“The prevailing materialist view of the universe restricts and falsifies our understanding of reality.”Arthur Ford, Unknown But Known: My Adventure into the Meditative Dimension, Amazon.

Random Paranormal events

Reddit: What’s the story you have that made you question whether or not ghosts were real?
When I was 21, my best friend died in a car accident. I was following him home so I saw the wreck and everything. I was also in the hospital when they declared him dead about 5 hours later. The following weeks were tremendously painful. Every time I would fall asleep I would dream that he was still alive. It got to the point where I couldn’t tell the dream from reality and started believing he may still be alive. I would sleep about 14 hours a day just to keep hanging out with him. Finally, I had a super vivid realistic dream of me and him walking through a house. On the walls, there were pictures of memories I had with him. We got to the front door and he said, “Dude, it’s been awesome but I have to leave now.” He opened the door and there was a massive blinding light. I woke up immediately after and felt warm and at peace. Haven’t really had any dreams of him since.”

Surreal Wartime Paranormal Experience in Afghanistan“I thought I saw some dude in white on the ridge in front of us.” At this point all the hairs on my neck are standing up. Everything felt strange. The air felt heavy, and sort of sweet. The silence hummed loudly.” – Continued, Mysterious Universe.

Somewhere in the mist

“After death, an individual no longer maintains the same relationship with his live relatives. He is only seen by them in dreams and hallucinations, when, as the Kraho say, their own souls leave their bodies.” Source. – Maybury-Lewis, David (1979) Dialectical societies : the Ge? and Bororo of central Brazil, p. 61.

Daniel Bourke – Researcher, Artist and Author working on a book which shows accounts of crisis apparitions from all ages and times, in legend, lyric and folklore. Support on Patreon.

Silent knowing

Connecting with the ineffable Source. Psychic Arthur Ford on Meditation: “To one long accustomed to the humdrum orientation of the materialistic world, it may not at first “feel right.” But gradually, from the mists there emerges some individual, personalized variation of the greatest story ever told by man and through him – a cosmic serial story, forever adding new installments.” Unknown But Known: My Adventure into the Meditative Dimension, Amazon.

Spirit Guides – A Joyride challenge

Revisiting a light bulb moment from 2009. The guides orchestrated a joy ride of sorts. Instructed [telepathic] to follow a specific route, I deviated – opting to try a short cut.

Quickly realizing my mistake, my “short cut” was the one entrance/exit to an apartment complex. Driving around a central pond back to the entrance/exit, I noticed several geese swimming, and then joining to swim as a group. The geese arranged themselves into the form of a question mark.

[Funny thing about this memory. No matter how many times I repeat the word ‘geese’ – my mind always sets the scene with white swans.]

My husband, who knew about the instructions and witnessed the entire journey, chimed in to say the geese [via the unseen orchestrators] also questioned the wisdom of my decision to take a short cut – when I had been given a specific route to the destination.

I agreed but protested because something else had happened with that side trip. I realized, if I hadn’t taken my short cut, I would not have seen the incredible display by the geese. Communication by proxy.

That display was my proof of the presence of a separate “other” who can call the shots. I continued the route minus “short cuts.” Also demonstrated [to my guides] in that event, my reluctance to blindly follow instructions without knowing the purpose or the source.

How many others, known and unknown, existing among and alongside humans, are actively influencing our present/past/future?

Wonderland it is..

Interview with Sunbow TrueBrother

“We are hollow bones, blessed with the breath of life, to heal our Soul and help consciousness to evolve.” – SunBow TrueBrother, The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh

2 part interview. Exploring more unseen others existing among and alongside us: Sunbow TrueBrother, Author of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh, Amazon.

Website. So nice to finally speak with him. Some of the experiences mentioned in our conversation: Insight from Hopi Elders, the existence of ancient relics from crashed UFOs, Mind speak with Sasquatch, Star Elders and UFO mothership sighting.

Background FYI: French-Canadian Shaman, SunBow, has been presented the opportunity to share the Sasquatch message with humanity. Interview with Regina Meredith. YouTube.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview – SunBow TrueBrother Part 1.

Part 2. In this segment we talk about the Sasquatch/ET/Crystal connection, the initial meeting with Kamooh – mindspeak, being surrounded by a whirlwind and various clues of the Sasquatch presence.


Preorders for a new Bigfoot – Sasquatch Documentary Available May 31st. Pre Order Now! https://geni.us/BigfootRevealed

A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed: Documentary film that presents interviews from researchers and eyewitnesses. The film covers historical accounts of Bigfoot, the significance within the indigenous cultures, and the emotional impact of a Bigfoot experience.


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