Forecast in progress 2019 – 2029. Predictions and projections, the decade of upheaval.

Checking the forecast – (Channeled) Looks like it is playing out as implied … with a few extra embellishments.

Conscious Living & Wendy's Coffeehouse

“Why is intuition superior to reason? – Because it does not depend upon experience or memory and frequently brings about the solution to our problems by methods concerning which we are in entire ignorance.” – Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System,Public Domain, Internet Archive Link

After twenty some years of channeling, I have learned there are opportunities that we are unable to access or fathom when simply trying to apply logic. When I have questions, I ask for guidance and see if answers given are relevant to what I am – in that moment – focused on. I never take it as written-in-stone. Rather, it is a glimpse of things in motion and energy in flow that has a good potential for manifesting given the current environment.

Here is what I have been offered from the Guides – those I refer to as “The Nightlights“. Posted…

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