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“There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man … a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.” – Rod Serling

Dreamtime cues and quirks

Recent oddities – This is a new development and apparently, a trend. At the very moment I close my eyes to sleep, I have been hearing unique sounds. Already noted: a buzz – so intense I felt my head vibrate. Next, a percussive sound that was similar to a balloon popping. I felt that too. The sound resonated. Then there was the electric saw sound. That’s the short list.

Not followed by an OBE that I can remember. Although those sounds have been tagged by some as OBE triggers. Unless the buzz is a trigger/cue for ET contact. There’s that.

Now for the synchronicity. In a related video, Derrick Whiteskycloud talks about his ET encounters. He refers to an encounter where time froze. Everyone around him was frozen in the moment, echoing experiencer John Foster, who writes about experiencing time anomalies on multiple occasions.

About the Bees: Buzzing sounds = ET presence. Source: Derrick Whiteskycloud on YouTube.


  • Australian astronomers discovered a mysterious bright and compact radio source, designation J054149.24–641813.7. Origin and nature of source – unknown. PhysOrg.
  • Vertigo kicks in with this one. Black Hole Optical Illusion. “Creates a false sense of movement that also causes the observer’s pupils to expand, according to the study.” Gizmodo.
  • Kremlin PSYOP documents reveal instructions to Russian soldiers on how to “effectively” deal with Ukrainians in occupied territories. Documents recently discovered abandoned by Russian troops near the Kyiv suburb of Dymer.” The Debrief.
  • Mind Tap. Scientists “estimate it will take wearable technology just 10 years to read our minds.” BBC Reel.
  • Skinwalker Ranch delivers – Rave audience reviews for current season, Episode 4. Did they find a wormhole? A portal? The Triangle is the focal point. Fans who can’t see the show in the US are posting alternative viewing sites. Link.
  • Mice freak out about Bananas? Metro.
  • Hum Mystery. A plea. “Need university or serious private laboratory to get interested in this serious topic and help us bring a definitive answer to all this.” World Hum Map and Daabase Project
  • Coffee drinkers longevity bonus. Cheers! The Guardian.
  • Time out. Baby Foxes playing with GoPro. MyModernMet.

Solid Gold

Enlightened conversation. Four Icons. Ahead of the curve – on the Alien Abduction Phenomenon. Jacques Vallee, Terrence McKenna, John Mack, Budd Hopkins.

Encounters vs. Sightings. Engagement reports are needed to inspire better questions of the enigma.

On Deck

Interview coming up with Randall Nickerson, Director/Producer of the Ariel Phenomenon. Now streaming. “Sixty-two students at Ariel School in Zimbabwe witnessed something incredible. It has impacted their lives to this day. This is their story.”

This is a fantastic UFO Documentary. Extraordinary access and insight. Life-changing for witnesses, researchers and filmmakers.

Audience Feedback:
Instagram: “Watched it 3 times. Still in awe. Then watched about 7 or so hours of randy talking about the experience. If you’re reading this and haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor. Open your heart. Open your mind 👽”
Rotten Tomatoes: “The film is a class act, you cannot watch this without being deeply touched. It is about people, an incredible event, how it affected them at the time, and how they’ve had to deal with it over the years. I have been looking at the topic for years and to me, this is the most bewildering and credible encounters I know of. If I could rate higher, I would.

Daily Grail Q&A with Randall Nickerson: Link. My favorite question:

  • Have you had anomalous experiences yourself?

RN: “I have. That’s a whole story in itself, but at this time I’m keeping the story about the Ariel School students, because that’s who this story is about, and they’ve the important ones right now. My story will be told eventually.

Misc. and Etc.

The ‘Sighting’ label is often an understatement when applied to UFOs. Encounters are personal, unique to the perceiver, even interactive. Klaus writes about his recent UFO sighting. “It’s almost like a weird, performative version of the Turing test. It acts as if it wants you to know that its presence is undeniable, as if to say “I am here, I don’t make sense, and there is nothing you can do about it. Also, I’m not human.” Continued on Medium.

NDEs are also life-changing. On my interview list – Tom Sawyer: A Modern-Day Messenger from God. Rev. Daniel Chesbro (Author), Rev. James Erickson, Amazon.

Brief Summary: Tom demonstrated repeatedly that the reality we believe in is an illusion, that walls are not necessarily barriers, severe health challenges can be healed in a moment, and it is possible to walk on water. 

Spooky Boo

Parting thoughts

Portals and wormholes. They’re out there. The term is relative. Might suffice to say they exist. Each experiencer offers insight that brings us closer to the truth and to the plane of existence/dimension that will allow such a reality to be readily observed and engaged.

My contacts suggest the power is within us. And we [as a species] will need to lighten up – evolve – raise our frequency – to access it.

“The ETs from planets out there don’t travel through space; they just pop in and pop out instantly” – Dorothy Izatt, Contact With Beings Of Light: The Amazing true Story of Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt, Amazon.

Filming UFOs, ETs, Orbs and Interdimensional beings. I interviewed Terry Albright. He talked about meeting Dorothy Izatt and the extraordinary things that happened while working on the documentary. Link.

*Wormhole poster found on Twitter. Thank you!

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