because it looked like something was passing in front of that small gap of light by the door. I just tried to ignore it, like most things you chalk it up to a product of the mind or imagination, but then my daughter turns to me in bed and says something like, “Daddy, I see the person with the hood, but I’m not scared of them.” So, obviously this sent chills down my spine, because I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I asked her what they looked like, and she just said they were short in stature, but had a hood on, and she wasn’t scared at all of it. Just wondering if there are any NDE’ers here who have experienced this and what you think these beings are. Thanks.

Comment: Not mine, but my grandfather’s experience, before his passing, he said he was with a “council of men in robes”. And I’ve heard other NDE’ers recall seeing robes on beings, robes which resemble those of Franciscan monks. If I remember correctly, those robes have hoods.

Comment: omg someone. Actually said they saw the word council Yes yes. I was 14 when they came in white hooded robes into my bedroom and we traveled through appeared to be the galaxy to the place I called home to the Light to a white room with a type of round bowl or circle. When we peered inside the Light side it was my life. Something scared me and I ran. The beings got me and then I was in my bedroom. The next night the same 7 beings came and we traveled home again to the Light. He/she said I misunderstood and not be afraid. The Light said he/she had lessons to teach me. For years the Light came and we talked at home visited the library. The council removed their robes after many visits home and revealed they they were light beings. I’m remembering some lessons as the Light told me I would when the time was needed. I visit the Light the library and always greeted by the council when I go home. The council also visits when I meditate. Tk u this is first time I’ve heard of the hooded council from someone else.

My comment: I didn’t have an nde but I did see two robed beings standing at the foot of my bed and I heard them talking about me but when I tried to focus one of them said she’s awake and they disappeared. They did have hoods over their faces so I couldn’t tell what they looked like but I was mad at them for disappearing because they had been talking about me and taking notes.

Penny Kelly wrote about her experience with men in robes, Robes: A Book of Coming Changes, Amazon.“The most important thing for you to remember as you look at these events,” said the little men in brown robes, “is that things could be so much easier if you understood why these things are happening, and if you worked with them instead of against them. For you to work with them, however, you must have some idea of where you are going.”

Somewhere out there



“Mystics will never ask you to take what they say as a matter of faith; the mystic dwells in the world of experience.” – Russell Targ, Website.

Full text Limitless Mind A Guide To Remote Viewing And Transformation Of Consciousness, Russell Targ. Archive.

STARGATE ESP Trainer. Link.


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