Awakening the groggy masses – ET, NDE, timeline on repeat – avoid nuclear

Logic provides predetermined answers. Intuition provides answers you do not anticipate. – Talking to Nightlights

Spirit Guides provide novelty – the carrot – and the surprise in the fortune cookie. And, when necessary, if we have not completed our learning, they bail us out in the darkest of times.

Unseen influence

Today my printer – without any prompting from me – started printing my book. It was supposed to be printing the show schedule. It did. 2 pages. Then it began to print 3 different segments of my book information. And that instruction appeared to have been entered 11 times.

Cue panic. I work on a deadline. Clock ticking. I had other pages to enter.

Realizing the snag, I very quickly cleared the cache. No response. It kept trying to fill it again. Eye on the clock, planning a contingency, I rebooted. Everything reset. All was back to normal.

Whomever observed that side show must have enjoyed the tap dance, knowing I did this to myself.

There are several life changes in progress at the moment and I had been asking (okay, I’ll admit to pleading) for information, affirmation, clarity in regard to the actions I am taking. Last night I was so energized I could not sleep. I opted to meditate and read. Finally managed a 3 hour nap. Lots of activation energy around these decisions.

What did I find in the pages my printer spit out? Reminders. And a bit of clarity in this passage: “The most wonderful awareness I have found is that the journey of self-discovery is timeless. We have done it before and will do it again–not until we get it right, but as long as there is something new to discover.”

That’s the assist I requested. Funny how the guides opted to direct me to my own words. Novelty in the moment.

Surfing the flow – the pattern – ETs

Also significant, some of my extracurricular activities. I saw a post on twitter. 17 pages had been copied. Some of it felt very familiar, like I had seen it before. Maybe I have and don’t remember. I wanted to know more and plugged in a search for some select sentences and found, The Watcher, Seven Hours Aboard a Spaceship with Valiant Thor, by Dan Martin, Amazon. 17 pages. I bought the book. I like the physical connection.

As follows, the section that sounded so familiar. Page 6:

Dan is referring to the ET. “He began telling me about myself, that is my experience and life in previous incarnations.”

I’m summarizing this part: Troubled by what he heard – even though some of it was familiar – it made Dan uncomfortable.

Dan continues, “However, this man assured me that I had no cause for undue concern about my life in previous incarnations, as these were all a part of a general plan for the evolvement of mankind. They were simply schooling or lessons so to speak, learned in different school terms and that the knowledge I had gained through these experiences had been necessary and could have only been thus attained.”

Echoing the channeled material I have been given – since 1998 – and insight from other experiencers of NDEs, STEs, Reincarnation/Past Life memories, Plant medicine/Shamanic enlightenment and ET contact, we are part of a greater plan.

Dan says, “My understanding of this knowledge in its true sense constituted WISDOM and that in the final judgement I would be graded by the degree of wisdom I had attained and not by the means by which I had attained it.”

FYI: Those who contacted Dan were “working hard to end nuclear bomb testing on Earth.”

Surfing the flow – the pattern – NDEs

Arrived in the mail. Tom Sawyer: A Modern Day Messenger from God. Amazon. Interview forthcoming. Purchased after reading the previous book. What Tom Sawyer Learned from Dying. Amazon.

Tom has a fantastic life story. I love what he shares about his NDE. It echoes material given to me from the energy, via channeling. Tom also returned with incredible PSI abilities. He was featured on several high profile TV shows at the time. Transformative is an understatement.

Keeping it brief, I am just addressing the pattern in the message because it seems to be surfacing in several areas. Tom (is now deceased, 2007) returned with 3 specific goals.

  1. Teach that death does not exist.
    2. Prevent nuclear war (summer 1988).
    3. Assist in bringing the Order of Melchizedek into the Age of Aquarius.

Tom fulfilled those goals.

And this will be a new learning phase

Nuclear threat is a repeating pattern. Are there preventative measures in place to ensure that outcome is perpetually derailed? Is this the timeline that allows for the revelation of those hidden agents working to assist humanity to dodge the seeming trajectory toward planetary annihilation?

The Ariel Phenomenon. Website.

Ever ready

  • ​We often observe new things out in the real world w/out a goal of learning about them,” – Psychologist Vladimir Sloutsky/Ohio State University. “Simply being exposed to them makes an impression in our mind and leads us to be ready to learn about them later.Source.
  • Roger Penrose suggested that wavefunctions collapse spontaneously and in the process give rise to consciousness. Despite the strangeness of this hypothesis, recent experimental results suggest that such a process takes place within microtubules in the brain. This could mean that consciousness is a fundamental feature of reality…” Source.
  • Brian May saw a Crop Circle.I never spotted a crop circle myself before. So probably always a bit sceptical about them. But yesterday, flying back from our production rehearsal space – flying over a location not far from Marlborough – there was this.” He’s asking for feedback. Follow up on his site. Link.

Bird rescue 911

When I interviewed Elaine Clayton, The Way of the Empath, Amazon. Interview Link, we talked about the bird I rescued at the lake and I told her I would include a photo here.

We were walking the dogs. As my attention was elsewhere, I would not have seen her/him in the water. Andy saw the struggle and other birds diving down and unsuccessfully trying to pluck this one from the water.

Position of the bird: seen through the slat in the upper right of frame. No land there.

My cue it was an emergency was in his language: “Bird in the water. Not a water bird.” That got my attention. Andy was responding in stress mode.

We contained the dogs and ran to get the kayak in the water. It appeared the birds might have given up. I saw movement. Andy didn’t. I didn’t care if it was too late. I needed to let any other birds who were watching know that an effort had been made to help their friend.

Trying not to alarm the bird any more than necessary, I scooped it up with my paddle. Waterlogged and limp, when we got to the shore I gave up worrying about whether he would be frightened and held him – focusing on sending energy and light.

He was cold and needed to be warmed up. I held him and maintained focus for more than half an hour. The process was slow – but I sensed tiny movements and noticed the feathers were beginning to fluff.

As promised – this is the bird I rescued from drowning. Grackle recovery mode.

He opened one eye and moved his toes. The right side seemed to be recovering while the left side remained immobile. I tried to help him adjust and secure his grip on my fingers.

Unsure just when, if, or how fully the bird would recover, we started discussing setting him somewhere that would keep him safe from the local cats and I saw both eyes had opened. (The cat image in my mind could have been an influence.)

With a sudden burst of energy, the bird flew from my hand to the tree where he continued to recover for several more minutes. We saw him a while later, fully recovered, visiting the feeder. Identifiable by the tufts from where his friends had tried to pluck him from the water, feathers not quite yet smoothed. That’s him in the cover photo.

The bird recovered even though it had appeared beyond hope. We were in the right place to assist. It was my reminder to make my best effort and let the outcome manifest as intended for the greater good – trusting there is no harm in trying.

All are here for a reason. This is a team effort.

Macro and micro mirror each other. Issues requiring my attention will not improve if I delay or avoid taking action, no matter how unsure/confident I am of the eventual result. Change is underway. Higher influences are assisting. I am moving forward, ready for the challenge of new discoveries.

Outlook positive. First harvest of the season.

The critters are finally letting me harvest some berries this season.

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