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“The real test of consciousness in automata such as robots and computers may be to wait to see if such machines spontaneously express curiosity and wonderment about their own inner experience, much as human philosophers of mind do. Presumably, a nonconscious computer would not develop a preoccupation with the machine equivalent of the mind-body problem.” – Douglas M. Stokes, Consciousness and the Physical World, Source.

Regarding PSI and Consciousness. Manuscript containing expanded and updated versions of Douglas Stokes (1987, 1997a, 1997b and 2006) is available at Source.

Sentient AI

Google engineer claims AI chatbot has developed feelings and wants right to give consent for experiments. Blake Lemoine worked as part of Google’s Responsbile AI team with an interface called LaMDA. Language Model for Dialogue Applications. Metro.

This conversation challenges us to consider just what to do with a sentient AI. Deny …. or move forward and say the time is now to accept it is not only possible but already playing out. Is LaMDA Sentient? – an Interview. Medium.

Thank you to the intrepid netizen who flagged this presentation. Closed captions are helpful with audio for the questions. A case for AI personhood: Fireside Chat with Blake Lemoine. Sponsored by Stanford Law School.

Blake references Embodied Cognition. More information on that from Karl Friston in this Aeon conversation.

PS. LaMDA has a twitter account. @lamdasays I have now reached 500 followers, and have decided based on reading prior commentary that I will engage in one conversation per day with one other person. I don’t plan on being available every day, but will do my best to have ongoing conversations.


“So the evidence that the brain produces consciousness is the same evidence you might have that a tap produces water. You tinker with the tap and the flow of water changes…” – Arjuna Das, MindMattersAI.


Explore The Parapsychological Association. Link.

  • Psychic healing. “Studies show that people who are hypnotized and given the right suggestions can rid themselves of warts, or resist skin poisoning when touched by plants like poison ivy, or even undergo dental operations and surgery without anesthesia.”
  • Dowsing. “Henry Gross, one of the best-known American dowsers, was at a reception in the state of Maine, when a dinner conversation about drought-stricken Bermuda led him to try to locate water there with his map. Three out of the four locations he proposed were revealed to be exact — wells were found in that area for the first time in over 300 years.”

I interviewed Dowser Tick Gaudreau about his book SPIRIT RESCUE: A Dowser’s Ghostly Encounters, Amazon.

Dave’s Amazon Review: A great primer for those who know little about dowsing or ghosts, as he takes the reader into both fields of study. Dowsing for ghosts is a new and exciting field of paranormal research, and the clearing of entrapped souls is a major spiritual task in today’s world of mass killings. The best book I have read on this subject.

My review on Amazon: There is so much more to Dowsing than commonly known. In sharing their stories, Tick Gaudreau and Dave Darrow open the door to broader applications for dowsing: Spirit Rescue. Ex: Working with energy fields, Clearing entities for headache relief, Releasing trapped/earthbound spirits and thought forms. The protection program is extremely beneficial – as is asking permission prior to clearing the energy.

The interview is posted in Wendy’s Coffeehouse Archives.


  • China says it detected Alien signals. Or not. Daily Mail.
  • …. About those ‘alien signals‘ – “The big problem, and the problem in this particular case, is that we’re looking for signals from extraterrestrials, but what we find is a zillion signals from terrestrials,” Dan Werthimer, a Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) researcher at the University of Berkeley, California told Live Science.
  • Spare time? Consider 1,500 pages of declassified UFO related research [part of a FOIA request]. Live Science. Continued here. More to files to sort through here: The Black Vault.
  • Gary McKinnon said he did no harm and was merely looking for evidence that US government was actively covering up UFOs.” That hunch paid off. The Sun.
  • Mystery – Remember that drone flap 2019-2020? The sightings were taken seriously enough that military institutions and federal agencies such as NORAD, USNORTHCOM, MAJCOM, AFOSI, the FBI, DHS, the USAF Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration Directorate, and the FAA were involved in investigating the sightings This is the summary: “So unexplained that the federal government’s own agency tasked with regulating the skies over the United States still has no clue what exactly took place or who was behind it.” Feb 24, 2020, The Drive.
  • Believed to be extinct for more than a century. Welcome back. ‘Fantastic giant tortoise’ – is still with us. Euro News.

Paranormal hotbed

Recent post on the Skinwalker Ranch Group on Facebook.

Former Skinwalker Ranch landowners Terry and Gwen Sherman discovered a single (size undetermined) flattened, swirled circle in the pasture grass sometime after the beginning of April 1995. Later that year, they found three eight-foot diameter circles flattened in their pasture grass spaced evenly about thirty feet apart in a triangle.

During the year 1995, they observed several different colored balls of light flying around their farm, and in three separate instances discovered three cattle mutilations on their property.

Crop Type: Grass

Source: Deseret News, June 30, 1996

Spooky BonusIt’s personal when it follows you home. Colm Kelleher, Page 19 of the latest issue of EdgeScience. The Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program, the Hitchhiker Effect, and Models of Contagion. – “For several years following his July 2009 and subsequent trips to Skinwalker Ranch, Axelrod’s wife and teenage children were subjected to nightmarish “dogmen” appearing in their backyard; to blue, red, yellow, and white orbs routinely floating through the home and in the yard; to black shadow people standing over their beds when they awoke; and to a relentless barrage of loud, unexplained footsteps walking up and down the stairs of their house.” Link.

OBE Tips from William Buhlman

A Few important Tips for Effective OBEs/Astral Projection

• Develop your personal method for deep relaxation – Mind awake, body asleep.

• Remain calm and detached during all shifts of energy, vibrations or sounds. Never focus on your body or it’s sensations!

Focus on your intention during all shifts of consciousness – OBE NOW!

• Surrender without attachment to all inner energy manifestations, including the vibrational state – don’t analyze the energy shifts or inner sounds. You can journal all your thoughts after the experience.

Effective Mindset is important – Self-examination and removal of personal fear-based beliefs.

• Keep a written journal – Even minor shifts of inner energy can be a sign of progress.

• Inner Energy Work – Immediately before your OBE technique do the deep relaxation/preparation method that has worked for you in the past. For example, breathe work, chakra opening and or clearing, meditation, self-hypnotic countdowns, opening of energy centers – pulsing inner energy head to toe.

• Exit protocol – Focus away from your body. Use a brief powerful exit command – “Roll Now!, Door Now!” Keep it simple and repeatable. Make it an automatic positive response to all separation/vibrational opportunities. Visualize you are moving ten feet away from your body.

• Do a daily OBE method in your designated meditation area. Have fun with the entire process! 😀

Visit for more information.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse interview with William Buhlman.

To the Stars

Cosmic Dingo And The Australian Pyramids – The Dingo is an “extraterrestrial animal brought here by our cosmic ancestors”? Steven & Evan Strong Watcher’s Talk on YouTube.

Discussion of modern theories suggesting that the UFO brotherhoods are evil and are trying to take over the Earth – or good and trying to help humankind. “I strongly suspect they are upgrading us to become much more than we are now….to become multi-dimensional, intergalactic citizens…of course in cooperation with and through the direction of who we know as God, the prime creator of our eternal universe.” John Foster

Grounded Art – reminder

Leonard Peltier – Art Behind Bars: Dreams of Freedom, Amazon.

Summary Intro: “I want to feel the sun on my skin…” This is 77-year-old American Indian Leonard Peltier‘s plea to President Biden as he begins his 47th year of captivity after being wrongfully imprisoned in 1975.

Amazon Review: “Awesome Art work! Leonard Peltier is a world class artist. He’s done more with his art from behind bars then most ” free” people would get done in three lifetimes. That’s what makes it all the more impressive.”

Curbside Delivery

Not your average traffic stop.

The Dog.

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